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    RoachRex Aims at Recovery

    Yeah definitely doing my best to let it rest but when work requires walking (as does life, and birthday parties, and so on) it's been longer than i expected. Also of course, when I decide I want to swim all the time, the weather flips me the bird and it's too cold for swimming. But I have been keeping up on practicing skateboarding but just a little at a time. Food hasn't been great but I haven't done too badly. I just have to get better about logging it, (And eating a vegetable once in a while) I was also having some stomach trouble over the weekend and I realized I always end up puking if I drink too much cold water (like, chug a glass for example). So I switched to room temp and haven't had any troubles yet. Here's hoping that's the fix.
  2. RoachRex

    RoachRex Aims at Recovery

    What's up! So during my last challenge, just unrelated, I p much broke one of my toes. It was feeling p much better so last week my dumbass went on a hike with my bro, his wife, their dog, and my younger cousin. I was fine that day but yesterday my ankle on the OTHER foot started hurting, I probably stepped on something wrong or maybe one of the times I slipped in the water I'm really not sure but the ankle hurts when I walk :T So instead of charging ahead and injuring myself more. This time I'm gonna take some time and focus on healing up my feets and generally focusing on low impact exercise and stretches. Starting Stats Age: 30 Height:5'4" Weight:234# The Goals: Stretch daily! My plan is to focus on stretching, especially my legs and my back. 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Log Foods Daily! I don't really know how many calories I should be eating anymore, but I definitely need to get back in the habit of keeping track! I'm back on MyFitnessPal, my username is RoachRex! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Meal Prep! My goal is, every week, to prep my meals for the entire week. I'm honestly A-ok with eating the same thing every day, I even was into Soylent for a while (but it messed with my gut too much). Honestly the reason I eat junk is out of convenience. So if I can batch-cook and make all my meals in advanced? Ain't nothing more convenient than that! 4 weeks - A 3 weeks - B 2 weeks - C 1 weeks - D 0 weeks - F Swim/Surf! I still need to build up endurance for November so in the mean time, every weekend while it's hot I want to either go to my mom's apartment and swim in the pool, or go to the beach with my surfboard. I haven't gotten to a point where I can stand up on it but it's a good balance challenge just getting up to sit on it for me. I plan to do this at least once a week. 4 times - A 3 times - B 2 times - C 1 times - D 0 times - F