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  1. After a week or so of mostly taking it easy (I did continue to train, but on a considerably more limited scale than I had been), I was cleared yesterday by the hand specialist to exercise again after he removed the big, bulky dressing that I'd been wearing for eight days straight. My thumb is still swollen enough that I can't really bend it, so it's not particularly useable for much, but as this was a complication from an earlier injury, I had already gotten used to managing without it. I have since resumed strength training and just did my first post-surgery handstand, so I think I'll be go
  2. Just did my first post-surgery handstand. Back in business.

  3. I think your goals are definitely realistic and attainable, and hopefully you can take whatever you learned from your first attempt and use it to guarantee success this time around. Good luck to you!
  4. (Maybe you've got the theme to The Jeffersons stuck in your head now...or possibly that Primal Scream track from Screamadelica...anyway, I digress...) Main Quest: Pretty simple...at the end of this six-week stretch, I want to successfully complete an unassisted pull-up. I'm well on my way, but I've still got a fair amount of work to do. To achieve this: -- I will continue to focus on strength training. I like to do this anywhere and everywhere. If I see something that I can grab onto and hang off of, I do it. If I see something heavy that I can pick up and put down, I do it. If I get
  5. Totally (finally!) going to do my first official six-week challenge when signups begin for the next one.

  6. Not the prettiest handstand, but a step in the right direction...
  7. Just did a wall-assisted handstand and held it for a full minute -- I could never do anything like this before, ever in my life. It's a great feeling!
  8. Some great bands in that list, but this one sticks out! Wish I'd gotten a chance to see them before they split.
  9. I got the Quattro Adventure unlicensed NES cart recently, which contains a few Codemasters games, and Treasure Island DIzzy is among them. I thought it was pretty interesting!
  10. Thanks! It looks like it's actually going to be happening next Thursday. Hopefully the recovery period will be relatively short...I signed up to do an "adventure race" at my university in early October and I'd hate to have to bail. :\
  11. Thanks, folks! I may be having minor surgery involving my thumb tomorrow, so I'm not sure if my pull-up pursuit will be temporarily sidelined or not...but I'll keep finding ways to work out, no matter what!
  12. Beautiful! I have a 32X as well that I found in a thrift store once; I just haven't gotten around to buying the cable to hook it up to the Genesis. The Power Glove is on my shortlist of peripherals that I really want to pick up (that and ROB)...I have third-party QuickShots for a few systems, a handful of Zappers, the Konami lightgun for SNES Lethal Enforcers, a CIB SNES Super Scope, a CIB SNES Game Genie, loose Game Genies for a few other systems, the NES Advantage, etc., but I am always looking for more. I have a big shelving unit devoted almost exclusively to my NES stuff...my husband is
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