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    I'm gonna try and get more serious again, things are going fairly well so lets keep it up!! Challenges: Go to Krav 1x a week!! I got a groupon thing for a bunch of Krav Maga classes, but the schedule doesn't really work. The 2 times i can go are friday night or saturday morning and I know going 2x in a row would kick my ass. So just 1x a week would be great! Stay under 1462 calories 6x a week I followed a formula to get this number for how many calories I need to eat while on like a 20% deficit or something. I'll be monitoring this on myfitnesspal ( y'all can follow me there, I'm RoachRex ). And the 7th day is cheat day! (saturday is my cheat day). I am starting to learn about macros but tracking is a pain so I think I'll stick with this version for the time being. Level up in cooking! My goal is to bake a loaf of bread!! I'd also like to cook more, but bread is the focus this time around! Get outside! I've got some gear together so I really want to go camping!! But if I can't go camping, then at least I want to go on a day hike!! Weather may not permit me to go camping (I live in socal and our wild places tend to be a little bit on fire) but in that case then I'll try to at minimum go for a hike in a local park or botanical garden or something. Ideally more than once but, we'll see.