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  1. Missed you guys Meet is this Saturday What should I bring for food?
  2. Had a little pt session photographed check it out in my albums.

  3. Bad news, I no longer can afford my lift meet. I just got a rescue puppy from a bording home that lie aboit her having vaccinations. stupid me never thought to.get.paper work. My poor pup has parvo and round eorm literally up the ass and her vet bill is a grand. My wife has shunned me for what I'm a hoping to be just today on account of the outrageous vet bill we can't. afford. so I need to recover from this before I can put everything. into training...
  4. Thank you! Sorry, please correct me if I step out of line like that because I either get real excited and read over stuff or I misread things. Guid me great wizard.
  5. I love the support guys!!! IMMA DO ya PROUD! MERICA!!!
  6. Like the links in my signature. how do I make them say other things
  7. I'm convinced. Thank you gentlemen roughbeasts!
  8. Also, what is so different about single and double pronged. I've used only double except when I use the random, crummy gym loaner.
  9. I got the wife a 13mm but it's so small I can't even try it out. Why wouldn't I want the thicker one?
  10. I just don't know how much additional costs are gonna be Swoletroll. Did you order one at it's current price?
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