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  1. Congrats on the funding!!! What a relief that must be!
  2. Joining the chorus of love and sadness. We will miss you brother.
  3. Did you give yourself a sticker? Coz HECK YEAH walking in the church counts!!! Soz I’ve been a bit absent, but so proud of you!
  4. Touching base and thinking of you x
  5. Those pics (arts?) look great! Your house always looks so styled Can you read the stuff from bed? Get horizontal for the back but fend off the gremlins by making it “productive” horizontalness? (Resting is also productive, healing is also productive, but you know how the gremlins be)
  6. Having started your essay 20 days before it’s due is badass my friend. Keep chipping away.
  7. 90% big brother Byres from stranger things. I can see it.
  8. That soup always sounds so good! Hope Rox is feeling better soon poor chook.
  9. Hihi friend! Hope you are feeling better!!! Loving the photos Following along and going to try not to disappear this challenge
  10. Following to cheer you on and to steal your amazing recipes You are not alone in your loss, I know at least one other nerd pairing on here who have had rainbow bab(ies) after their angel baby. @Wild Wolf may have specific support suggestions.
  11. Water plz barkeep! Holiday over so I wave farewell to the mojitos and piña colada’s and focus on hella hydration. New challenge will be coming presently.
  12. You are doing so well! And chugging along where I just dropped off the face of the planet. Proud of you, as always.
  13. We have mandarins here too,hope you’re feeling warm again soon!
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