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  1. More fun and games and lack of updates, but things are chugging along. Haven’t been doing dedicated workouts, but the last few days have smashed the steps because DISNEY!!! Have also been having a freggie most days. Tick list and photos as this update because about to dash out again ~ One off side quests: see a squirrel ⏹ see a raccoon ⏹ see a Vegas mermaid ? ren faire try a pumpkin spice latte do a Halloween ⏹ do a Thanksgiving Disney World ⏹ Grand Canyon paintball American football game ⏹ Niagara Falls eat whataburger, say “what a burger” biscuits and gravy for brekkie
  2. So good! We have moved into the pre-wedding busyness so haven’t been updating much, but staying mostly on track. Went to a KC Chiefs game as part of the bucks night (bucks week is more accurate!), it was my first American sportsball and they won in overtime with apparently history making moves. We’ve been to an art museum (saw a famous Warhol soup) and yesterday did the ‘stripper’ (one of the groomsmen dressed in drag and surprised the groom) and then evening trivia. We are doing paintball and the arcade today then tomorrow is meet-the-rest-of-the-wedding-party day, I /think/ we have a rest day on Friday, then the wedding on Sat. As an introvert I am definitely feeling the constant socialisation, but I have excused myself twice to sit quietly in my own space to recharge and this morning I downloaded a birdwatching app and spent some time on the patio logging birds.
  3. Updating got a little away from me this week, but I’ve been chugging along hydrate don’t diedrate- overall been pretty good! Plenty of ice water. freggies- i might have missed one, but mostly yes sweaty Betty - one short workout, one 14,000 step day, one long yoga session kick jetlag- today I am awake at 6am… so perhaps I’ve finally clicked over to America time One off side quests: see a squirrel ⏹ see a raccoon ⏹ see a Vegas mermaid ? ren faire try a pumpkin spice latte do a Halloween ⏹ do a Thanksgiving ⏹ Disney World ⏹ Grand Canyon ⏹ paintball ⏹ American football game ⏹ Niagara Falls eat whataburger, say “what a burger” ⏹ biscuits and gravy for brekkie
  4. Love the little table nook and omg poor silly Blaze jumping in the water! A nap sounds very sensible. If you do go for a walk I suggest wearing different shoes to the ones that gave you blisters so the pressure is on different points.
  5. I’ve found “lightfeet” brand flip flops have enough of an arch that I can wear them around the house and not get the ache of bare feet/standard flip flops. Added bonus is that they are all one piece, so you never bust a plugga. “Archies” might be the American version.
  6. Not doing a full update coz about to go to sleep, but we carved pumpkins mine is the furthest to the right with the pointy teeth.
  7. Yay good to see you, glad you’ve got a giggle or two yes it’s been great so far! Forgot my update photo yesterday, so bonus included in this update! We have seen so many! But none of them have let me take their picture- something about me running at them arms outstretched seems to put them off
  8. Weekend update ~ Saturday evening we went in to Austin proper to do proper Halloween, we did a pub crawl in costumes with friends. Given my performance on Friday I was very content to just have water and a couple red bulls, a little bit of dancing, a lot of walking, heaps of cool costumes. Sunday we had brunch with them same group of friends and compared blisters, ticked off “pumpkin spice latte” mini quest, played video games on the couch/took naps then got takeout for dinner, I also ticked off my ‘whataburger’ mini quest (the shake and fries were great, the burger paid was meh so I only had a couple bites, I think it would have been better with cheese), then shared a chipotle burrito with Mx. hydrate don’t diedrate- yep, heaps of water on the pub crawl and at least a small bottle today. freggies - had an apple on Sat (a carrot too I think), Sunday brunch was a salad-esque thing with sweet tater, snap peas, broccolini under poached eggs plus a serve of avo toast. Sweaty Betty- all the walking on Saturday got me my second workout with over 10,000 steps. kick jetlag- I think I’ve kicked it, I did take a tiny nap today, so granting only one tick, but I think it was late night related, not about the lag. One off side quests: see a squirrel ⏹ see a raccoon ⏹ see a Vegas mermaid ? ren faire try a pumpkin spice latte do a Halloween ⏹ do a Thanksgiving ⏹ Disney World ⏹ Grand Canyon ⏹ paintball ⏹ American football game ⏹ Niagara Falls eat whataburger, say “what a burger” ⏹ biscuits and gravy for brekkie
  9. Thanks for the hugs and understanding, I know if anyone could really get it, it’s the folks here. It’s hard to explain to NPCs that I’m sad since I never met him, but I’m sad BECAUSE I never met him. No need to be sorry I was just coherent enough to think to myself ‘huh, no carrots… but there’s always carrots…’ oh 100% worth it, I’ve had so many cups of tea since we got here and it’s been a great comfort. Haha, me too. Given that I ended the evening literally being hosed off in the backyard by Mx I’m not keen to repeat it any time soon either.
