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  1. Week 2 Final Tally: Covert Ops: 7/7 High Mobility: 2/3 Trusty Blade: 6/7 Perfection is overrated anyway... I spent most of Saturday feeling sick to my stomach, but I stuck it out and managed to get some stuff done. We had a lemonade stand/bake sale in front of our house to raise money for a local shelter dog that needs eye surgery, so I spent a lot of time helping to setup and run that. It was draining, but we met our fundraising goal and even scored a little extra, so that's a big win! Here it is Day 3 of Week 3, and I'm still so tired it hurts (literal
  2. Sooooo.... updates? How goes the challenge? Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  3. I gave it some thought, and switched my sleep journal over to a spreasheet because a) spreadsheets are cool, spreadsheets can make graphs and c) graphs are even cooler. I think my logic here is undeniable. Last night (Wednesday, as I write this) was the worse night of sleep I've had in a really long time. I did great for the first two hours, but then a remarkably explosive thunderclap scared the whole house awake at around 3am and drove everyone into our bed - The Boy, the wife, the dogs, even the cat, I think, were all competing for breathing room - and I pretty much couldn't f
  4. Breaking News! I'm Nick Bottom, interrupting this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring the latest news from Oberon Fjórir, where another inexplicable attack on a civilian cargo shipment has taken place just moments ago. From what we know so far, the attack bears a striking resemblance to the one carried out last week against an EDT Hauling convoy on Oberon Tvier. We'll now turn to our field reporter, Peter Quince, at the scene of the attack. Pete? Quince: Thanks, Nick. I'm here now with Agent Thisbe of Oberon Fjórir Civil Security. Agent Thisbe, what c
  5. Week 1 Final Tally: Covert Ops: 7/7 High Mobility: 3/3 Trusty Blade: 7/7 Perfection? Whoa... o0 If you're interested (and I KNOW you are), sleep journal entries are behind this elegant and finely crafted spoiler tag. Feeling in a bit of creative slump this week (a recurring problem), so I haven't gotten a new image ready to continue my challenge theme. Sometimes just poking listlessly at the bricks (be they real or virtual) helps stir me up and I get something I like, and sometimes I'm just too exhausted to even manage listless poki
  6. Crushed week 1, and started week 2 with a PR? Awesome! Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  7. Nice! Simple, attainable goals and a great motivation make for a perfect challenge. ^^ You got this! Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks, T. ^^ With any luck I'll learn something useful this month, but only time will tell. I don't understand why, but starting this sleep journal seems to have had a negative impact on my ability to sleep. o0 All this week, I've been having uncommon trouble falling, and staying, asleep. Oddly, Mrs. Phayze has been struggling with the same thing, so maybe it's something in the air? --- Week 1 Tally: Covert Ops: 5/7 High Mobility: 3/3 Trusty Blade: 5/7
  9. It just occured to me that I was apparently so wrapped up in the storytelling part of my challenge that I never gave these missions any real world context... oops? ^^: So, here's the short version: I'm tired a lot. I mean, like A LOT more than I really should be. My mother-in-law is 30+ years older than me, and she manages to keep up with my 6-year-old son much better than I can, and that's just embarrassing. I saw my doctor about it once, he did some blood work, recommended some vitamin supplements (which helped a bit at first, but the effect didn't last) and told me that I'm depr
  10. YAARRH Indeed! ^^ --- Week 1 Tally: Covert Ops: 2/7 High Mobility: 1/3 Trusty Blade: 2/7 On track for success! Sleep Journal Entries: Date: 7/17 Bedtime: 1245s Wake up: 915a # of Wakings: 1 Sleep quality: 7/10 Supplements taken/time: ginseng master + b12 @930a, glutamine @12a Avg energy level: 4/10 Naps - Quality: 145p-200p - 4/10 Date: 7/18 Sleep Time: 1240a-915a (8h 35m) # of Wakings: 3 Sleep quality: 4/10 Supplements taken/time: glutamine + Bedtime Tea @12a, B12 + Ginseng Master 945a Avg energy level: 5/10 N
  11. Welcome back to GBC News, bringing you the latest stories from around the Goodfellow Cluster! Strange goings on at Oberon Tvier tonight, as reports are coming in from local security forces regarding what appears to be an outbreak of mobile frame violence near the spaceport. Details are sparse as of yet, but from what local authorities have been willing to share, it appears that an unidentified mobile frame suddenly attacked a group of land-based cargo vehicles, laying waste to their private security detail and scattering their cargo, though it is unclear at this time if anything w
  12. Week 5 Completed!...ish? I know I said that I was going to make up for missing week 1, but in the interests of gathering my physical and mental energies for the next challenge, I've decided to split the difference and call this week done halfway through. That's reasonable, righ? Right!? o0; Pointman: 13/13 100% GWACS: 16/21 76% Ground: 15/17 88% Pound: 13/13 100% So, I did really well at moving this challenge, which is great! Not so well with the stuff that required sitting, though, so that still needs more work... Still, not a terrible challenge,
  13. Thanks, Eli. ^^. Spot was a good friend, and we'd been through a lot together. As for my fatigue effecting my daily life, well that's kind of an understatement! I saw my doc about it last fall, and he told me I was low on a couple of vitamins (though supplementing them only helped a little) and tried to get me on antidepressants (I explained that I only feel depressed BECAUSE of the the fatigue). I should probably do a sleep study but 1) that sounds like torture and 2) even if I get diagnosed with narcolepsy, I'm not going to let them jack me up on Ritalin all day then dope me up on the
  14. Week 4 Update: Pointman: 4/4 back training sessions GWACS: 6/6 posts posted Ground: 3/4 meditations meditated Pound: 4/4 movements moved So, I've been putting off talking about this, because I wanted to have something worthwhile to say on the matter, but I'm pretty sure that L-glutamine is frikkin' magic. I had been taking it for a month or two and had noticed some improvements in my energy levels, but then about two weeks ago i ran out and decided to see how I got on without... the results of that experiment were not pretty. I've been extra sleepy and irrit
  15. Woo hoo! That first step is always the hardest. Once the joy of the spreadsheet gets its hooks in you, it's all downhill. ^& Oh, an nice work on those HSPUs! Sent from my XT1028 using Tapatalk
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