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  1. [WEEK 1] Day 5 (2/20/20) Exercise (Totals) Moving heavy boxes/bins Walked 89 min Food Reeses puffs cereal & milk Pizza rootbeer (20oz) Goals [ ] Log Foods [ ] Meal Prep [X] Workout [ ] Save up
  2. Had a decent breakfast today and got to sleep in for once. Afternoon shift is really starting to wear me down lol.
  3. [WEEK 1] Day 4 (2/19/20) Exercise (Totals) Moving heavy boxes/bins Food Taco bell - nacho fries - cheesy potato griller - 2 bean burritos (no onion or sauce) - Med sierra mist Goals [ ] Log Foods [ ] Meal Prep [ ] Workout [ ] Save up
  4. I was to busy actually working today x x it is hard to use the legs for lifting when pulling boxes out of shelves holy smokes. My back hurts but hopefully that's just from all the up and down and not that I injured anything...
  5. I did less exercise than I intended yesterday but luckily work had me get some decent walking in! I end up doing exercises at work lately, but there's not really any decent door jambs for vertical pulls so it threw me off yesterday.
  6. [WEEK 1] Day 3 (2/18/20) Exercise (Totals) 2x10 Knee Tucks 71 min walking Food Big Breakfast - 3 eggs - 2 bacon strips - A LOT of hashbrowns! - 2 slices of sourdough toast Protien Bar Granola Bar Rice Crisps Candy bar Goals [X] Log Foods [ ] Meal Prep [X] Workout [ ] Save up
  7. [WEEK 1] Day 2 (2/17/20) Exercise (Totals) 2x10 Wall Pushups - slow & deliberate. Hands slightly closer together than standard (My triceps need a lot of work) 2x10 Jackknife squats - Slowly working down to a full Deep squat 2x10 Hip Raises - I'll have to be careful here, for some reason these made me dizzy? 39 sec Plank - woo my stomach was shakin like a chihuahua Food Small red gatorade Cheddar Rice Crisps Granola bar Trail Mix Vegetarian Bahn Mi Goals [X] Log Foods [ ] Meal Prep [X] Workout [ ] Save up
  8. RoachRex


    Looks like you've got some good quests! How are you gonna track your foodstuffs?
  9. So Saturday and sunday I forgot to report here but, I mostly slept both days. I did manage to workout on saturday though! 2x10 Vertical Pulls- slow and deliberate this was hard on my fingers. 2x10 Knee Tucks - Really hard! My stomach was hella shakey after these. Lunges around the house. I didn't write down how many I did so I don't remember 😐 Overhead Dumbbell tricep extensions - 1x10 with 5lb dumbbell .
  10. Fitness Learn Krav Maga Take Boxing classes again Master the Convict Conditioning Big 6 movements. Current levels: ---- Wall Pushups: 2x10 ---- Jackknife Squats: 2x10 ---- Vertical Pulls: 2x10 --- Knee Tucks: 2x10 (Barely!) ---- Short Bridges: ??? ---- Wall Headstands: ??? Learn Parkour Start Running Fitness Events Run a 5k Run a 10k Run half-marathon Run a marathon GORUCK Challenge Tough Mudder Food Make Mead* Done! Bake bread
  11. Yeah! For one thing I'm expecting less sinus infections (Ideally 0 >> ), supposedly they said it should cut down on the number of times I get sick overall since my immune system won't constantly be in a state of high-alert.
  12. Yeah but I'm sure happy it's out! It's been in there for over 15 years and all this time I thought breathing through my nose wasn't hampered it was just like that for everyone. Little did I know! It's been the biggest change, just no resistance when breathing through my nose (It's soooo nice!!) But I've been cleared with 0 restrictions so it's time to get back at it! I've got a whole slew of off-day activities to choose from too so I don't have any excuses! Bro and I got some archery stuff we can set up in the back yard, I got a skateboard a while back that I'm still learning on, Hikin
  13. I haven't exactly worked out what my workouts will look like , but I'll be doing the lower level exercises from Convict Conditioning: Wall pushups, Jackknife squats, Vertical pulls , Knee Tucks, and short Bridges. Probably splitting it to do Wall Pushups and squats one day and then the rest on another day and just alternate through each week
  14. So uh, man... lots of stuff happened last time and kind of threw me off. Basically it all comes back to a Sinus cyst I had to get surgically removed. Lots of limits, I couldn't even blow my nose for almost 2 weeks. Couldn't lift more than 15 lbs, no straining allowed, no breathing through nose, it was... a lot. I started back at work but I noticed that 2 weeks of being able to do p much nothin has not had a great effect on my str and sta stats. I feel like I got hit with an ability drain effect. So here we go in an effort to get back into shape! I'll be p much using the s
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