  10. Trigger warning: upchuck Friday update in the middle of Saturday because I Halloween-ed too hard and ended up coating the inside of friendo’s truck with spew mobile detailers are washing my shame away as we speak. Apart from the projectile taco vomit (hit the windscreen from the back seat) it was a lovely night. Haven’t made that much of an ass of myself since uni I don’t think, but had a good time early into the night. hydrate don’t diedrate- technically yes, and thank goodness I was going one for one shots and water otherwise that could have been a lot worse had a carrot and an apple… I didn’t see them later so I am going to assume I digested enough of them to earn the tick ⏹ Sweaty Betty- went for a walk with Mx early in the day. Had to cross a highway which had no sidewalk/ pedestrian access which got the blood pumping, but we didn’t die, so that’s a win kick jetlag- woke up at a reasonable time, no nap. Went to bed very late but woke up this morning at 10 feeling surprisingly fresh all things considered. I believe that’s what’s called “a tactical spew). do a Halloween a photo of us pre-situation
  11. It was awesome to see you guys and so good that the show inserts have had such a dramatic effect! Hope Lil Bit is feeling better soon
  12. Thursday update~ work, HEB, homemade breakfast tacos, more work. hydrate don’t diedrate- drank more than a little bottle of water, but still feeling a bit dry Green team- had an apple, plus a smattering of ‘veg’ on my taco (a few crumbs of onion, salsa, avocado, something green in the qeueso (sp?)) ⏹⏹ sweaty Betty - need to get on this asap kick jetlag. - no nap which was a win, and am in bed ready for sleeping at 11.30pm, so granting a tick despite the sleep in this morning.
  13. Wednesday update~ took a road trip to see the Alamo and the Tank family. Our friend’s car was broken into while we were touristing and the robbers cut the horn so the alarm couldn’t go off which is an expensive fix for the $10 in quarters they got for their trouble. I did also have a little cry on the roadtrip from missing Willes, which has been a partial reason for my absence the last few challenges. Went to the arcade which had A DRAGON on the way home and I smashed everyone at Space Invaders. Overall a very real day and glad to have worked through it among friends. Hydrate don’t diedrate- yep, had a couple bottles of water plus a few glasses ice water too. green team - had a banana for breakfast. ⏹⏹Sweaty Betty - no dedicated workout, but got almost 10k steps kick jetlag - woke up around 10am and aiming at a bedtime a little after midnight tonight. No naps.
  14. Posting Tuesday update on Wednesday morning coz I was prioritising kicking jetlag when I remembered last night. hydrate don’t diedrate! Yep, I’ve found ordering an ice water whenever we are eating out helps- that and Topo Chico’s which taste much better than the tap water (which is tolerable, but different to Sydney water). green team. My half sandwich had some salad ingredients on, and I had a carrot in the evening. ⏹⏹Sweaty Betty. Nothing yet. kick jetlag. Working on it, still not quite there but have kicked the naps and am mostly sleeping in the nighttime now.
  15. hydrate don’t diedrate - yep, finished a small bottle of water, plus had some herbal tea. My fellow Aussies and cousin Brits will be pleased to know I Amazon’ed a kettle to arrive before we did: there will be no microwave tea here. green team - I snacked on a carrot, and had a serve of asparagus with our grilled steak ⏹⏹ Sweaty Betty- I was intending to do bench today, but my shoulder was being a bit tricky so I didn’t push things, I’ll wait until Mx can spot me. kick jetlag - woke up a little before 10.30 and have not taken a nap today, it’s 11pm so I am gearing up for bedtime to keep nudging that needle earlier and earlier.
  16. The HEB we went to is MASSIVE, I briefly lost Mx, but they also had free wifi so we were able to Marco-polo our way back to each other.
  17. Hugs and support to you and family, tough stuff. Food sounds delicious, as always. Came here straight from steaks on the grill, so escaped unscathed. Central aircon is so weird to me, but so far I’m a big fan! (Heh). Did you get the big storm today? We had a brief blackout (brownout is more accurate). So weird to me that we’re basically neighbours at the moment, close enough to share the weather!
  18. Hydrate, don’t diedrate - drank my small bottle of water plus had an ice water at the arcade and at breakunchinner. Team Green - I had a salad for my meal of the day. The lettuce, tomato and avocado combined was approx a serve of freggie. ⏹⏹ Sweaty Betty - First day of the week, so have got some time. Kick Jetlag - stayed awake the whole day, but only awoke at noon. I’ll chalk it up as half marks, since I am still awake at quarter to two. Have set the alarm for 10.40am, so nudging it back towards sensible. We went to the arcade for a few games in the afternoon and ate hot chicken, grocery shopping and a quick stop by the hairdresser so she can order the right colour to do my hair before we fly. A good day and good company.
  19. we shall! everything here is huge though, we’re currently about OMAD just purely from necessity. Got some stuff for sandwiches from the HEB tho, so we may have smaller sized options when we aren’t trying to eat all the awesomeness
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