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  1. I like the Tazo Wild Sweet Orange too. My other happy discovery is that Bengal Spice tea (from Celestial Seasonings) makes a great chai latte with the addition of almond creamer. My favorite winter tea is Peppermint Bark from Bigelow. That one is seasonal. It shows up in my grocery store for two weeks in December, then disappears. I try to buy several boxes when I can.
  2. I was worried about that, but Elf stepped up and did a bunch of cooking last night. They made roast pork loin and roast asparagus with lemon and parmesan. Both were delicious. I made roast potatoes and sweet potatoes with red onions. We still have a lot of pie left over from last week's festivities. I made four pies, then we picked up another pumpkin pie at Costco. I couldn't resist a 12-inch pie for $6. I made a pumpkin pie with a gluten-free gingersnap crust that turned out well. I wanted to leave more of that one for Cleo. I can eat pumpkin pie for breakfast. It has eggs and vegetable, right? This leaves me with the question of what to do with the other half of the large can of pumpkin. I also have 1/2 cup of evaporated milk and some extra pastry cream. Hmmmm I'm doing pretty well on the small steps for getting back in shape. Yesterday I did TGUs, silk reeling and sumo squats. Today I did a short yoga video. Better than nothing. Lights on the bushes have been accomplished! It was cold and grey out, but not below freezing or wet. Dumbledore helped me (which he has never done before). We found a couple strands of lights had died, as typically happens. He supports me in getting more, even before the Boxing Day sales. I may do that tomorrow. I am taking this evening off to celebrate a week of much responsibility.
  3. My sympathy on being tired and overwhelmed. Such familiar territory. I had a sleep fail on Wednesday night, so I had a decaf mocha at work yesterday. That helped tremendously to improve my mood and keep me on task. Hot chocolatey drinks are the best. I have been experimenting with lighter versions of hot drinks. While I love hot chocolate and eggnog, they do not fit my calorie goals. I have a decaf chocolate hazelnut tea from Stash that works well with a little bit of oat creamer. Not as rich as hot chocolate, but like a cousin of it. I also picked up some English toffee drink syrup that is a nice addition to tea or coffee.
  4. How cool that you have a rabbitry! I would like to have angora rabbits, but my family is not onboard with that plan.
  5. I enjoy seeing how you go from analysis of the shape of the fox to a painting. There are a lot of skills in that process which I don't begin to understand. The shapes could be a coyote or a dog or a fox, but the painting is clearly a fox.
  6. So many good things this week! Congratulations on getting a snow blower and a treadmill! We are going to look for a snow blower in the end-of-season sales this year. The city has plans to add sidewalks on our street which will nearly double our shoveling responsibilities. I hope your boss comes through with your paycheck without you having to hound him. And that you get interviews at better places to work.
  7. Mistr's Hogswatch Hygge Challenge I am going to keep things simple for this challenge. 1) Sit back with my feet up. If I give them enough time, my family members will do their share of the cooking and cleaning. 2) Sit still and contemplate the snow. In my case, just sit zen. Minimum 10 minutes a day. 3) Swords are seasonal. This is relevant because my dojo is hosting a weapons seminar in the middle of this challenge. I am actually planning on doing a lot of cleaning this weekend and next week because we are hosting the dojo party for the seminar. After that, things can coast. My first hygge goal is to put up outdoor holiday lights tomorrow. It is predicted to be the last warm day. I went hiking on the gorgeous warm days last weekend instead of getting lights up.
  8. I've never done online meditation. Dumbledore does an online writing group several times a week and it works really well for him. They start with 10-15 minutes of chit-chat, then everyone turns off their cameras and microphones so the can write. Then they come back together at the end of the session to check in. Maybe the meditation group does something similar? Yes, my teacher says exactly that - the point is to be in a stable posture. I sit in what is referred to as Burmese position, with my shins parallel to each other. Some of the people in my sanga meditate in kneeling posture with a cushion supporting most of their weight. There is a bench for sitting seiza that works well for some people. I would like to try that some time. When I did a week-long meditation retreat (sesshin) at the monastery, I alternated between sitting on a cushion and sitting in a chair. I had a couple small pads on the chair to get my hips tilted correctly. I found that sitting in a chair made my back unhappy, which never happens when I sit on a cushion on the floor. Sitting on a cushion on the floor made my legs unhappy. Trading off kept it from escalating from unhappy to miserable. You probably already know this, but it is good practice to switch which leg is in front/on top and which hand is higher, so that your body is balanced over time.
  9. Great work on your challenge! It sounds like you have the balance of work, training, writing and socializing pretty much dialed in. That is encouraging to see.
  10. Challenge wrap up How did I do on picking things up and keeping things going? Overall pretty good. I am happy about doing more aikido. I have been doing a better job of giving myself at least a little down time most days. Lots to keep working on.
