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  1. Stepping every day= good Updating my challenge every day = womp womp. I have been updating on facebook, but neglecting this thread! I’ll do better.
  2. 1. Steps for September 2nd = 15,143 2. Posted about it on bookface, also posting about it right here, right now 😛
  3. 1. Steps for the 1st Sep = 13,000 2. Heck yeah I posted about it! I posted here, I posted on Facey, I emailed a bunch of colleagues, basically just shouted from the rooftops! P.S. Look at this cutie!!! If he can step it out in STEPtember, I can.
  4. Thank you Saaaaaal! Good to see you! That's how I roll... Huzzah! Good to know! And by that I mean... The GL's have the power! Thanks EG! Missed you too! You'll be excited to see my garden project I suspect. (Hint: I'm taking over my street, one derelict garden at a time, muhahaha!!!).
  5. Hello friends! Long time no challenge! And why yes, I am starting a challenge in the final week of an existing challenge. What can I say? I'm a rebel. A Ranger rebel. The whole global pandemic thing threw me a bit and I took some time off from setting goals as I figured out how exactly to muddle through life. Now I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on things: I’m working well from home (byeeeee commute!), Mr has been going great at TAFE (like technical college) and is half way through a two week stint in paid employ- which I guess means I can legitimately say I
  6. Didn’t get it (once I did the interview I somewhat expected not to, they really wanted someone who had a lot more videography experience). that’s ok, I will go for something else this week.
  7. Brushed my teeth last night when I got up to take my meds, so other than the budget balancing (complicated partial refund on a mucked up ubereats order) yesterday was an all-ticks day. this morning got a call from HR for a phone interview, did well enough that they’ve asked me to come in for a real interview on Friday (this is for the role I applied for last night, they are moving faaaast!)
  8. Submitted the job application tonight, tutored my yr7 kid in the evening (actually we just read a chapter of Harry Potter together to work on her comprehension and reading ability, Hagrid is HARD for a reader who already struggles with correctly spelled English, but she did well and I’m proud of her), and did my tutorial class in my lunch break. Am in bed watching avatar, haven’t brushed my teeth or journaled , but had an OK day. Got a bit upset about some work politics, but mostly it was fuel for putting more effort into my application. Enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine drinking my coffee i
  9. - Apply for 1 new job/week [Yurp] - Do homework, go to class, pass MGNT920 [Watched my lecture] - Balance the budget [Yurp] - Gym twice a week - Journal [Yurp] + bonus quest! [Yurp] Hey-hey it's Monday~ Kicked some butt today, if I do say so myself. Work was a bit draining today, so I went for an errands walk on my lunch, dropped of the books we purged to the street library (like take a book leave a book thing, but I didn't take any of the books), and a bag of stuff to the op-shop donation bin. Emailed the textile recycling people to confir
  10. Sending love, sorry that it wasn't better news, grateful that it wasn't worse x
  11. Yesterday I did a bunch of decluttering with Mr (heaps of stuff needed his input, and can only be done when he is in the mood). Passed a bunch on through our pay-it-forward free groups, have a small bag for the donation bin. Did 4 loads of laundry and folding (and putting away!!!) meaning pretty much everything in our house is clean (I did pillows and table clothes and towels and cushions and stuff as well as clothes). Took a very hot bath to try and move the DOMS along. Today did some gardening, including harvesting the last lonely volunteer pumpkin. I gave half of it to the neigh
  12. Yay Sal, so good to see you! Yes, I am having (have had) a lovely weekend. Update below!
  13. What a beautiful garden your parents have ❤️ Here to cheer you on, sounds like you're doing great in the face of some pretty shitty stuff x
  14. Thank ye! Gunna kick some challenge butt! I knoooooooooow 😢 verbally I had been told December, which would be after the Masters is finished, but the semi-formal (email, nothing in true formalese) said October. This is why I don't believe anything I've been told until I have the contract in my hand. Too easy for things to change/there to be misunderstandings etc. Happy to have you along for the ride!
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