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  1. Wednesday Dressed yes Walk yes PT will do before bed, I promise Eating plan mostly yes I put on my mask and went to the used bookstore and bought a bag full of paperbacks, then Barnes and Noble and bought a stack of books and magazines and a jigsaw puzzle. Positivity rates are rising here. Still not very bad but enough to concern our public health doctor and she may roll back our reopening some. Read the new Janet Evanovich, and took a lovely nap on my sunny porch. Baked a small cake, ate some and tossed the rest. I did sub fruit for cookies for my snack. Tomorrow I want to at least dye my scrubs. Lost two sets to bleach based disinfectants, I’m hoping I can get them decent again and don’t have to order more. There are two more dresses I want to buy, that would give me five nice outfits. If I stick to my plan for the next week I will buy one of them.
  2. The new clothes that fit. Thank you deftona!
  3. I developed asthma years ago when I moved to Los Angeles for a year. It cleared up a few months after I moved back home to a less polluted sky. It still bothers me just a bit when the pollen count is high or during the fires. You’ve been having a lot of smoke lately, yes?
  4. Tuesday PT yes Walk some Dressed yes Eating plan yes Skin care yes. And have been doing it for the past few days, but forgot to note it. Bad news, my sunblock doesn’t seem to be working. My skin is pink and my face just feels a little bit burnt. So back I go to long sleeves and avoiding the sun. My new clothes arrived today and they fit! I hunted around a bit but can’t figure out spoilers (so I can post pics of my new clothes). Help, please. Tomorrow starts the weekend. Mental health, walking in a park, a drive or motorcycle ride, a couple of projects, maybe. So looking forward to it.
  5. They completely took down a tree in my yard. I walked out on my porch and I could see the sun! It was a pretty tree but dropped a ton of leaves and large branches. One thirty foot branch fell on my porch during a storm and damaged the roof. And maybe now I can actually grow plant something, there was so much shade before I couldn’t even grow a decent crop of dandelions.
  6. Just heard the trimmers yelling “hey watch out for that car! “ Oh boy. Fortunately I moved my car elsewhere.
  7. Monday Eating plan was ignored yesterday, giving my self a little break I have been using sunscreen religiously and it is not working. I am disappointed. Back to covering up all the time. Declaring my last weekend to be mental health days was a good decision. It was the best weekend ever. Making my plans to do it again. More very noisy tree trimming today.
  8. So I just got a call from a church member who was very near tears. She said the world is on fire and was I writing anything about it. Inspiration. And another name for my weekly call list. PT. no Walk. No Dressed. Yes Landlord trimmed the branch that was hanging over my living room, so yay, no more worries, but boo, no nap happened.
  9. Sunday Dressed. Yes. PT. Yes Walk. No, too bloody hot Eating plan. Yes! Yes! Yes! Skin care. Yes. Jonathan would be proud. Called neighbor yesterday to thank her for returning my package. Ended up having a very nice chat. I have decided to put together a list of people who I can call and chat, at least seven. So far, Neighbor B, Neighbor E, son 2, (son 1 is terrible about calling or returning calls, or emails, or texts, or...), sister (when she is in a good mood). I would like to talk to my brother more often, he is not hostile but cold and distant. Don’t know if I can thaw him out. A couple of others, I will call during the week and see if they are receptive to chatting. New clothes are supposed to arrive tomorrow.
  10. Emma

    Flea Gonna Do Stuff

    I’m a Luddite. I have no idea what you were saying about your phone. Hugs? Pooh on the cherries. That sucks. Sorry.
  11. Saturday Dress. Yes PT. Yes Walk. Short one, wasn’t feeling well. Eating plan will not be discussed. Thank you and good night.
  12. Friday: Dressed. Yes Walk. Yes PT. Yes Thought about happy things and kept my mood up. My neighbor picked up my skin care package (the one from Jonathan ) and dropped it off this morning with a nice note. Slept in so I am skipping breakfast. I have an eating plan for the week. Now let’s see how well I stick to it. Discovered the Babysitters Club on Netflix. I am enjoying that now that I have watched all of Queer Eye.
  13. Shortly after my divorce, my youngest called me at school and said dad had a gun and was threatening to kill himself. I was pretty sure it was just a ploy to get me to come running back to him. A classmate recommended that I call the sheriff. Deputies took him in for mental health evaluation. Dad never tried it again. I am suggesting that your brother might just be wanting your attention. Keep up with the distance, keep calling law enforcement if you are concerned but don’t get personally involved. If he does get into treatment and seems serious about it, if doctors suggest your support would be helpful give all the support you can, but otherwise I would say keep your distance. Don’t accept any guilt or responsibility for his actions. There’s only so much you can do if your brother refuses help. If he isn’t mentally ill he is just trying to manipulate you. Good luck.
  14. Emma

    Flea Gonna Do Stuff

    Oh yeah. For a very long time I wished my husband would just die in an accident and not come home. I wasn’t going to put the energy into killing him myself and murdering him wasn’t worth going to jail for, at all. You’re in a difficult place, Flea. And the consequences of chocolate milk are probably not worth it. Sorry.