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  1. You didn’t mention how you you make the ice cream. I have the ice cream ball, it is great fun, especially if you have kids around. We used to have an electric ice cream maker that could sit on the counter, but I couldn’t find the exact model online. Made lots of ice cream with that thing. Only recipe I ever used was half milk, half cream, sugar and flavoring to taste. Strawberry is excellent. There is also the classic Boy Scout technique, using zip lock bags. And now I must go get the ingredients to make some ice cream.
  2. They have all given up on my new computer and are sending a replacement. Ha ha ha.
  3. IT called at 7 this morning to start working on computer. Again. I took the garbage out and missed a call and now I have to wait by phone for them to call back. So now I can’t even leave the house if I want a working computer for work. And this is day 2. Jeez, this is ridiculous. Happily I stopped at a 24 hour Safeway and picked up a few things to tide me over. Might have to do that again tonight. Good news, boss gave me Friday off, so that’s a four day weekend. I’m definitely going to need it by then. Have a new piano piece to memorize. A piano arrangement of this piece: Spoilered
  4. Wife: Did I get fat during quarantine? Husband: You weren’t real skinny to begin with. Time of death: 11 p.m. Cause: Covid.
  5. Hey, I just backed out of something I thought I wanted to do (band) because anxiety. (And I have enjoyed band in the past) Between your family situation and all the pandemic stress, dear gods and goddesses, be kind to yourself and don’t do stuff that stresses you out further. And don’t shame yourself if you do back out of stressful stuff right now. That said, we might not let you use that excuse later, but now? With all the stress you’ve got in your life lately? Just focus on health and sanity. Personally, even on a good day, you wouldn’t get me into a float tank. There’s a lot of trust in let
  6. I’ve got one help desk person on my personal phone on speaker and someone from a different help desk on my work phone on speaker talking to each to each other trying to get me working. This is so ridiculous, it’s hysterical.
  7. To do list for today is out the window. Allowed an hour with IT to get new work computer up and running. Almost two hours now and I am ready to throw things out the window and they are escalating it up to a higher authority because they can’t get it to work and I have to hang around and be on the phone until they do. AAAARRGH! I am so not in the mood to do CEs and training modules now. I have been trying to get to the grocery store for three days now but stuff keeps happening!!! The josh Duggar thread on my other favorite forum is slowing down now so don’t have to spend so much time with
  8. Duggars knew ATI would not be a good look so they hid their association with Gothard et al. Had an exam a long way away and took the scenic route so I could think. It’s band. I’m not ready yet. I want to bubble awhile longer. Feeling good now.
  9. Woke up from nap with irregular heartbeat and not feeling well. Just like before. Possible stresses: Decided on piece to do with band when it starts up. Still not sure I really want to do band. Josh Duggar arrested for child pornography. Josh was the golden boy, the poster child of the religious cult my mother got sucked into, and I was dragged along to some degree. I have been bingeing on this. (Schadenfreude! Although absolutely nothing will change. It was all his wife’s fault for not being available enough. These people don’t seem to think that child sex abuse
  10. Yeah, your brother is really messed up and it’s so sad that he can’t get it together. But you have done everything possible and it’s up to him. You need to live your life and try to set him aside, not delete him entirely from your life, but maybe try to kick him out of your brain now and then and find something else to think about, like your kid, your health, your wife, bowling, vacations, trips? I found myself obsessing about my ex when I realized he was going to be at our sons wedding and I was going to have to deal with him. It messed me up and I had to make an effort to get him out of my h
  11. Only one case so far tonight. Been watching deep space nine and eating too much. One more hour to go. Anyway, been skipping exercise this past week because my back was hurting from trying the new exercises. Have held two pounds lost (yay!) this challenge. The most in a very long time. (I know, it’s pathetic but it’s something!) My moods have been up and down and staying off the news has helped the most. I have cut back on most activities and am living with WESLERR. Work, Eat, Sleep, Laundry, Exercise, Rest and Recreation. No long term goals or big projects. Made a couple of cooking e
  12. Yes, I took three days off last week and am planning some more three day weekends, and a week later this summer. It did help a lot.
  13. Since I worked so late last night, today is hereby declared a recovery day. My to do list is being pushed to tomorrow, including the challenge wrap up. Had a nice brunch and now back to bed. Nap time.
  14. Well, I worked late last night and read it when I was half asleep, so there we are.
  15. I am upset with myself. In my previous life good enough was fine. Get the housework done fast, good enough. My music “career” was mostly about sight reading and learning pieces really fast. Good enough was fine. Perfection just wasn’t in my vocabulary. As a mobile xray tech, perfection is not in the vocabulary either, but “good enough” seems to be slipping toward “not really good enough.” I took an image today that I knew was iffy, but sent it in anyway. Looks like it’s going to be rejected and they’ll have to send someone to retake it. So why did I send in an iffy image? I think two main reas
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