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  1. At least this is the age of computers and not type writers? For any mistake an entire page would need to be retyped, or worse, the entire project?
  2. I took the GRE math subject test yesterday. It did not go well, at all. I had reviewed all the questions from the practice test but there were many problems that had the same topic or question type as the practice test but was either a lot more complicated or far more in depth on the topic. Throughout this challenge I did narrow down by list of possible graduate programs, but I never got through one iteration (I started with any schools I found in two international lists of engineering schools, and did not get through a cursory look at the whole list.) The first look for each is just language of instruction and the existence of the area of engineering I want to get into. No letters were written.
  3. This was a great pvp. Thank you all for participating and making it so much fun.
  4. The heroes have calmed the city, and begun to rebuild it. Even the villains realized that without a city there is nothing to subjugate. The long battle had taken its toll on the group of villainy and they simply could not continue the assault. The heroes had beaten them, a fact the villains finally came to accept, and they left to wreak havoc elsewhere or returned to hibernation within the general population waiting for their chance to come again.
  5. No one is at fault, it is just a suggestion for improvement. I first learned roleplaying the same way, starting in a god-like thread then switching to other threads with slightly more rules (primarily social/assumed rules as opposed to stated) every so often. Really, the biggest factor is that the style and character power are dependent upon others because even in this thread of newbies everyone was good about being on the same scale/evenly matched in actions and allowing some hits to land and others to be blocked/deflected. That might help the RP not have to escalate so far if places are switched more frequently. Perhaps whoever introduces a location/building is allowed to list the hp of the structure if they want to fight that way? An old residence of stone could be 20 hp with the hero read to block up to +3 of attack? [20/20 +3] or a wood-based building a villain just sent a vehicle into with 4 points as [11/15]. It would obviously be optional and if the person who introduces the location does not then it is only in RP how destroyed it is? One issue is that with an active battle rebuilding is unlikely, so the HP could never go up and heroes would just be lowering or preventing hits from getting to the structure. On the other hand, that is the nature of defense.
  6. Points to determine attack/def action scale make sense. I noticed that saying an attack landed, or so-and-so is destroyed seemed to lead to some odd actions stretching in-character plausibility to keep up the battle at that locale.
  7. Supermans and hollowhold can be in seconds instead of reps, just do the max base as your single max (if greater than 60s in one rep) or as the total seconds held off and on in you test/base minute. Ex If you in a minute hold the pose for 30s, 10s, and 5s your 60s base is 30+10+5=45. Or, if 60s is possible without pause, then your base might be 74s.
  8. TIE! 44%44% 44%44% The brief pause in conflict ended when the clear-headed re-emerged, masked donned, villains and heroes alike ready for the final confrontation. Calm in mind, the villains were now prepared to unleash a chaos not yet seen in the city while the heroes aimed to release the calm as the ultimate weapon against villainy and pacify the city. Week 6 (Final): (Monday-Friday) This last show-down of good versus evil (or mischief if preferred) was to be a battle of inner strength. The heroes have primarily prevailed in the most recent outbreak of war, but the villains were not yet ready to accept defeat nor to make the choice to leave to conquer new lands or remain as a peaceful citizen. No, the fight was not over. Core exercises! Make sure to do a base 60s max for any variation you do, and record it. Leg lifts, hollow holds, supermans/catapulter (same thing, but for villains), or hanging leg/knee raises. Points to be used for RPing, just be sure any teleporting is in-character - to make the battle more interesting, and try not to be definite with significant damage/dodging so there is still something to play against; without a city, what is there to protect or rule?
  9. Gap years are scary, but good. It helps to have a job lined up for it and a Ph.D program lined up for after.
  10. I vacuumed a room I have not bothered with, while also vacuuming the rest of the house. I checked out the crawl space - part of a larger project that I have been putting off by not looking in at the space. I did the first step of organizing my online accounts, the next steps include getting rid of some. I set up a video call with a few people I have not spoken with in a long time. Checked into getting a transit card. Banking transfer to savings
  11. Dragons. You are fighting dragons.
  12. Note: Doing some work (5 minutes) on a task that is large but otherwise put off for at least a month may count, but only once per task. For example, if you have put off working on a writing project for many weeks, some work on it will count, but only for one point for the whole week no matter how much time you work on it.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa, the hotel gym had a pull-up bar? You must be lying. (I do not think you are lying, but it does seem nearly impossible to be true. Something so simple and useful? At a hotel gym? Never!)
  14. I had assumed that was the source of being able to run with fearlessness. Bonus points for fearlessness without a mask! I'd wear a mask, but I also assume all parkour is awesome enough for passerbys to video and post online . . . and dislike photos. Acceptable. Have you seen BBC's adaptation? It killed the mystery on a few of the stories, but I enjoyed how BBC mixed or merged stories so that the two (books and BBC show) are both good in their own way, instead of the default "the books were better".
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