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  1. Absolutely, take the time you need to recover. Maybe do some gentle stretching or yoga just so you don't add any new aches and pains. I hope you feel better soon!
  2. Congratulations on the promotion! I hope that everyone recovers from their illnesses quickly. Yay for making progress on your weight loss goal!
  3. I do the same thing. Last week I called the receptionist at work "Darlene". Her name is actually Charlene. I hope she just thinks I can't talk. I've known her for years. Reading with a furry companion sounds lovely. My cat won't sit next to humans. Dumbledore's cat will, but I am clearly the emergency backup human for when he is gone. Usually 50cm of snow comes with shoveling as the associated exercise for the day. Not tying your boots is tempting Fate. You clearly know better. Um, remember that conversation you had with Belle last month, about making sure her car was in good shape in the winter? No? Just saying you might want to take your car into the shop this week and have it checked over.
  4. I loved this. I finally made a simple will last year, after having it on my to-do list for ages. My state has a basic will that makes it easy to transfer assets to family members. If I ever get hit by a bus, it will make things much easier for Dumbledore and Elf. Making sure you have beneficiary information on your retirement and investment accounts is another important step. I used the notary service at my credit union to certify signing my will. They don't have to actually know you, they just are certifying that your ID is current and you are signing the document. (At least that is how it works here, Canada may have different rules). I never worried about it when it was just me and Dumbledore and we were both working. Now I am the only one in the household with a regular job and they would need my assets right away if something happened to me. I can leave a non-legal instruction list of what to do with my stuff. I'm sure no one is going to fight over who gets my great-grandma's treadle sewing machine, or the piano.
  5. Wednesday update I did indeed do my bodyweight workout starting at 8pm yesterday instead of the usual 6am. It went fine. I was wondering if I would feel weaker or more tired in the evening, but not enough to notice. I met with my physical therapist last week and she gave me more shoulder exercises. My left shoulder is significantly weaker than the right one, and wants to slide out of the socket. All the Elements moves with lots of weight on the hands were probably not helping. She has me doing exercises to convince it to stay where it belongs and get stronger to keep it there: Standing straight arm raise in front with a strap pulling back on the shoulder joint (like carrying a shoulder bag, but with the pull to the rear instead of down) Lean into a doorway with arms in goal-post position Arm raise to side (T-shape) from hands-and-knees, elbow straight, start with light weight and work up Arm raise to front corner (Y-shape) from hands-and-knees, elbow straight, start with light weight and work up Planks with shoulders fully engaged (pulling together and down the back), arms nearly straight. Also legs and hips engaged. Turns out planks are harder to do this way. Who would have guessed? Keep to light weights on one-arm rows and concentrate on not letting the shoulder drop when the weight moves to the bottom position. I asked about working on handstand progressions. Those are off limits until my shoulder is healed and stronger. I'm good with that. I'd like to do a couple months of general bodyweight work first. This morning I did a yoga routine that was exactly what I wanted. Stretching, balance and core work. I am having fun exploring different yoga routines on my core/mobility days. Tonight will be aikido. I decided to go back on Monday after the month-long holiday, cold and Covid-precautionary break. The local numbers are leveling off and the dojo requires everyone to be fully vaccinated and boosted if available. I talked to a potential new member on Sunday, and wanted to be there to say hello if she showed up to watch class on Monday (she did!). My front rolls are all lumpy again. I hope I can get back into shape faster this time around.
  6. Yes, I made a bootable USB with a xfce distro on it. And figured out how to make it boot, which was not obvious. I just need to take time to test it. I was indeed swearing at my computer. A LOT.
