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  1. Thursday: Pistol practice 5 rounds for time: 12 Garhammer raises, 12 jump lunges For the pistols, I was on the floor again, and did negatives to close squat up. Then I did a few sets on the stool to continue working through full ROM. Friday: Recovery, shoulder mob, bridge work Saturday: AM: Goofed around on the monkey bar thing at the playground. PM: Played with hollow rocks and various progressions. My abs are still sore from Thursday, lol.
  2. Well, the dove was ok. After the way my husband described it, I was expecting the most amazing thing ever. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Honestly, I can't even really remember what all I did. Something along the lines of: watching whatever I wanted, playing video games, reading, training, playing with our dog, napping, sleeping through the night without interruption. I also spent about 2 hours in a bookstore, leisurely exploring. It had been so long since I've been home alone, that I kept forgetting that everyone wasn't just asleep. The progression provided a new challenge, but it was definitely more of a skill than a strength feeling. Connecting opposite knee to elbow required a lot of body awareness, and I had to take it slow. Thanks! I'm a bit behind as well. I decided to just let it go this time. The challenges where I disappear near the end are always because I allowed myself to be intimidated by my backlog. I decided writing something is better than nothing, lol.
  3. I hope you find a chance to relax and recover. It sounds like life is crazy for you right now.
  4. You've made such amazing progress with F1. How many weeks are left? Will you try to keep up with the flow practice, or will you take a break for a bit?
  5. Well, even if things didn't go as you planned, you've still learned/confirmed a lot about yourself. I hope you have more fun with the next challenge! And I hope you feel better soon.
  6. When I get behind on my updates, I dread finally posting because I don't want to recap everything. I decided that I just won't, so that I can go ahead and get something logged! Today: AM Playground fun - no school-aged kids PM Tuck rows Kick ups to handstands P-bar dips Played with crow, headstands, and this: Having lots of bacon-wrapped dove for dinner tonight, which is definitely something new to me!
  7. Thanks! I couldn't help but smile. Thanks. It seems like it takes forever for mobility work to pay off, but when it does!!! Wow, I've been missing for a while, lol. My husband had a 4-day weekend, so I spent a lot of time cleaning and packing Thursday for a trip to KY. Dove season came in, and he really wanted to be there to hunt. Because he still felt bad about leaving me alone with the kids for so long, he offered to take them both with him and let me have a weekend to myself! I hadn't had a night away from my daughter in nearly two years, and I really needed a break from all of this potty business. I had 72 hours of peace and quiet. Yes, today is his first day. I still can't believe he's in second grade! He was very excited to go and see all of his friends.
  8. Hurray for Mr. Incredible! So nice to see him showing off his new skills. It looks like you all had a wonderful hike. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Agreed. Sounds like a great workout to me! I hope you are feeling better today. Was your daughter excited for her first day of school? What did your son think? I hope you all have a great day!
  10. No guilt, remember? Good luck getting your schedule sorted! I'm with Elastigirl. When I know I'm short on time, I usually have some of my most productive workouts.
  11. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend, and that you will have your pup back so soon! It sounds like you're refreshed and ready to go again.
  12. Wed: Pistol practice Then: 4 rounds for time 10 L reverse lunges (using nonworking leg as little as possible for each set) 10 R reverse lunges 10 PB dips For my pistol practice, I decided to try something new. Instead of using a stool, I actually tried them from the floor, still holding a small DB in front. I wanted to see if I could reach full depth while keeping the nonworking leg from touching the ground. Success! However, I was doing the descent as a pistol, then using both feet to stand back up. I never actually tried the full pistol, so I'm not sure if I could have done it or not. For some reason, I felt like doing them this way. It just felt "right." Anyway, it was nice to feel the improvements from all the mobility and L-sit work of the last few weeks. I used to feel a tightness in my quads when holding the pistol position from the ground. No more. PS: My legs and glutes are sore this morning, but not miserably so.
  13. Hmm, I hadn't really thought about the advantages and disadvantages of handedness in sports in a long time. It makes sense that it would translate to gymnastics in some way. To some people, it probably seems like a weird thing to be so excited about, but it took such a long time for me to integrate my core properly, lol. I'm also right-handed, but it sounds like I have the same preferences as your daughter, lol. I really need to try the forearm stand at some point, but I keep forgetting about it. I guess I should put a note somewhere I'll actually see it.
