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  1. checking in, failed this one. starting again next time
  2. excellent, i'll have to pull up this recipe when i'm at the store next.
  3. it's tough when it gets cold huh! You were doing great with the coffee earlier in the challenge, maybe you will get back to it. i wish you the best of luck kiwi, happy monday!
  4. i'm with you ash, time to move onward and upwards this week.
  5. Quest Update Goal #1 - paleo 11/21 days anywho back at it today. Goal #2 - crossfit 6 days total still. I was out of town for Thanksgiving, time to get back to it. Goal #3 - pushups, pullups, air squats 2/5 days total challenge. Life Side Quest - career prep Did nothing last week.
  6. good work on the measurement improvements. always interesting to see that food has such a positive impact even if we don't make all of our fitness goals.
  7. good job with the planking kiwi! i'm struggling with my side quest too. let's get it done this week !
  8. how did the computer work go this weekend? my roommate just bought a crockpot, time for some serious stew!
  9. Week 2 summary up through Sunday: I did ok up until Friday last week. I started seeing someone and my whole life is kinda in flux, I'm an overly emotional guy. I gotta get back in my groove except that I'm going to Portland for Thanksgiving. Goal 1 - C Goal 2 - C pace Goal 3 - A on target Career Prep - C
  10. Quest Update Goal #1 - paleo 11/15 days including today Goal #2 - crossfit 8 days total, Goal #3 - pushups, pullups, air squats 2/5 days total challenge. Life Side Quest - career prep I have done 2 days of 1/2 hour each over the first 2 weeks. Need to step up my prep game. I will hopefully have time when I'm home for thanksgiving. thanks ash, good first 2 weeks then kinda fell off over the weekend. paleo is great, i feel great for my workouts. not trying too much new though. i have some set things, eventually i will need to branch out.
  11. i have been drinking more tea and hence less coffee too! thanks for the idea/inspiration!
  12. perfect on target with the food! have a great weekend
  13. looks like a healthy day! getting plenty of veggies!
  14. keep making those strides with the software man! i look forward to seeing and trying the stew recipe. also, i go through about 2-3 16 ounce almond butters per week. as part of my first challenge side quest i cut down, but i need to cut down more now.
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