  7. Great to have you back! I hope your new journey is rewarding in a whole different way than the previous ones.
  8. The guilt comes directly from my mother, who keeps asking me if I have knit the yarn she gave me for Christmas a year ago. I have a sketch pad and a pile of lace knitting books sitting out to plan that project. I have figured out the general flow of the pattern and shaping. I just need to pick lace stitch patterns to use. Then swatch them for gauge. I took Monday off hoping to get some projects done. I did, but not the projects I planned. Earlier in the weekend I vacuumed the family room. I had to move a pile of files that has been there for months. I got out the folder labels for them a while ago, but did not do the next step. I decided to get that done. The files are now in the filing cabinet in the garage. I also asked Dumbledore about papers in several boxes and other drawers in the filing cabinet. He agreed that we could recycle all the papers he copied for his graduate work. So many reams of paper headed for recycling. I boxed up three full file cabinet drawers, plus a couple boxes. All those papers could be downloaded if he ever needed 15-20 year old research articles again. Which he won't because he is working on different things now. Very much not what I had planned, but a major win none the less. What I really need to do is uninstall and reinstall a Linux distribution on my laptop. This is scary because I am not a computer person. Before I do that I need to verify if XFCE works with my keyboard and mouse. I strongly prefer the xfce front end, but having the cursor jump randomly is driving me nuts. In theory, it should be easy to do. I think that means easy for someone who knows what they are doing. I did not have to cook this weekend because Elf and Cleo did a bunch of cooking. Elf quit their job last week after their boss yelled at them for something that was his fault. Highly unprofessional behavior for a manager. Not the greatest way for Elf to deal with it, but they had already been thinking about looking for a better position. They have already had one interview. I hope Elf and Cleo support each other in job hunting instead of distracting each other. Cleo is still dealing with health problems. She still does not have a diagnosis or treatment plan from the GI specialist. At least she can eat some of the time. I hope she can get things under control before she starts a new job. My weight has been stubbornly staying the same. That tells me I can eat the way I have been and maintain. I did not make any desserts this week. Dumbledore's birthday cake is gone. There is still some of Elf's orange chocolate cheesecake left. I think I'm the only one who has been eating it. I am not going to eat the last two pieces. I expect they will sit there until they get fuzzy and have to be thrown out. That leaves a pile of chocolate bars and some wafer cookies left in the holiday goodie stash. I can be more moderate about eating those (I hope). My strategy for this week is to get enough sleep so that I can stay on top of things at work and not be stressed. I can take spinning/carding breaks instead of snack breaks. I made sure to get enough sleep last night, but did not get up early enough to exercise before work. I sat zen over lunch because it was quiet and I had the right amount of time. Now I have to do my bodyweight workout. It is the wrong time of day and feels weird. I'm going to do it anyway. Thanks to all of you for accountability.
  9. I know what you mean about expecting a 3-day weekend to allow more time than it really does. I'm glad you got your writing in anyway. I hope that a few more weeks of working from home lets you get on top of things before you have to readjust your schedule again.
  10. Whack that sleep tracker with a stick until it behaves! You deserve a lovely croft with sheep and coos and a dog to keep them in line.
  11. I struggle with the same issue. Eating more veggies helps, because they give my body a natural source of sugar. That does nothing for my chocolate cravings, though. My weight is right back where it was at the beginning of this challenge. This week I am going to prioritize getting enough sleep. That will be in addition to no snacking and staying in a limited eating time window. I actually was good about staying on plan last week. I think we just have too many treats in the house still.
  12. I hope your non-sleep time was at least spent relaxing. The midnight and post-breakfast swimming sounds lovely. It is snowing here today. Picturesque, but not encouraging me to go outside.
  13. You know, playing with a bladed weapon on two hours of sleep just doesn't sound like the best life choice you could make. Maybe go through your full mobility routine to get the tension out of your muscles? You could add some staff work, where you focus on beating the ^%%$$@# out of the phantoms remaining from your nightmare.
  14. I am impressed that you were able to fix the window on your truck. My experience with aging vehicles is that once the windows don't work right, they have to be left in position or else. Seeing your struggles with getting out the door in the morning makes me glad I can work from home. That is one of the major advantages to balance out the downsides.
  15. That is so frustrating when your weight goes up in spite of your best efforts. Sometimes I think it is just a fluke based on the state of one's GI tract. Hang in there and hope all the change shows up next week.
  16. There are lots of independent dyers who sell mini-skein sets in related colors. The ones in my Instagram feed are mostly in the US, because I try not to fall in love with products that have huge shipping fees. Look on Etsy or Ravelry for "mini-skein sets" and I'm sure you will find some. So far I have not done any complex Fair Isle projects. I have done some two color knitting. Every now and then I see a pattern that I think looks good, but I prefer texture and lace knitting. I am with you on liking sheep's wool. I am very happy with the Wensleydale/BFL lamb's fleece I'm spinning right now. I hope the yarn comes out as soft as the carded fleece. I also love alpaca, angora and baby camel. I am currently wearing slipper socks I made from alpaca. They are warm and soft.
  17. Thank you for sharing the music! I agree, staying out the the gym this week is a wise choice. I hope you are able to do some lifting at home.
  18. I'm glad it is not fractured, but still OUCH! Good for you getting your treadmill workout done anyway. I hope you recover quickly.
  19. I am glad you are feeling better and having fun with your writing! The story of our times. I skipped practice for a week each time before I went to visit my mom. I just did not want to risk catching something and exposing her, even if I had a negative test result a couple days earlier. I haven't been to the dojo for aikido since before Christmas between me catching a cold and classes being cancelled because of the Covid numbers spiking in our area. It's frustrating. I can't remember when we all had to do so much risk/benefit analysis about our daily activities.
  20. I picked up NF Bodyweight level 4 again today. Turns out the workout set for today had pushups and planks. It is a choose-your-level type of routine. They give a range of different options for each exercise. I continued right where I left off with couch-level pushups. My couch is lower than knee-height, about mid-shin level. Once I get up to three sets of 10, I will go to regular pushups on the floor. Their hardest level for planks was with shoulder taps. I've been doing toe taps. Shoulder taps are a lot harder. I could do it, but I struggled to hold my core still and not shift weight too much. I'll keep doing these. Much better than testing my endurance not getting bored with plain planks. The app said to do all the sets of each exercise together, with rest breaks between sets. There was no way I could put in that much time before work this morning, so I did it as three circuits. Hopefully that will still give me the strength benefits. My fun project right now is carding and spinning the dark grey Wensleydale/Blue-faced Leicester lamb's wool from my stash. I am nearly done with a second bobbin of singles for a 3-ply knitting yarn. I have been taking breaks to card wool. I can card one rolag of wool in just a couple minutes. It is a nice break from computer work. It is also a good way to do something fun instead of having a snack. My Instagram feed is full of weaving an knitting inspiration. Part of my brain feels guilty about not knitting. The other part is fin with doing fiber prep and spinning now and knitting later. My main task for this evening is to put the holiday cookies I made for the family in boxes and get them ready to mail. Dumbledore picked up mailing boxes for me and will take them to the post office. I meant to do this two weeks ago. It needs to be Done. Really, it will take less than half an hour once I get started.
  21. Going out and socializing with people is surprisingly stressful when you have been in a bubble for a long time. It takes a lot of energy. I love the progression you show over the course of the video. With a different sound track, that would look like you are threatening the camera, or the point of view character. How are things going outside of training? I know those are not your main goals this challenge, but that doesn't mean you had to put everything else down.
  22. I am impressed by how you are making progress on all the various goals. I have had very little time to read, so that one stands out to me. Also fiddle practice. I could practice piano, but it clearly is not a priority for me right now. Learning fiddle is on my wish list for when I retire.
  23. In light of the previous suggestions, I suggest spending more time looking at knitting patterns and yarn sites. Much creative inspiration, no pressure. You can express your inspiration at your own pace. If you want quick satisfaction, you can make potholders, baby socks, hair scrunchies or hats. For more complex expression of color and form, maybe a fair isle tam or mittens. So many options for color, texture and form. All no calorie. Could be hypoallergenic if you work in silk, bamboo or linen.
  24. Week 1 Update This past weekend was mostly laundry and cooking. I achieved both Victory over Laundry and Victory over Dishes! The laundry baton now goes to Dumbledore and all my clothes are clean. Dishes was a temporary win. Right after I got the dishes done, I started cooking food for Dumbledore's birthday dinner. I knew I was not going to have time for aikido or zen because he asked for an early afternoon meal. A sign of progress in healthier eating is that he requested two veggie dishes - cocoa-toasted cauliflower and sauteed summer squash with onions. The protein was beef stroganoff on noodles. We watched two movies this weekend, which is a record. On Saturday Dumbledore and I watched Encanto. On Sunday afternoon we all watched Addams Family (the 1991 movie). Both very fun. I am happy to report that I finished the NF six-week push-up challenge. At the final benchmark test I could do four full pushups! I was not able to do any when I started, so that is encouraging. I plan to keep pushups in my bodyweight training as I go back to NF bodyweight level 4. On the rest days I am doing yoga. I can tell my core is getting stronger already. I am alternating core and general purpose yoga sessions since I need both strength and mobility. I also finished review of the lessons I previously completed in Duolingo. I am still going through lessons I started before, so I'm not actually done with review. I'm just done with the easy part. I am looking forward to learning some new material. I think the review was worth the time because it helped reinforce some of the tricky bits, like when to use de and when to use du. There are lots of tricky bits, so I expect to go back to those lessons again from time to time. Last week things were still slow at work and I was caught up and starting to pick up long dormant projects. This week it looks like we are ramping back up to the usual level of too busy. Good thing aikido is cancelled on account of Covid, so I don't have to feel guilty about skipping training. After the initial dubious sniffing, the cats are happy with the new platform. Dorian likes the scratching post uprights and perches on the eye-level platform. Amber likes the covered box area. I had to tighten some of the screws again after we put it in place, which was expected. So far, so good. I bought rope at the hardware store and renewed our other scratching post. Twice. If Mellow Sidekick really likes your current cat tree, you might be able to revive it. Right now the top of my list is talks from my zen teacher. I also listen to Duolingo French podcasts. Stronger By Science has a podcast series that you might like. I was listening to them last year.
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