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  1. The A-team understands the importance of knowing a second language I agree with this assessment. Xena's on to something.
  2. yaaaaaaay! You may wish you'd missed it after I complain about doing the Sufferfest program a few times. So many directions to go with this one... That is the best compliment ever! I always wonder if they're too rambly and weird. To me it feels like it was five years ago. This year has been a wild ride. I'm hoping it will help with my workouts and snorkeling a lot. Also it's very calming when combined with the meditation. He's quite something, no? BTW there was a guy at the gym Tuesday that looked just like you, but not so well-developed thru the traps. I've seen it at least five thousand times. And is it a coincidence that Patrick Swayze is the God of all Surfers and Jason Momoa is Aquaman? I say not! I get an extra bag with my skymiles, just leave the zipper open a bit so you can breathe. Yay! please feel free to bring snax from your kitchen. Meditation makes me hungry.
  3. I'm not saying that I immediately thought people on this page would be interested in this product, but... ah, fuck it, that's what I'm saying.
  4. feel better! It's going around.
  5. i love your fascination with tarot cards. I think like most divination-type things the important thing they show is is not what will happen, but what we really are hoping will happen - like the saying, "flip a coin, and before it land you will know what you are secretly hoping the answer will be" as always I am floored by your running goals :-)
  6. obligatory:
  7. following, and thanks for the tea!
  8. I have been waiting all week to bring this to you: also, I had really good results with the slow carb thing. I have 4-hour body and like it a lot.
  9. This is actually pretty genius. I don't know why I never thought of it this way! Like @Muir, I welcome our feline overlords and look forward to many kittehs.
  10. This gif is everything. following!
  11. Phase III in effect! Your kayak trip sounds amazing, can't wait to hear more about it. Also for second-hand stuff try ebay. Sports gear is really well priced on there and people buy stuff and either upgrade or decide they aren't using it so there's always lots available.
  12. glad kitty is better! You have a ton on your plate, I know how hard that is.
  13. DJ Trippy takes tea gratefully, dumps bottle of Nyquil into it, drinks it all, and feeling much better, posts new challenge. Then inquires about snacks.
  14. Ta-da! I have shaken off my cold with copious amounts of Dayquil and hot baths, and I am here, with you my Ranger brethren, to take on a new challenge. Which will be not terribly unlike my last challenge, but hopefully more amusing, and with 37.9% more bicycles, since the weather is better. I had a very intense challenge laid out with a very serious VIKINGS ARE BADASS theme, but it's like 75 degrees and sunny and I'm down some weight and the Justice League trailer looks fucking great and I'm just kinda in a good mood this week, and it didn't feel like the right theme. So I changed it. And so I give you my new challenge: BECOMING BOHDI! Yes, I have designed my challenge around the greatest surf-riding savant of modern cinema. We have, after all, a ton in common: - passion for the nature and the sea - thirst for adventure and travel - perfect blonde highlights and slightly androgynous surfer-chick hair - urge to buck the system and travel light I mean, yeah, there's some sociopathic behavior and the whole bank-robbing thing, but I can't spell or resist cheese fries, so we've all got our problems, right? We'll just gloss over that for the moment and get to the challenge. 1: Get the spiritual side of it: I started meditating during my last challenge and doing Wim Hof breathing exercises, and holy cow does it make a difference. So goal number 1 is to continue meditating daily. 2: Get that Surf Body: Patrick Swayze had one of the all-time great physiques on this film and he apparently did almost all of his own stunts. I mean, he's not Jason Momoa or anything... ...but that's not the question at hand. Actually after looking at that picture I can't remember what the question was. I may need a moment. Okay, I'm back. I lost 1.9% body fat last challenge so my goal is to lose another 1% by challenge end. Which means no cheese fries. Sadness. I got a bike trainer - the Mantis has been on me about it for ages and I finally got a cheap one - so that I can do some indoor training, and I will continue to workout at the gym and post my workouts, if only because it's never not funny to say, "Today I worked on my snatch." I'm trying to do two workouts a day, but it's not like it's 40 miles on the bike in the morning and then heavy lifting in the evening. It's either a strength workout or the bike and then a walk or yoga or a spin on the trainer or whatever, something simple. Goal 3: Traveling on the money, going where the waves are: I had plans for an ambitious cross country road trip this spring, but I changed my mind, and now I think I am going to go to Belize to go snorkeling, because it will be cheaper and shorter (like a week instead of a month) and I found out that there's a chance to see whale sharks there, which I'm kind of obsessed with. So goal #3 is to save up the money for that trip, even if it means selling everything I own that's not bicycle-related or my cat. And that, actually, is it for now. Simple challenge for once. Bonus content if you're bored: