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  1. Wednesday week 3~ Work and deadlifts (best lift!), took the cats to a very annoying vet appointment, worked some more, did a little grocery shopping with Mr. have the option now to do an art zoom session with the girls from DnD which I am tossing up, could be fun, could also be too spoony. Two big wins today on the sweet drink front when twice I had decided to get the sweet drink and twice I didn’t follow through. I’m in a bit of a MOOD this afternoon, Soz if this update isn’t as hype as the successes deserve. 🛡 FEAST: I think I am under, but my Noom isn’t saving the total at the moment. 🛡FEARLESS: yes. 🛡 FIGHT: 1/2 for the week. DEADLIFTS~ 70kg for 4 reps. Possibly could have gone a bit heavier, but planning for squats on Friday to bring back the high bar and don’t want too many DOMS. 🗡 FUN: I will either join the art zoom, or rewatch some of the Witcher… given that it’s Wednesday that seems most appealing to me. 🛡 FORCE: yes straight after the gym.
  2. Looking after yourself when you feel “Meh” is so hard and so important. Proud of you lovely lady
  3. Considering getting one of these if I step into a standard gym again (currently only working out in the personal trainer’s studio). I feel there is an unfulfilled niche for “no form discussion” ladies shirts… or one that just says “Don’t.”. There are situations where wildly incorrect form is dangerous, but SO rarely is that what DudeBro is coming to correct. The more I fit society’s expectations of physically attractive the more it happens. We get it, you want to show off that you noticed us and that you //have more superior knowledge// about this topic of interest of ours. Just… don’t. Blegh.
  4. Weight went up and I got mad so didn’t track it… I did write it down though so committing to filling in the spreadsheet this afternoon. What is the point of data if it’s not logged?
  5. Not having it in the house definitely helps, I mostly seem to have forgotten about it. I HAVE had a massive up-spike in other ‘sweet drinks’ which are an old enemy that is always waiting for an excuse to get its claws back in me. I am refocusing for the remainder of this challenge, minimal sweet drinks.
  6. Tuesday week 3, another quick update due to tiredness. Had my CPR refresher course in the morning, work in the arvo. 🛡 FEAST: yup tracked & under. 🛡FEARLESS: yes, just, it was steamy/muggy today but not super hot and being out at the cpr course where I didn’t know where a kitchen was I didn’t fill my water bottle up after I finished the first one until I got home in the arvo. FIGHT: 0/2 for the week. Booked for tomorrow and Friday FUN: nope… again… need to find something fun that isn’t just mindless social media consumption… I did watch some chicken YouTube which is slightly less than mindless. 🛡 FORCE: rest day since the cpr gave my shoulder warning signs and I have the gym tomorrow and planning to do the stretches straight after.
  7. Monday week 3~ very tired, mini update. 🛡 FEAST: tracked & under. 🛡🛡 FEARLESS: yes, hot = water. FIGHT: 0/2 for the week. Booked for Weds&Fri (and mayyyybe Sat, considering doing yoga with Mr… not /that/ kind of yoga!) FUN: nope 🛡 FORCE: rest day
  8. It was a close thing for a moment there. When it ran behind the curtain where the cat was hiding I feared for his life! Tossed treats down the hallway to save him. I took a photo but decided not to share it for precisely this reason. Even being used to them I still don’t like it when they come in the house. Reminded me of this: thanks! She knowwwwws~~~
  9. You’re knocking it out of the park! Very impressed at your study commitment
  10. Well, I haven’t been Adrienne-ing, as I found that extra box to tick on my challenge a bit much (also, creepy crawlies made it hard to go to the floor), BUT! I am up early today to see Mr off to work so maybe… have also spoken to my personal trainer who has a yoga teacher come in to his studio on the weekends, so Mr and I might be doing together yoga on Saturdays which should be good for his back.
