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    Been struggling to update because I’ve been feeling like a failure. I got a bad mark on an assessment task (51), then when I asked it to be remarked by someone else I got an even worse mark (31!). I’ve been following the correct procedures to contest it and seek clarification etc etc, but it hit me pretty hard... I got a cold sore inside my nose, dropped dangerously low on my calories or swung to stupid high instead and basically rode a roller coaster of emotions where I just scraped through my commitments then crawled into bed. I have only three more classes of that subject then an exam (fingers crossed I pass that and pull my marks up out of the toilet). However. I have only missed one gym session (and that was due to a public holiday) I have been going to class, even though I have wanted to puke/run away/ drop out... one day I bought and ate a 24pack of maccas nuggets during the class just to keep myself glued to the chair I have kept up with Auslan class, and been going to social practice when I can. A native Auslan speaker told me they thought I was in the class above my grade because I am communicating so well. I have not ridden my bike once. This does not make me a failure. Super duper importantly! We got a second kitty! Meet “Maisie” Mayhem I will shake off the funk ready for the new challenge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yasha sows the seeds of success

    Ahoy hoy friends! Ready for some zero week hyyyyyyype~ At the start of the challenge next week I will also be starting a new job (handy timing!). This is in a different area of the uni to what I have historically worked, and from what I can tell from the few visits I’ve had to that building they seem a bit... fancy... not crazy corporate, but not jeans and T-shirts either. As the new kid on the block I want to make a good impression, hence my first three goals. Spring has also started for us Aussies, and being outside is sooooo good for my mental health. Spending a half hour outside puttering in the garden before work, instead of mindlessly scrolling Facebook is uplifting. Class is underway and will be ongoing throughout the challenge. I’m doing two classes this trimester instead of just one, so I need to be on the ball with studying or I will fall behind. Auslan is back on the cards, the class I signed up for last challenge begins this challenge instead and I’m keen! There is an optional practice day on Tuesday nights which I will try to get along to, in addition to the sessions on Wednesday’s after work. -Get to work on time every day (10min early). -Wear professional clothes and brush yo teeth. -Try to learn a new name each day. -Write a ‘to-do today’ erry day. -Water the garden, every day (unless it’s raining). -Water myself every day (4L). -Auslan Wednesdays plus maybe practice on Tuesdays. Make 1 practice video/week. -Class on Thursdays aka study! Minimum 1hr per class per week on top of class time. -Go for a bike ride each weekend. Get strong and brave enough to ride to work. -Keep gymming once a week. TLDR: here’s my bujo tracker: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk