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  1. What would we wanna do? I'd definitely be up for it if there is interest
  2. Well, that was short lived... Whole30 died in a delicious spicy burger and sweet potato fries with a dark oatmeal stout to wash it down. Wasn't my idea, but things were bought for me. And I've no regrets. I learned a lot during my 2 ish weeks of W30. Things I learned: -Whether it's "normal" for a whole 30 or not, I got really depressed and lethargic. I'm not ok with that at all. - I will eat a ridiculous amount of fruit in an attempt to avoid "bad" carbs. Probably over eating in the process. - I don't have negative reactions to wheat, rice, or dairy. - I'm still hopelessly addicted to caffeine. I may not have made it the whole month (or even halfway) but I count it as a success due to what I learned about my relationship with food. PLP is still going strong, had a hiccup and a day got skipped but still going at it. Today is day 39.
  3. The way I feel with the PLP has changed daily. LolMost days, strong and only getting stronger. Other days, I'm taking longer rests, breathers between reps. I chalk it up to having eaten too much prior to doing it, not well enough rested (happens a lot), or just my body not keeping up on those days. I have more good days than bad tho
  4. Whole30 is still going strong! Wife and son are currently enjoying their pizza while I eat a tasty chicken stir fry. Missed a day on PLP yesterday, so doing yesterday and today today. That's a total of 71. Fun times! Keeping strong so far guys!
  5. About 4 lbs. and it was pretty good though, a little dry when reheated. Shorter cook time next time. So, here we are. Still going strong, haven't had a misstep on my whole30 or missed a day with my PLP. Even while working a 48 hour shift, I've kept to my diet and exercise. This is a pretty big deal for me. Lol I'm finding myself to be hungrier more often doing the whole30. Since I'm trying to lose weight as well, I've only been eating starchy veggies every couple days to try to keep my calories low, tho maybe I'm not eating enough? All my veggies are cooked in plenty of fat, eating fatty meats, so I feel like the calories are there. I'm just not staying full for long. I'm not sure what to so about that... Anyways, until next time!
  6. This is crazy....I'm in awe
  7. Only new recipe I've made so far was an Italian seasoned pork roast. Recipe: Insert several garlic cloves into pork. Rub pork with Italian seasoning and salt. Throw in Crock pot and set to low Wait 14-16 hours
  8. Your goals are awesome Hutch! I'll be following along. Good luck! (I'll also nag you offline to keep you motivated. Just a warning)
  9. Love the item gathering theme. But that seems like so many burpees..... why am i considering trying this???
  10. I would follow our mighty leader into Mordor! Or like... a Chipotle or something. Following to watch the sweet gymnastics workouts and all the PR's
  11. Slo-pez! Great goals! Following along to witness the awesome! And have fun on the Honeymoon!!
  12. Love the theme Devyn. Following!
  13. Fellow whole30-er and CNFer! I will follow and cheer! Lift all the things!
  14. New thread is up. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/59103-mdowning-has-commitment-issues/
  15. Hello there! Welcome to the first 6WC of 2015! I'm feeling good going into this year and feel like I'll be leveling up a lot, but first ive gotta COMMIT. Goal 1. Commit to healthy eating. My diet has been hit and miss for the vast majority of my fitness life. I just can't seem to stay motivated. Enter the Whole30. A group of campers from CNF decided to try a whole30 together and invited people to join them. And despite (or maybe due to) past failures, i jumped in. Day 5 of my squeaky clean eating is coming to a close and I'm incredibly excited to be doing it. Goal 2 Finish what i start. Several months back, i started the 60-day PLP challenge. I made it around day 40-something then just quit. Well, damn it that's not ok! I made a commitment to myself to see this through so thats whats gonna happen. I started it over about a month ago, just finished day 30 today, and i fully intend on doing this until the end. Goal 3 commit to my challenge i dont post much, even less when I'm not doing very well. And i have a habit of burning out before its over. I want that to change. I want to post an update at least once every other day. Even if it's only a couple sentences. And I'm hoping to comment on someone else's thread at least once a week, ideally more though. No grade scale this challenge, with these goals it's kind of a pass/didnt pass (no f word here) situation. Heres to a kickass new year!
  16. Focused on trying to transition into the power positing and fully extending. Some of these felt pretty good, hopefully that's a good sign. Hang clean 12 / 18: http://youtu.be/VR31H33IQRE
  17. Squat form 12/8: http://youtu.be/U5_xRvUbBrw Thanks guys. :-)
  18. One last video to make sure things don't get wonky when adding weight. It's just a bit more than before Hang clean 12/6: http://youtu.be/yATnB-a3eBU
  19. You've got this Jaime. Had a rough 3rd week myself. Just regroup and you'll take down week 4!
  20. Holy holiday derailment!!! So, thanksgiving completely threw me off everything. Poor diet, skipped workouts, etc.week 3 was a bust. Now to start the second half of the challenge, I'm debating something. To pick up my PLP where I left off (day 17), to start all over, or to try something else all together. No ideas what I would do, but it's an idea. I'm back to my paleo foods today, and workouts are planned for tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm getting myself back on track. I'm ready to finish this strong!
  21. Didn't realize I was leaning forward before the jump. Here's another vid, hopefully this'll be the last one I need to post. (Some of) these felt really good! Scarecrow and hang clean: http://youtu.be/FV6gq_M-bhg
  22. Scarecrow and hang clean attempt 11 / 20: http://youtu.be/hQOOzzwatKA Hang clean 85 lbs 11/20: http://youtu.be/ffhBckfk_gA
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