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  1. - checklist: ✅ - physio stretches: ✅ - cardio: ✅ - MFP tracking: ✅ 2300 (oof) Woke up early (for a weekend day) and did some gardening. Pulled out all the pumpkin vines that were starting to yellow. Harvested 3 true pumpkins and one baby one that I will have to investigate whether it can be eaten (anyone know if you can eat unripe pumpkin?). Counting that chopping and carrying and compost stirring and going up and down the back steps as my cardio. Scared the crap out of the new neighbour by coming up the back stairs right as he opened his door, guess he got his cardi
  2. The therapist suggested verbalising it when I got to the “I really should...” 1. It is my choice and I choose not to brush my teeth. 2. It is my choice and I choose to brush my teeth Actually having to say “I choose not to” feels icky, so I have been much more consistent about it, even sometimes getting out of bed to go and do it when I think of it (as I am about to do now 😂)
  3. That looks delish! Ugh about the flooding, what a pain in the bum hope they find the problem and fix it quickly!
  4. don’t mind me, just dropping in ^-^ sorry your back is being a butt!
  5. Hope you feel better soon! Following along to love on Owlshire from afar ❤️
  6. Yum yum! I used a plunger for the first time ever yesterday on our bath that wouldn’t drain. And it worked!!! Felt like such a badass 😂
  7. *sets up in a cozy beanbag with a biiiiiig chamomile/vanilla tea * Ive previously burnt out (real bad), and recently caught myself spiralling towards that again. Am in therapy, working on accepting “good enough”, and have found some memes that really struck a chord. Sharing these pics in case someone else can benefit from them.
  8. Good to see you and thank you for being here as part of the cheer squad!
  9. Following~! Do you have something that you already do each night before bed that you could link brushing your teeth to? I’ve had good results by putting my toothbrush with my medication. I already take my meds each night, that’s a non negotiable habit, so then I get the chance to see the toothbrush and actually choose (not just forget/avoid) whether or not I will stick to my goals and brush my teeth.
  10. Checklist: yep! Stretches: did half Cardio: yes, did zombies run in the morning. Exactly 5km in 52mins (including the 5min stretch break in the middle) MFP: 1874 calories
  11. Welcome! Thanks for being here!
  12. Me too! I’m almost better now, just the occasional twinge here or there, but today working the meat grinder with me holding it and Mr working the lever made me hyper aware of how important limbs are. Come back limbs, we need you! Many of my medical things is just stuff I’ve been putting off getting checked out. The glasses will be relatively minor (I was just going to get blue light blockers, but did an eye test since it had been a while), teeth too. Unsure about the heart stuff- I’ve had heart palpitations before (especially when I was drinking a lot of energy drinks) and be
  13. Back again, trying for some consistency. 2021 is/was meant to be the year of health for me (where I sort out everything I keep putting off and start my 30s in peak condition- one year, git gud). The big three: sleep, eat, exercise, continue to be things I struggle with and it’s already May. Technically the 1 year till I’m 30 started on the 3rd, so let’s start kicking some health goals. I have been putting time and energy into getting all the tests I’d been putting off (eyes tested and glasses ordered, ears tested and fine, gyno done and awaiting results, dentist done and need to do
  14. Poor Peach! I found out I have a codine intolerance when I had a wisdom tooth out, throwing up every 2hrs on the dot which was the half-life of the meds. Not good to be up chucking with an open wound in your mouth. Sounds like you did really well considering all those hiccups in the plan. Getting all dem badges!
  15. Delegation of dish duty for the win!!! Sometimes I find the middle core part of a pineapple does that to my tongue, while the flesh is fine. It is possible to develop allergies later in life, but also rather unusual 😂
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