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  1. Sounds AWEsOME!!! Do you have access to a swimming pool? Scream therapy has been amazing for me when I get REALLY stressed. It takes A LOT of energy to scream underwater too! I really liked the bodyweight workout that Steve put together. It really seems foundational and it sounds like you've made some serious inroads in getting it done! Hope you are feeling better.
  2. Thanks Donar- that means A LOT! You are a dependable source of encouragement and information. From what I have been looking at in previous comments in your last thread, my next step is finding my maintenance #'s - looks like that will be the specific format of my next challenge. Regarding calculations for Maintenance calories there are a couple of loose values that I am wondering about estimating. The first is my body fat percent. I think I am under 30, but I'm not under 25. Is it better to take a higher value (underestimating lean mass)? The second variable is my activity level. I have be
  3. Thanks for the info- I wouldn't have even thought about batteries... that's a serious issue because those batteries usually cost as much as the contraption that they run. I am working on understanding my next goals so I can ask some more specific questions about recomp strategy.
  4. I want to focus on the nutrition in this next challenge in a more specific way. My first step is getting a food scale. Do you have any recommendations on that- maybe it doesn't even matter. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  5. Have you tried doing your computer work standing up? I work at a computer ALL day and I have a set up so I don't have to sit down except to do paper work. I really like it. My coworker and I have a set up call Kangaroo. Initially I built a work top extension- basically a bunch of shelves to see if I liked working standing up before any financial commitment was made.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement Rachy! I don't suppose I am at all objective I do see change from the beginning of my time with Nerd Fitness though- and I LOVE IT!!! Your thoughts on navigating this feastive (not just festive) time of year is strong and something I need to hold on to. I am going to make it through better than I did last year, or the previous 10 years! Then, AND THEN, I'm going to ROCK 2014! with baby steps to the top! I am already on Christmas Break. I get two and a half weeks off! That is mostly awesome, but it has made the fitness goals for this challenge even more challe
  7. I am following what you are putting together for Alex. I know you have talked A LOT about all this in previous threads as well. I am going to try to put as much of that information together so I can ask you more specific questions. I want my next challenge to be nutritionally focused again, working with a weight lifting routine. You have recommended Starting Strength for me. I am still reading it so I can't say I have the greatest foundation in weight lifting yet. The information on form is great. It seems I can't really rely on anyone at the gym where I go- they don't even have a rack to
  8. I had some time to do some photo editing and was hoping to see some motivating transformation. Well- not so much. The first pics are from October 13 and the other set with a different haircut is from Dec. 7th. Looks the same except for a haircut I am still moving ahead, but I sure would like to have some momentum! Maybe this is the wrong season to expect that- not just that it's approaching Christmas and gluttony is around every corner, but I'm really just new to this whole experience. I have to take a longer view of this to be content with where I am now. I guess a longer view is what I n
  9. Seems like life just gets crazier as Christmas approaches. The last storm devastated us. I was didn't leave the house for three days, except to walk the dog! I decided to drive my car and get some groceries. It has been a pre-holiday, holiday break. I have been thinking about what I want to do on the next challenge. I have done well with eating paleo but it seems like things have plateaued. I think I am slowly gaining muscle definition and strength as weight and measurements seems to be static. Measurements 12/7/13 180 lbs +1lb Chest- 41.25" +.25" Navel- 37" -1" Waist- 39.5" +.25"
  10. I am reading your blog now. You get stuff done!!! Strong Work and congratulations!
  11. Wow- a little break in schedule kind of wrecked my "normal." I had a great Thanksgiving feast. I had some extra cookies that were supposed to go back to work- but they didn't make it. I gobbled down most of them before throwing the batch in the trash. They were manufactured, not really so tasty, BUT I wanted them! So my plan was mostly successful- I didn't eat crap ALL weekend! I had an AWESOME workout on Monday. Bigger squats and deadlifts every time. I need to get more psyched about that. My upper body isn't as strong so I am feeling more taxed at 135 lb. bench. I haven't done presses in abo
  12. Happy Thanksgiving after! I have no bad food left over from Thanksgiving- at least not cooked. I do have to something with chocolate that is off limits. I got rid of pie and cookies and cinnamon rolls! Awesome lifts! I appreciate the description of your squat form. That is helpful. I am continually amazed at all there is to think about. I didn't get any turkey leftovers, but I got a paleo cookbook as an early Christmas gift. Maybe even better!
  13. Oh, I do love snow. I grew up with it. We could sled in our front yard! Now I like to visit it. Interesting that you say wintry precipitation sounds vague- I think the TV weather people were working that angle this weekend. "wintery precipitation" can come in a few forms before it is actually the lovely snow. Around here it is usually sleet, which is a kind of slushy rain- cold and nasty! Freezing rain is the worst wintry precipitation. Everything just gets layered in ice- like a cartoon! It is very dangerous and usually tears down tree limbs and power lines. They threatened us with this typ
  14. Weird to quote you on your own page, but the link is hilarious- love Scrubs and Zach! Congrats on the additional life challenge! That usually costs me a lot of money as well as attention deficit- but never boring on the emotional roller coaster. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  15. Wow- it's been so long I've forgotten my password! I should know that a week that is cut short gets packed with more work on the front end. I'm slow, I guess. Here are a couple straight forward recipes. There is a little pre-cooking before piling into the slow cooker, but it seems to be worth it. Fennel Beef Stew in the crock layer these ingredients: 2 fennell bulbs sliced about 1/8 inch thick (I don't core them because I like the whole thing minus the trimmed bottom) 2 carrots chopped 1 bell pepper- seeded and chopped 2 cloves of garlic- smashed in heavy bottomed pan: 1 onion saute'd in
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