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  1. Belated happy birthday and hugs for losing your agent k9.
  2. It took several hours, but I am better now. Thanks.
  3. Irregular heartbeat. Since 9 am. I have tried the physical solutions, didn’t work. That leaves stress. (Part of why the above post, trying to figure it out.) Usually once I figure out the stress my heart goes back to normal. So far no luck. Called out for work. Don’t want to be driving all over with this going on.
  4. Rough night. Tower of Babel and babbling. Why can’t people shut up and listen once in awhile? I needed help getting a patient into bed and it took twenty minutes to get through all the babbling. They would talk and talk and walk away and not shut up long enough for me to ask for help. “There’s so and so. He’s in the wheelchair. He’s totally alert (Oh no, he totally isn’t.) He can walk on his own (no, he can’t.)” Trucker freedom convoy. How will they know they’ve won? Their demands are all over the map. No way they will get all of them met. Now they’re talking about starting one in SoCal and working its way east to DC. And apparently they are preparing for something similar in Europe. Where’s the money coming from to do this? Gas isn’t cheap. I really wish the governments had spent some time planning how to live with Covid, instead of just throwing up their hands and giving up. I am not happy. Pushed the bed against the wall, threw all the pillows on it and made a blanket fort. Just don’t want to deal with the world anymore. Want to cry. Watching those two tv shows from the seventies it has really struck me how much our society has changed, and for the worse. Talking about people here, not tech. I don’t want to be here anymore. We used to be a great country. Not anymore. So sad.
  5. And getting dumber. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2020/04/29/technology-is-on-the-rise-while-iq-is-on-the-decline/?sh=235cbb3db103 It has felt like the Wild, Wild West for awhile now. Hi! You are welcome here.
  6. This is also something I struggle with. Men do give me less unwanted attention when I’m fat. And with my personal history of abuse from men I am seriously afraid of men noticing me. I read something that struck me “Men are afraid of women laughing at them, women are afraid of men killing them.”
  7. Okay, Deftona, you can stop twisting my arm. New challenge is up.
  8. Not a challenge. I am dealing with stuff and don’t want to worry about meeting goals. Back when I was planning to hunker down in Ice Station 4 for the duration (yeah, that didn’t go so well) I decided to have a celebration each month of some kind. I do want to continue that idea. For February we will celebrate the feast of Jezebel. Jezebel is the patron saint of wronged women. Motto: Make Revenge Fabulous. Theme: French, bien sur. Miss Bunny and I will be celebrating her feast on February 16. The meal: sparkling cider, crepes with spinach, bacon and Swiss cheese sauce, for dessert pots de creme au chocolat. The movie will be The Last Holiday. I bought Miss Bunny some new clothes from build a bear for our celebration and I was surprisingly happy when they arrived. I was taught (by abusive parents and ex) that stuff doesn’t bring happiness, but apparently, sometimes it does. (Hmm, strangely enough, they all seemed to have a whole lot of stuff) Covid. Disclaimer here. I am not a doctor, just a humble xray tech with a strong interest in self preservation. My state will be lifting restrictions next week and we will go back to “normal”. This is so wrong. More variants are still coming. Our hospitals can’t handle the surges. I am just fed up. Many years ago, during the reign of Bush the First, if any of you infants remember that far back, the CDC added a page saying that abortions caused breast cancer, which is a total lie. So I have known for years now that that CDC is a political beast, answering to politicians and corporations. I haven’t totally trusted them since then. I guess now the corporations are tired of not making all the money and are willing to sacrifice us for their bottom line. It’s hard to get accurate numbers, but if we haven’t passed one million deaths by now, we will soon. The published numbers are generally acknowledged by most scientists to be an undercount. Personally, I will continue to mask in public and avoid crowds. Mutations will still be coming along for a very long time to come and I hope the scientists can keep up with the vaccines. We still know very little about long covid but what I have been learning is quite frightening. Long term damage to cardiovascular systems (being tethered to an oxygen tank really slows a person down) and nervous systems (impaired brain function) and god only knows what else. We just don’t know yet. I think I am more afraid of long Covid than I am of the acute version of covid. I wish you good health, friends, and may whatever God you believe in bless us all. A reminder: Some medications can suppress the immune system and make vaccines ineffective. Check with your doctor.
  9. Yes physical therapists are absolutely subject to HIPAA regs. Fines can be up to a million dollars or more. E.g. each name released on that email is a single separate violation and there is a fine for each name release. They are so screwed. And good for you. That level of carelessness is completely unacceptable and potentially very damaging for some people.
