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  1. I have gotten really behind on everyone else. Apologies. Been working a lot. Keep promising that I will take a real long walk on my days off and I never have. Sometimes don’t even do the minimum exercise. Gah. Today (day off) went to bank and grocery store, did laundry and played piano, keeping the part of the piece I have memorized in my brain. Another page and a half to go on the memorizing. Also watching a lot of videos on minimalizing, it appeals to me greatly. Thinking about a packing party. I like that idea very much but just don’t have the energy right now. Watched part o
  2. J has been on leave taking care of wife who had surgery. She took a turn for the worse and he needs more time off. Looks like I should plan on working 6 10s for the foreseeable future. I’ll be lurking from time to time but probably not posting much. Goals: eat, sleep, laundry, exercise.
  3. I’m often able to call my doc and just get a few days emergency supply order for the pharmacist. Heard about this website for long haulers. https://www.survivorcorps.com/
  4. And today went to Davis, near Sacramento. Sigh. At least it was only one facility with no red zone. We are getting stretched. Boss asked me to work next Wednesday. I will hold at six days a week and two hours overtime on any given day. Exercise done. Eating done. Laundry done. Piano done. Could use a little more sleep, but I am home a bit early tonight, so should be able to get a good night.
  5. Worked in SF and Oakland today, my day off. I told boss six hours, he said anything. In Oakland, found myself lost, on a narrow street filled with broken glass and me thinking there ain’t no nursing home here. Yep, I managed to get lost again, even with GPS. Really glad it was still daylight. Eventually did find the place. Two blocks from International Blvd. At next place I went into patient’s room to introduce myself and the patient refused to wake up. I went to charge nurse and asked if that was normal for her. 99% of the time, the nurse says, oh yeah, that is normal for them.
  6. I’ve been hermitting in jammies and wallowing in it. No goals, no challenges except for memorizing that piano piece and keeping up with the laundry. My kitchen sink has never been cleaner. We were shifted all over the place last night. I went to Oakland, which was not as bad as I feared. The streets are wider and not as confusing, fewer pedestrians scaring the shit out of me, and fewer tall buildings making me claustrophobic. We’ve apparently picked up some homes in better neighborhoods. (I try to avoid the ones in bad neighborhoods, especially after dark). They don’t seem to be deal
  7. And still no vaccine. I am face to face with multiple covid patients every day now. And I can’t get the damned shot.
  8. Haven’t gotten out of jammies, except to work, for I don’t know how long. Wallowing in depression and enjoying it. Washer broke and I am washing my scrubs by hand. No repairman available for two weeks. Whatever.
  9. I have been keeping my weight fairly steady. I am counting that as a win for now. The rest of it...don’t care anymore. Sonoma county has ordered the refrigerated trucks. Was informed that our vaccination plan is to wait for the nursing homes to call us when they have extra doses. Yeah, that hasn’t been happening. Let’s not even talk about politics. I’m gonna go cry for awhile.
  10. Back to childcare My brother was laid off shortly after kid three was born. After they did the numbers it was better for him to stay home and be house spouse because whatever job he got wouldn’t cover childcare for three kids. Ridiculous.
  11. I confess to being a political junkie. I was glued to the radio yesterday (don’t have tv). My day went totally off the rails. Back to the regularly scheduled programming. I hope. Wednesday, no exercise. Eating junk. Today is better. Already one PT.
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