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  1. Well this is just great. I’ve been doing good and got hit with anxiety attack and the irregular heartbeat. I was looking at a picture of a mother and infant (no one I know) and immediately my heart went wonky, which made me anxious. Tried to calm down for an hour or so, no good. Managed to find a couple of small bags of chips (haven’t totally finished the junk food clean up) and gobbled them up and still feeling anxious damn it. And my morning was perfect, absolutely perfect. Everything went like it was supposed to. Piano, exercise, and everything.
  2. Today is my Monday. Guess it’s time to start my goals. Healthy mind: It’s been going better. I gave up on trying to find a therapist and have been studying stress management at various sources. Goal: Continue with mental health supports and stress management. Exercise is a part of this. Playing piano is also part of this. I have managed to break the “should” that I should be playing piano to improve my skills and instead just play for my own enjoyment. Healthy body: Two parts, exercise and diet. Exercise: Added some new exercises last month. Two hurt my back and were dropp
  3. Snarky, I was using some of my old favorites. They just didn’t work, or else my tastebuds have changed. Anyway, going back to commercial frozen dinners for now. Thanks.
  4. Healthy mind in healthy body. I need to work on my mental health. Specifically, stress management. Right now, I’m really bummed out. I was going to try and make my own frozen dinners. I planned and shopped and cooked all day and only one dish has turned out edible. The rotisserie chicken purchased at the grocery store. Sigh. Stress! Argh! No! Stress management needed! Diet has been a major stress for me. Trying to figure out how to eat that is both healthy and acceptable to my taste buds Oh well. Back to the drawing board. Whimper. It’s been raining. Fire season i
  5. Still reading World War C by Sanjay Gupta. Interesting tidbits. One of the things they did to track what’s going on in China was to use satellite images to count the cars in the hospital parking lots. Clever. They also tracked the symptoms that the Chinese were looking up on the Chinese version of Google. I knew that there are a lot of bacteria and fungi, mostly friendly, living within us, but there are also a lot of viruses inside us, our virome. We cannot identify 20 percent of the genetic material in our noses and up to half the genetic mass in our guts is “unidentified l
  6. Saturday Only two cases last night. Finished light weight novel. Today and Sunday morning guy is on special project again so I will be alone all day. Not looking forward to it. Didn’t count calories during my days off, gained back the two pounds I had lost. Looking back. I was in serious meltdown mode at the beginning of this challenge. I have been a lot calmer lately. Have been lazy as fuck and just doing the bare minimum of necessities and reading and watching Netflix. Been getting bored with doing that so I guess I’m coming out of the meltdown. My last Covid case was Se
  7. Don't know how much experience you have giving meds to uncooperative cats. This is method I used for mine for years. You can use the same method for pills, just stick the pill as far as you can down the throat, keep the nose up and stroke the throat for a minute. Went through several UTIs with various cats. They recovered. It can recur, does not mean you have to put them down. Keep the special diet (back in the day, it was IAMS) and minimize, eliminate if possible, dry food. At one time we were told not to use sandy litter for male cats. Neighbor uses Chewy for all things cat. She is
  8. Friday, back to work today. Don’t wanna. Wednesday, Thursday. Got new library card, finally. Checked out a stack of books and dvds. TB test negative. PT done, walking done, bed made. Slept a lot. Realized I totally forgot to get Covid test. I haven’t been out much and was masked when I was, no symptoms, so boss is okay with me working. A simple, quiet life. What I have been working for the past few years.
  9. Running away might not be a bad idea. Setting everything on fire, though, will get you into a lot of trouble. If you need some help with the running away (not the arson) you know we’re here.
  10. Tuesday Bed has been getting made, kinda. Exercise getting done, mostly. Worked Saturday, yes it was supposed to be vacation. Don’t remember what happened. Worked Sunday, yes it was supposed to be vacation. Only one case. Monday ran errands. Today had TB test, picked up meds. Took two very long naps. Lunch at restaurant, ate way too much but it was so good. Reading World War C. Picked up new Lynsay Sands. Getting sick of Good Witch.
  11. Bed made. PT done. Walk not. Morning Prayer. Binged “Good Witch”. KonMari’d sewing stuff and two more bookshelves. Back still sore. Escapism =good for my stress levels.
  12. Bed made. PT done. Massage. One novel finished, another one read. Jigsaw puzzle completed. Ate crap, felt like crap. I’m a slow learner.
  13. Did PT and walk yesterday. Back was hurting and I was knocking off early, skipping the last exam which was a routine and a long way away, but then a stat came in. I have three days off now and will be working on my stress management, and at least one massage.
  14. Do you know that stress can cause back pain? I have a long history of back problems and have learned how to take of it. The pain has always healed in about a week. I’m going on a month now since my last injury and still in pain so I was wondering and getting worried, why is the pain lasting so long this time? The figurative light bulb went on and I turned to the internet and, yes, stress can cause back pain. The muscles tighten up, which is the source of my pain. Congratulations, Emma! You have found yet another way to take out your stress on your body! Sigh. Normally, i take muscle relaxers t
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