  10. Factoid about N95s. Much of the protection comes not from the material of the mask but from an electrostatic charge that traps particles. This is why washing them won’t restore their protective ability. I’ve been watching a couple of old tv shows I liked when I was young. CHiPS is about two motorcycle officers in the California Highway patrol. Granted, I know very little about police procedures, but the show seems to hold up very well today. I never thought about this before but the show was airing when I started riding motorcycles. I had a boyfriend then who was willing to allow it, and my sister’s then husband was willing to rent me his old 250cc for a few months. The other show is Emergency which began airing in 1972. Oh. My. God. The show is about one of the first paramedic crews in the US. Primitive, so incredibly primitive. I actually laughed when I saw the first ambulance. It was an old station wagon with a stretcher. A 1950s station wagon with tail fins. And a stretcher. That was it. The show overlaps quite a bit with scenes from a hospital and fires. Oh my God. The equipment and tech that firefighters have available today is so far ahead of what they had then. The hospital, antique Xray machine in the hallway, CT didn’t even exist. Dear God, I cannot imagine a hospital without a CT machine these days. So many people surely died back then who would live today. Including my father. I’m not planning to participate in the next challenge, but I will be lurking.
  11. Good news. Locally Covid cases have dropped dramatically the past two weeks from 1300 a day to 400 a day. Yay! The recorder isn’t really working out for me. Haven’t been able to find music that I like. Have hooked up one of my keyboards for practicing late at night. Going a bit stir crazy. Not missing people contact, but being confined to the house is something I am not liking. I have been going out to Starbucks for breakfast when it’s not very crowded. Is nice.
  12. Another new Covid variant has popped up. Even more contagious than omicron. Don’t know yet for sure about death rate or vaccine resistance. We are stuck with Covid. It’s here to stay. And still more deadly than flu. People, especially politicians, keep saying we have to learn to live with it. But we haven’t been doing a very good job of that, have we? Even after two years, supply chains are broken, hospitals get overwhelmed during surges, and schools? That’s its own little nightmare. Could we have done a better job at the start of the pandemic? Absolutely, the government screwed up rather badly at the very beginning. Thing is, even China, with their absolutely draconian lockdowns, hasn’t been able to maintain control of the virus. This is the post pandemic now, the “new normal”. The before times are not coming back. Empty shelves in stores, wearing an N95 when in public, avoiding people, hoping that the scientists can keep up with vaccines for new variants. That’s the “new normal”. I expect it will be for quite a few years. I am at high risk for dying if I catch this damn thing, old, fat, and a congenital heart condition which has been worsened by the stress of being up close and personal with the virus at work. But I am going to try and make the best of it at Ice Station 4. Maintaining minimal contact with people isn’t really a hardship for me. Quite the opposite. Trying to get out there and make friends was the greatest stress of my life in the before times. So it’s nice to have a good excuse for not trying anymore. I am indulging in some old favorites. Learning all 24 of the Preludes and Fugues in the Well Tempered Klavier, reading, watching dvds that I like, not ones I’m supposed to watch. Not worrying about keeping up with the mainstream culture. That’s a huge relief right there. Escapism is okay when the world is on fire. (I am totally stealing that and using it as my mantra.) I promise I am neither suicidal nor homicidal. Ice Station 4, signing off.
  13. I studied German for a bit. Teacher told me I spoke German with a French accent. I had studied French for several years before that. And yes, their grammar is confusing.
  14. French, which I studied, also has gendered nouns. But gendered nouns do not lead to taking xrays of the wrong person.
  15. Thanks Tank. that does help some.
  16. So the carb snacks did not help my mood. Still snappy and angry. Spent some time trying to figure it out. I think I am still terrified of catching this damn virus. I am high risk and face to face with covid patients almost daily now. I have a right to be scared. I am telling myself that I made it through last winter, prevaccine, without catching it. So I should be okay as long as I am diligent with my PPE. Right?
  17. I was going nuts with Filipino nurses calling patients him or her randomly. Like pointing at a woman and saying him, or at a man and saying her. It led to patients being misidentified by me a couple of times. Finally found a nurse who spoke enough English to explain that the Filipino language doesn’t have gendered pronouns at all. I have trouble enough remembering people’s names, asking me to remember pronouns as well is more than my poor brain wants to deal with. Sorry but I will be forgetting. I want very much to do away with gendered pronouns altogether so we are all they or them. It would be less confusing and so much easier on my brain. Non gendered pronouns for all!
  18. I used to consider that neighbor an intelligent woman. Sigh. No more.
  19. Judge finally came to his senses. The nurses are free to work where they choose. That this was even a case in court is unbelievable. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/thedacare-files-lawsuit-to-keep-employees-from-leaving-for-ascension/
  20. Judge has ordered two of the nurses to go back to work at Thedacare.
  21. Yes. We have become serfs of the big corps. I am so lucky to be in California where there are some government mandated protections, at least for healthcare.
  22. Nurses at Thedacare were hired at another hospital. They gave proper notice that they were quitting Thedacare. At the very last minute Thedacare sued and said you can’t leave and go work for someone else. Judge agreed.
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