  11. So pleased to hear about a full nights rest! I’m also in the ‘put weight on while trying to lose’ camp: ruuuuuuuude!
  12. Sunday week 2~ Similar start to yesterday, had a sleep in, watched some YouTube, did my physio stretches (woo!), then gathered a good stash of leaf litter for bulk carbon compost cache by raking the abandoned(?) police station a few doors down. I keep meaning to find out if it is actually abandoned or whether there is any chance we could rent it (hah!) or I could get access to their yard for either a community garden of for me to keep my own chickens. In the three years we’ve lived here I’ve only ever seen arborists attending to the trees when a branch comes down, never actual /people/ that might be involved who I could ask. Their bins are always empty, never see any internal lights, and there is a stack of unopened mail as well which makes me think that it is not occupied… perhaps something to look into if I get bored throughout the week and remember. Went to the local outdoor market in the arvo and it was deader than dead (~apocalyptic vibes again~), I did buy a cutting board and a wooden spoon from a garage sale next door to the market so it wasn’t a total wasted outing and it was outside which is probably the safest type of outing at the moment. The evening was winding down when Mr enlisted me to help with a HUGE spider in the kitchen. It was wider than my shoe, big even for an Aussie huntsman. We had gelato to recover from our fright even though it was more than my calories would allow. 🗡 FEAST: I tracked but was over calories even before I decided to partake in some gelato. 🛡🛡 FEARLESS: another stinking hot day, so ended up drinking 4 bottles plus. 🛡 FIGHT: 2/2 for the week. 🛡 FUN: raking the leaves / daydreaming about homestead plans (loooong way off) kept me pretty much distracted from the Sunday feels. FANTASY: no change. Removing this from challenge goals. 🛡 FORCE: yisssss, put my laptop on the floor so I could watch a YouTube video while I did them, that was engaging enough to get me to stick with it for the whole three rounds. I gave myself a sticker.
  13. Can’t decide if adorable or terrifying, so they look adorafying!
  14. Saturday week 2~ A good day, had a sleep in, watched some YouTube, turned the compost piles and shifted the receiving bin to be the one that isn’t mostly hidden behind a giant taro(?) to make it easier to get to. Turning the compost is something I haven’t been on top of with my shoulder, so it was good to get back to it, though a little sad to find pockets of sloppy anerobic sections. I remedied with extra carbon and capped it off with finished compost and hopefully it will even out to good stuff. Compost is relatively forgiving and most weirds can be remedied. Brought in the laundry, finally dry! In the arvo/evening we were going to play DnD, but everyone mostly just felt like chatting so we hung out (virtually) for a couple hours catching up. I made chicken stock and chickpea curry letting them simmer while we zoomed. Extra proud of myself for divvying the stock into containers and putting in the freezer before coming to bed, rather than the very tempting option of chucking it in the fridge for tomorrowself. 🛡 FEAST: I tracked and was under on the calories. 🛡🛡 FEARLESS: yes, drank my water. It was really hot, so ended up drinking 4 bottles plus some herbal tea and a bcaa shake as well. 🛡 FIGHT: 2/2 for the week. 🛡 FUN: dedicated time for DnD with friends. Ended up being hanging out instead, but I think we all needed that. 🗡 FANTASY: no change. FORCE: KEEPING THIS EMOJI MASSIVE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DO IT TOMORROW GURL! HAVE TO!
  15. Thanks! Yes, I think I’ll message the trainer and say I want to go back to highbar. If maybe someday I’m ready to go to competitive powerlifting and I need the additional muscle recruitment to eek out a PB then I might revisit, but watching the video back makes me confident it isn’t quite right for me at the moment. It also makes my belly touch my legs which swirls up a bunch of nasty self talk that doesn’t seem to happen with highbar squats.
  16. Mmmmm, coyo- I had forgotten about that deliciousness. Pink ladies are my favourites I like Granny Smiths sliced with cheese, Jazz and Fuji are fine and I HATE red delicious Great work getting the yoga done after a slump! Hope for rejuvenating rest for you
  17. So much goodness in the update For the sweater sleeves, could you line just that bit with silk or cotton? I’ve seen cardigans with faux sleeve cuffs attached (so it looks like you’re wearing a blouse under, without the actual layer). Might protect from watch snagging.
  18. Hope bloods and inspections went well! You are doing great even with the food challenges in your path!
  19. Huzzah! Book her for the wisdom teeth if you can, you want someone nice rummaging around in there . Salt water is such a magic potion That would be handy! Crossing my fingers for you! Adorable, photos please!
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