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  1. We're getting hit with tons of rain as well. I'm glad that isn't shaking your spirits.
  2. Why thank you! Not sure if I did enough though. My legs are quite angry and mushy (though they always seem to get it the worst during workouts). I'm not quite feeling it in my arms and core as I have in the past. Hmmm... Should I add more planks+leg ups+arm circuits?
  3. Not only do I like your name, but I like that you have a book meter. That's most epic. How did you get that at the bottom there?
  4. Not dead yet, but did have to go on a hiatus thanks to a long project at work, followed by the dreaded move. But now that we're settled, I did a basic Nerd Fitness warm-up, followed by one basic Nerd Fitness weight circuit. Given the fact that I could barely do one circuit, 20 minutes- well- Yeap. I'm out of shape. That's okay, I like "beginnings" anyways.
  5. Team, before I go posting a new topic, I wanted to ask if anybody has a "safe for sickly beginners" workout (I did a search and found nothing). My fiance is asthmatic, carries WAY too much weight around his belly, has adrenal fatigue, and hasn't been to the Dr's in forever (no insurance). He NEEDS "light" exercise as I understand it (to reverse the adrenal fatigue) but neither of us is sure what a "light" workout is considered. We don't want to do anything to cause an asthma attack or to spike his his heart in case it's unhealthy. Looking forward to the replies. Thank you.
  6. Hi Revolter! Sorry for the extreme delay! I got put on a two VERY extreme work assignments, all with major OT. Let's just say it was a worthy battle, and a good day to die. Anyhow: I have been using EA Sports Active: More Workouts for the Wii (game is also available on other systems). I have created custom workouts based on Steve's videos. The game focuses on squats, lunges, and other such exercises that basically use your own body as a gym. If you think you're interested in the game, but are on the fence, let me know and I will make a video tour for you, and show you all the things I
  7. I may have to try the powders honestly. According to these calculators, I need 530 calories per meal and I for the life of me cannot eat that much at each meal. I get full uber-easy, and if you add to that the fact that I do not like steak, this is just getting that much harder. And since I have a specific schedule at my job, I can't eat a full blown meal every half hour to hour or so. I'm going to go meditate in the Druid's Forest concerning this matter.
  8. I went crazy MORDO on my shoulders today! They will be burning well into tomorrow. Total work out was 26 minutes. My program says I burned around 60+ calories (not that I'm counting ) Today's work out: My exercise programs 6 Week Challenge circuit WarmupsSquat and ReachesSquat Holds and JumpsSingle Arm Shoulder Presses w/ Rotation (Resistance Band)Single Arm Lateral Raises (Resistance Band)Push Ups - 4 full, 4 from my kneesAlternating Crossover LungesA short sprintSingle Arm Shoulder Presses with Rotation (RB)Push Ups - again 4 full, 4 from the kneesCrunch with PunchesFollowed by Nerd F
  9. For curiosity- I did two sets of Single Arm Shoulder Presses with Rotation exercises with my band, which requires me to really stretch that band to its limit and- well let's just say my left shoulder is not going to forgive me tomorrow. It's going to be pissed all day. My right arm is not hurting as much, but I still got a bad burn. I think my band is still holding up to me in other words But thank you for the tip! I will keep it in mind for sure as I keep punishing myself and my band.
  10. Good to know... *adjusts her Nerd Fitness 1 workout*
  11. My goals are really just to trim and tone, and to nip aging in the butt. I think the only area on me that is even a REMOTELY problem is that I'm gaining slight love-handles in my hip area. Do you know of any exercises to target that area?
  12. The shakes are definitely something I force myself to eat when I am not feeling hungry. I cannot say why, but there are just some days at work where I do not feel hungry. I think part of my issue though is that I do not like steak - there I said it lol. I know, I'm not human! I think I just need to keep buying Rotisserie chickens and not bother with steaks since I'm not a fan. Wow... 1600 calories O.o !! I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. I put almonds in my shakes every day but maybe I need something else?
  13. I notice that most people who use resistance bands on this site seem to be doing it by attached it to some gym equipment. I don't own any special equipment other than my resistance band (the literal "band" type, not the rubber tube). Instead of using dumb bells, I simply use my resistance band. I even do squats with my resistance band. I can't be the only one, can I? P.S. I'm also probably the only dork who uses a video game to exercise too, but you know what? It motivates me so there.
  14. Crap, I just started a 6-Week Challenge mode on my exercise game, and it includes Cardio days. :S I wonder if I can skip over the cardio exercises and still get my game trophies?? I'll of course back-fill the skipped exercises with strength exercises- maybe more crunches and sit-ups instead because I really want to tone my hip area.
  15. Oh wow, there's a LOT of great things in this post, so thank you Rex! I lost 6lbs in a week, and I am sincerely hoping that this will be a "stall point" for me; I want to tone and sculpt my body, not get thinner. I've mainly weighed 90-95lbs all my life. I didn't know that a lady can loose that much weight after her period. This also brings me hope! But this post also points to my needing to eat more... and I don't wanna...
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