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  1. Yay for adjusting to circumstances! These six-week challenges can be deceiving in some ways because it feels like if we don't meet our goals for a few weeks, that's failure (well, I should speak for myself only -- I feel that way at times!). But that's BS, of course. If you haven't given up, you haven't failed -- you are still at it, and next week will be better, and the week after that better still.
  2. What week are we in? I'm so disoriented...The long lapse in posting has been due to work, but the challenge is still going well here. I've lost four more pounds, so I am on track to weigh under 150 by the end of the challenge, which I never thought I could do. Weight was not really the point of my challenge so much as a feeling of wellness and "me"-ness, but I'll take it! I notice I have more energy for playing with my kids, too.
  3. How 'bout this week? Is it going better? [don't be ashamed if not -- mine is totally not going better. But it will!]
  4. This is the free yoga site that I found: http://www.doyogawithme.com/ There is also a paid one here: http://www.myyogaonline.com Not as nice as an in-person class, but if I actually *do* it, it's 100% better than signing up for an in-person class and then not making it there!.
  5. This week went rather off the rails as we are moving into our house *and* my in-laws are visiting. Moving was a lot of manual labor, so I don't think that missing the gym sessions will set me back. I've carved out a definite appointment with myself to exercise tomorrow, though! It's surprised me that so far the goal of doing yoga once a week has proved the most challenging for me. I've noticed, too, that since I started working out, when I get hungry I *really* get hungry. Like shaky, sweating, lightheaded sort of hungry. I wonder if it's mild low blood sugar? Or just muscles remindin
  6. Hi! Having the fridge stocked with healthy food is a huge win. I find that making things easy for myself is half the battle (e.g. if the healthy food is there and the unhealthy food is at the grocery store, I will eat the healthy food). I'm unpacking from a move here, too. Overwhelming, right? One step at a time will get us there. Congrats on your decentish day! Beats the opposite.
  7. Another good workout today - 45 min cardio and 2 circuits of Beginner Bodyweight. I think doing the strength training first is better, as I didn't have it in me to do 3 sets today. Another cool thing that happened is that I found a few websites that offer online yoga classes! Now I can do yoga at home without getting lost or having to kick down doors! Will try this starting tonight. kmongahan, I *wish* I had a great "hack" for not consuming alcohol. Mmmm, craft beer sounds yummy. So far my only tip/insight is that when I'm working out really well and consistently, the wine just doesn't
  8. Kai, A screeching halt, yes! Haha! It is so hard to find motivation for anything when you're sleep deprived! But finding time for yourself/healthy habits will pay off big time down the road. I know this only because I totally didn't do it. Until now, of course. My husband's family is Welsh, so we were introduced to Kai as a Welsh name, but when we started telling friends we liked the name, we learned that it is a name in lots of different cultures. We've had friends of Finnish, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Hawaiian origin all tell us it's a name where they come from. Apparently it m
  9. Outstanding workout day. I was surprised to notice how much better I feel while working out -- stronger in my push-ups, with more endurance for cardio, etc. Ddi 3 circuits of Beginner Bodyweight Circuit, 45 minutes of cardio, and a good stretch.
  10. Wow! Love your opening tale, and your energy. Colic can see me in hell -- I bet it has ruined a lot of parents' fitness levels. Overcoming a tumor can't be easy, either. Kudos to you for being here! Your stats are a lot like mine. Also, my son's name is Kai.
  11. Whoo-hoo, definition! That is awesome progress. Weight will move, too -- it just takes a little longer sometimes. Think of all those lovely muscles that are just waiting to show off when the weight starts to come off. Glad to hear the first week went well!
  12. What a tale about the man in the subway! You have a good heart. Someone who has both a good heart and a Steak Tartare Dance is unstoppable. Remember that! I'm enjoying your grace and humor and rooting for you in this challenge!
  13. So, I am calling this a successful week, even though I technically didn't do yoga today. I don't let myself off easy, but today I actually signed up for the class, paid for it, drove to it, and then couldn't find the goddamned yoga place. There was no sign outside, no sign inside...the only reason I knew it was the right place was because another student showed up to the same locked, unmarked door and said she had been before. Alas, by then the door was locked because class had already started. My husband says I should have kicked down the door. Can you picture it? I kick down the door a
  14. How you feel means so much more than what the scale says. Feeling "better than I have in months" is huge! It will move in the right direction.
  15. Hooray for the right direction! I like how you grade each goal separately rather than putting a grade on the whole day. Sometimes some parts just go better than others!
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