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  1. The snooping might not do thee any good. I'm in stealth mode. I'm not seeing updates!! Hugs x 3!!!
  2. Day 1 NO BINGE EATING!!! Rock it, you CAN do this. many hugs
  3. Fresh starts are definitely good my friend, and you know I'll be following along!
  4. Sooooo super proud of you my friend! You Rock!! Now enjoy that well deserved vacation! Big congratulatory hugs!!!
  5. YAY for joining the fitness program! Now go win that shirt! And starting photos are just that.....your starting point. And what matters is that you DID avoid the binge, barely or not......and each one of those barelys will have that improvement by your birthday. I'm here for ya. Lots more hugs!!
  6. awwwe.....so sorry about your parents and all my friend. But, super proud of you for having in there and staying strong. And, the other reason I came here....... Happy Birthday my friend!!! Despite everything that is going on I hope it is a wonderful day. Biggest hugs!
  7. Whooo hooo my friend! I'm here and lurking! Biggest hugs!!
  8. awwwwe....you and the wifey are gorgeous!! Happy you guys had a nice anniversary. Not sure if I was in this pvp, but what the heck...... until the spreadsheet is up I can log 50 squatsfor yesterday and 50 for today. Unfortunately numbers on this will be limited due to uncooperative knee. Soooooo.......CRUSH those squats Ghost team!
  9. Seconding all that!! and you crack me up too, lol.
  10. This made me laugh because my boys came running to show me this last night because they know I'm a big AC fan. I got Unity for the ps4 for as my Mother's Day present. 120 in for my ghost team......60 this morning and another 60 just a while ago! Super proud of the Ghost team for the awesome collective effort to rescue my daughter!
  11. Woot Woot! Way to go my friend!! And congrats on first place!
  12. Hey Wolf! I don't see my name for the second pvp.....can I get you to add me pretty please. I have 50 pulls from this morning to log for my Ghosts!
  13. Lol......well that's not helping the Ghost's cause. You're already one to fear.
  14. Come on and Rock this Ghost team!!
  15. whooo hooo for being brave Calibre! I'm super proud of you for stepping up and taking the reigns and not letting fear rule you. You'll make an awesome leader Iron man! Big hugs!
  16. Lol.........oooookay. Hey, mace work is done EVERY morning (minus do nothing Sunday ). Got to stay in fighting shape to help my Ghost team kick ass.
  17. I shall continue the lurketh of thee! And I can sooooo relate to those sentiments for not starting the challenge......except I'm still planning on sitting this one out. Now Rock another round my friend!! Hugs!
  18. AshPS

    RES: Keeps Growing

    Lol......currently doing the lurking and focusing on the life things that are demanding my attention. But, I would never miss an RES challenge.
  19. AshPS

    RES: Keeps Growing

    I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!!!!!
  20. Woooooooot!!! Here for the awesome!! Look forward to much butt kicking avanger action Calibre! Go get em!
  21. awwwweee......looking and being as awesome as ever. Congrats on a sensational challenge my friend and I am SUPER excited to follow you into the next.......albeit still in lurk mode to some degree. Harley is not quite ready to put up a new challenge thread just yet. But, I'll be more than happy to join in the kick assery I know that shall be a part of yours! booyah!
  22. Lol, freaking awesome Calibre, freaking awesome indeed!
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