  11. I like your seasonal format for the challenge. I agree that rum is a good alternative to brandy. Bourbon might be nice, but I don't know how traditional that is depending on where you are. Is Christmassing alone a nice thing this year?
  12. I am glad Mr. Harriet has you there to support him. I am in the process of getting set up with a therapist. The process this organization uses is that a new client has an initial appointment with a senior therapist to discuss what issues will be important and what approach seems promising. Then the senior therapist recommends which person on the staff is likely to be the best fit. Some people have experience with dealing with past trauma, others deal with addictive behavior or depression or PTSD. You could do something similar yourself looking at a list of therapists and their areas of expertise, but it would not say as much about their approach.
  13. Great to see you Terra! I am glad to hear you are getting your daughter's medical issues sorted out. Your puppy is adorable.
  14. You might think that a five day weekend would give me time to relax and work on projects. Not so much. Wednesday was work and cooking. All the pies. Thursday was cooking and eating with family. That went much smoother than previous years, but it still was more work than I expected. Possibly because I washed two full sinks of cooking dishes. I left the rest of the dishes for other people to wash, which eventually happened. Friday and Saturday I went on hikes and worked on projects. I finished the merino/Tencel yarn I was working on and started back in on the Border Leichester lamb fleece. I did some shopping for gifts. I went to aikido on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - as planned. Sunday afternoon was a work project day at the dojo. We are repairing the shoji covers for our light fixtures. This went well with a team of people, but it takes attention to detail. We made good progress. That left the rest of Sunday for cooking so that I would have something other than turkey to eat this week. I made chicken curry to use up languishing vegetables and chicken leg quarters. Both Cleo and Dumbledore really liked it. I expect that means I will need to do more cooking for breakfast food soon. Not quite enough sleep, only short zen sessions. For some reason it took me an hour and a half to get to bed each night after saying I was tired. Go figure.
  15. You did a good job on maintaining sleep and other important habits this challenge. Much better than this time last year, when things were really dicey. I can vouch for peer pressure being effective in getting a person to sit still. What your brain does is your business, but everyone can see what your body does. And there is a jikijitsu at the front of the room who will yell at you if you get too far out of line. The zen people understand that public shaming is a huge motivating factor for most people. I hope your computer gets with the program, pronto.
  16. Congratulations on meeting your writing goal! That is impressive. Good job on looking at what you wanted to accomplish and why that did or didn't happen. There will always be room for improvement. Figuring out what works for you is the key thing. Yay for getting a treadmill! I hope that will let you get some movement during the dark months. Absolutely apply for the job as a receptionist. My company does not ever post salaries for jobs with the job listing. They wait to make sure the applicant is qualified before discussing it. One thing we ask is "what is your salary expectation?" You might want to see what other companies are paying for similar jobs to set a reasonable amount. It is better to ask for the top end of the range and negotiate down if you like them. No one will ever offer you more than the minimum you say you will take .
  17. Great job on doing art every day! Also good work on going back on keto to manage anxiety. Perfect! Fathead dough is mostly low-fat mozzarella with cream cheese, egg and a little almond or coconut flour. Here is one example. @sarakingdom shared this with me a couple years ago when I was trying to avoid flour. You are doing the right thing by listing all the possibilities and treatments. I would STRONGLY recommend getting a round of antivirals first. A close friend of mine got pericarditis and other serious symptoms about a year ago. She nearly died before her doctor thought that maybe it was long Covid and gave her Paxlovid. That worked, although she has permanent damage to her heart and lungs. How effective it is for long Covid is still under investigation. I know you will do your due diligence in checking out the possible options. Long Covid is a serious problem and not well understood. I think the chances are good that Mr. Harriet caught a non-symptomatic case from you or someone else. In his case, not so much non-symptomatic as non-typical symptoms.
  18. That sucks that your friend shared her germs right before the holiday. You would think that people would understand the idea of contagious by now. It's not like Covid made all our normal diseases go away. I hope your boss lets you work from home. Yay for all the dessert!
  19. This morning I did core yoga plus my minimal strength workout. I was working from home, so I talked Dumbledore into going for a walk outside in the sunshine at lunch time. It is too cold in the morning and is dark by the time I get done with work. We were both happy to get outside. That was good because work was super busy. You would think people would have better things to do than talk to us before a holiday weekend, but apparently not. In theory I have tomorrow off. In reality, I will be working either tonight or tomorrow to get things out the door.
  20. I'm sorry that you have surprise guests for the week of Thanksgiving. I hope they will at least help with all the work.
  21. Congratulations on closing on your house! I am glad your health is getting better. It sounds like your body had a LOT of healing to do, and that has been happening.
  22. Yay for progress on several of your goals! I hope that these small steps put you in a better position for the next round.
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