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  1. Excellent plan, and excellent motivation. I wish you luck on your journey!
  2. I love your duck pictures, and your puppy is adorable. Good luck tiring out a boxer, though. If you can get him to play fetch, you might get there in a few hours. ;-)
  3. I've wished that there was a good dojo in my area, I love martial arts. Good luck on your next belt!
  4. Hey, I'm also a student in engineering, although I do admit that's about all we've got in common. I'm a girl, so getting dates is a breeze when you're one of 3 girls out of the 75 people in the lecture hall. I'm not paleo, nor have I even tried because I love me some pasta and cheese and breadsticks, not to men. I just try to incorporate more vegetables into my diet, and exercise, since I don't really need weight loss, just getting healthier in general. But you have some admirable goals, and I wish you luck on your way.
  5. Hi, I'm Suzie, just your average college student. I'm a fairly healthy person just by lifestyle, but I never really "exercised" regularly, which I think is a major hole that needs filling. Thus, I'm going to try just some basic goals, mostly just to get in the habit. We'll see if I can survive school and developing an exercise habit, since I tried once before and failed. Darn Calculus class and your mounds of homework. But I shan't make more excuses, I shall simply make a greater attempt! Main Goal: Become stronger and more flexible while developing a habit of exercise. Specific goals: - Go on a 2-3 mile walk 4x a week. - Do the Beginners' Bodyweight circuit 2-3x a week. - Do yoga 3-4x a week. (Bonus points if I can stick my palms flat on the floor with legs straight when I'm done with the challenge!) Life Quest: Early to rise and early to bed. I'm aiming to go to bed a little after 9 and waking up at 5:30 Yes, I am a college student currently living on campus. No, I don't have much of a social life, nor do I desire one. JK. I have friends, I just don't do crowds or parties. I am very much an introvert, and living with people in a dorm situation uses up most of my social interaction energy. Getting up well before everyone else will give me time to be by myself, which is much needed and enjoyed. My fitness motivation is to be happier, healthier, and maybe in better shape to tackle a climb bigger than a 5.8 when summer rolls around. In addition, I will draw power from my favorite pony, Rainbow Dash. (refer to title) Glad to have you all along for the ride.
  6. I have no idea what kind of dog Alibi is! I got her a little over a year ago from the shelter. Here's a pic of her from when I first got her. I think she's probably part herding dog because whenever the cows are out of their pasture on our walks, she herds them right back in, if I let her. In other news, I've packed lunch twice, and not packed lunch twice. I'll just need to not have any fast food next week. Not really a hardship, I just can't sleep in, since that's the only time I don't pack a lunch lately. I have exercised every day, and mostly it has been walking Alibi. And now I'm off to do my homework! Two chapters from the history book and 5 musical notations, here I come!
  7. I love how you're giving yourself prizes for completing your goals with an A. Admirable motivation and quest. I wish you luck on your journey.
  8. I attempted the last six-week challenge, but failed. =( But I have learned from my failure, and can now create an even better plan! Main Quest: Create a habit of exercising! Goals: 1. Stretch enough to place hands flat on floor with legs straight. (I'm not too far from this, so it shouldn't be too hard. I can currently place my fingers flat on the floor. (I'm double jointed, so I do mean that.)) 2. Pack a lunch 4/5 of the time instead of eating fast food garbage. 3. Do some form of exercise, doesn't matter what or how much, every day. My volleyball class counts. Life Quest: Do your homework religiously. (I'm a college kid.) My motivation is to better myself. My motto is "a little better every day", so I'm just working on that. Oh, and it's hobbit-y because I'm lazy and enjoy comfort, but can put up with a lot. I plan to do much dog walking in this quest, and hobbits did much walking. I'm currently very hobbit-y, and thus my quest is hobbit-y. In addition, I can be a lot like gollum, lurking creepily and arguing with myself, and he was a hobbit. More hobbit connections!
  9. Well, it's not been particularly good. I've been excellent at sleeping eight hours a night, missing only 1 night. I've also done well at exercising regularly, though I'd probably just give myself a B+ there. As for eating vegetables.... I have been failing miserably. Every time I go on an adventure, I'll eat my veggies, but when other treats are available and I don't feel like I need a lot of fuel, I just don't bother eating much of anything, and what I do eat is less than ideal. I figure I'll follow through, but I'm definitely sticking with the Rebels next challenge.
  10. At this point, I'm getting straight A's in all my goals but vegetables. I need to educate myself in the art of eating vegetables so that I can succeed next time. Any ideas anyone?
  11. Excellent improvement! You're doing better than me at eating veggies. You rock!
  12. Exercise and sleep still get A's, but I'm failing miserably at eating vegetables. On the bright side, Grandma's raspberries are on! That means I get to visit often for the next few weeks with the sole intent of eating all the raspberries off her bushes.
  13. I have come to see that the hardest thing on this list for me is veggies. Since mom still cooks and buys groceries, I'm pretty much stuck with what she gets. I usually eat a carrot or two with lunch, but whether I get my second veggie in usually depends on what food mom prepares. So far, I'm at about 50% on my veggie goal. On the bright side, sleep and exercise both get A's!
  14. Update: I am back from Kodiak, and while it wasn't as physically demanding as I expected, it was still amazingly fun and I learned a lot. I have no idea what time I woke up or went to sleep during that time, but judging by my not being sleepy, I'll give myself a pass. Same for exercise. My vegetable goal was the hardest, since I could only eat what was served, and some of it was gross (salad needs a dressing, but I don't eat ranch). I'm currently at a C for veggie eating, and a A for everything else.
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