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  1. Considering all that KB Girl mentioned, and the fact that you don't train the front lever, it is especially impressive! I realize you are fully aware of this, but your daughter is absolutely adorable! Hope your wife is feeling better, and that your little one is doing well also.
  2. One of the things I admire most about you is your ability to go with the flow, adjust when necessary, and always do what's best for you in your current situation. So many people are willing to give in to excuses, but you always find a way to make things work.
  3. You may have broken your chain, but I'd say being guilt-free is certainly a victory. Too many people would endlessly beat themselves up over it. As you said, you are making great progress. And congrats on qualifying! I'm sure you'll have even more reps to give when you're not eating at a deficit.
  4. Hope you're feeling better! Thanks for that video. It was a good reminder to incorporate a bit more QM. I'd forgotten just how much fun it is.
  5. Your thread makes me hungry. Sorry to hear you're handstand practice has been a bit off. I'm sure you'll find your groove again soon. Looks like your KB work is as impressive as ever though!
  6. Wow, looks like you've found something that really works for you! I may just have to give this idea a try if I ever find myself cutting again.
  7. Nice work! I really love your chain idea, and you're already on such a great streak.
  8. The important part is that your push ups are better in some way than the time before. Maybe one day it's quantity, another by quality, or maybe you do the same number but you aren't as tired. All are measures of progress.
  9. I'm sorry your little ones are having dental issues! Sounds like your happiness folder is going to see a lot of use. If you're in need of more sources of laughter, I've always found Whose Line clips to be quite effective.
  10. Wow, from reading your logs, I always knew you were strong. Those videos are absolutely incredible though! And congrats to you and your wife.
  11. I don't think I'm ready for a challenge right now, but I'm going to make a real effort to keep my battle log updated. I posted a mini explanation of my absence, and I'll try to outline my current program tomorrow. I've missed you all!
  12. Nice work. Make sure you take care of those wrists. I'm still easing back into handbalancing after the trouble I had with mine.
  13. I'm so jealous of all the stuff you've got going on in your home gym. Thanks for the reminder about the Yoga Studio app. I'll have to check it out too!
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