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  1. Hi, -My name is Rachel, aka, CircusGirl, and my main quest is to lose 5% of body fat in the next 6 weeks. -To do this, I WILL eat all of my protein and carbs, and stop with the slacking. -I will also do my cardio, ballet (yes, ballet), ab work, and pilates EVERY day. -Lastly, I WILL get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. -As a life quest, I would like to smile more. I feel very task oriented in my life, and I'm ready to enjoy it again. So now is the time. -I'm doing this so I can stop fighting with myself, and stop criticizing my performances and body. My body deserves better. I deserve b
  2. About Me: Hey there. I work out about 3 to 4 times a week, but I have found that I have hit a plateau (a 6 week plateau) at that. I've made a few moderate changes to my diet, but I think it's time to one-up myself and start really challenging myself and my body. I mostly enjoy lifting, stretching, and dancing, in particular, aerial dance. I'm always up for yoga or pilates too! My Quest: I'm currently 155 lbs and would like to be down to 145 in 6 weeks. I'd also like to FEEL and/or looking a little more buff. How I'm gonna do it: -Starting my 6 weeks with a juice cleanse. I recently invested
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