  14. I feel like you need a tip jar for your excellent advice.
  15. Have you considered a return to your training once school starts back? It sounds like you really miss it!
  16. So excited to see you start Phase 3! Glad to hear you are having so much fun.
  17. Doesn't everyone feel good about a body that puts in a good workout?
  18. Yesterday was amazing. Well, I started the day wondering if I should train at all. Last week, my daughter was waking me up at 5 am to go pee. This week, my body has decided to make it easier on me, by waking me up every morning at 5 am. She's sleeping until 7:30 ... Anyway, I was a bit tired, but decided to go ahead with the plan since I'd taken it easier the last couple of days. 5 quality rounds of: 5 kick ups to handstand 5 skin the cats 15s L sit (legs extended) The first round of kick ups weren't great, but once I came back around to them, it was incredible! I was having no trouble kicking up to the hold, and through the course of the workout, I actually had a few 3-4 second holds. In the last round, I kicked up to the wall and played around with slowly pulling my feet away. I loved feeling all the little adjustments my hands and core were making, and the sensation of them flowing across my whole body. I finished with about 10 minutes of stretching, and some crab/scorpion reaches.
  19. Yeah, I kind of assumed there was some personal preference. For now, the difference is pretty drastic. Over my right, it feels like I've been rolling all my life! Over the left, it's like the first try every time, lol. Good to know the gap will close eventually. Thanks! Are you right or left-handed? I wonder if that makes a difference?
  20. I thought I'd done my weekend update yesterday, but I guess I ran out of time? Sat: 21-15-9 Burpees Rows Foam rolling Sun: Rest! Light rolling, joint mobility stuff Mon: Skipping Roll practice Stretching (Pike, couch stretch) It still feels so much smoother to go over my right shoulder. Yesterday, I did several reps of a forward roll over right, and immediately rolled backward over the left. I also practiced the LB roll to immediate LF roll. Still lots more practice to be done! I'm curious what imbalances others may have experienced when beginning rolling? Also, I prefer to kick up to a handstand with my left leg forward, but prefer to start a cartwheel with my right leg forward. Thoughts?
  21. I figured he must be fairly enthusiastic about your training if he chose to join you. Haha, if you must. You might be surprised! Watching things like The Walking Dead gives me nightmares. In fact, I've probably been thinking about it enough just now that I'll have a nightmare tonight, lol. Wow, thanks! I've always felt pretty pathetic about where I began this journey. I was an athlete all through school. I guess I just had to find my way back there again. Thanks! Sometimes, I feel like I haven't improved that much, but if I think back far enough, I realize I do have plenty to be proud of. He's apologized profusely about it, and said he was sorry for not being what I needed him to be. He said he thought he was doing the right thing, and he's proud of the changes I've made for all of us. He also likes that I cook all the time, lol.
  22. Hope you feel better soon! Nice work on your hollow holds.
  23. I agree with KB Girl. Sounds like you could use a session with a heavy bag, or an absentee nanny.
  24. Ugh, hope you are feeling better soon! I'm always impressed when I do the math for your lifts. (I wish America would teach and use the metric system.)
  25. Thanks! I have to agree with you there. Some people think I'm depriving myself for choosing to eat what makes me feel best. The funny part is, even when I was overweight, I never liked sodas, sweets, breads. Somehow, they don't believe me. It's always been pizza that has done me in. I blame the Ninja Turtles. Thanks! I don't know about mastered, but I'm trying. The only time I really like to run is when I can spend 20-30 min along a trail. It's hard for me to relax though, when I'm worried about staying safe. Yeah, I don't know how I'd feel about being profiled. It's kind of a "who am I?" kind of thing, where there are so many others with amazing accomplishments. I think one of the reasons I've been successful is because it was never about losing weight to look "hot." I wanted to be able to play with my kids. Just walking across the street to the park was exhausting for me. I would sweat just standing around while my son played. I was miserable and unhappy, so I decided to make some changes. My husband was silent throughout, because he knew most people gain the weight back. He said later that he didn't want me to feel like he loved me any less for being heavy, so he didn't push me through my journey. I went through it completely alone. I found all my workouts and info online for free. I used a free app to track my calories. My only tools were: a pull up bar my husband had from college, a $7 jump rope, and some bands from Wal-Mart. I also had some P90x DVDs that a friend had given him in college. It was lonely, and frustrating, but I was determined.
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