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  1. This is part two of my three-cycle challenge. So some stuff will carry over and a couple of things will be added. If you want a detailed rundown of what I am doing, you can read it here. Into the breach! My Goals to slay the nutrition monster are mostly the same: - The Queen must eat at least twice a day. Fasting is no longer allowed in this kingdom. - there must be two forms of cooked protein in the refrigerator at all times. - There are no forbidden foods, only items that should be approached with moderation. - I mus
  2. Okay, into the final bit of the first third of the challenge and I am feeling - I am almost afraid to say this - really good about it! Saturday turned out quite nice, if a bit busy. Besides the whole mom-and-squirrel issues (despite my urgings, she would NOT keep it as a pet, so maintenance came and safely relocated it outdoors) I did domestic rangering and then we went camping overnight at Stone Mountain. I wanted the pupster to have her first overnight camp and that place is really close to home, so if she got freaked out or cold I could pop her in the car and get her home, and t
  3. My mom just called to tell me she opened her broom closet and a flying squirrel jumped out at her. Never a dull moment, that woman
  4. This week has been super busy so I'll just bullet point it. - liquid calories: so-so. I had a coffee on Monday morning and a latte yesterday afternoon when I was working at the coffee shop (I was falling asleep over a spreadsheet). but I had two opportunities to drink soda or juice with meals and went with water instead, so I feel like that is progress. - lunchbox: Yes! started carrying on Tuesday. - missing workouts: improved, I took a full rest day Monday, and did a 2 mile nature hike Tuesday with the pupster. She saw her first deer, which was VERY excit
  5. First Mock Crossfit Games Day was a success! I started too late (shocker, I know) but it was because we were having a nice sunday morning and Axe man was home and no one (human or animal) was squabbling, so I just relaxed a bit. I did the bike, then drove to the gym and did the two gym workouts, then went home for an hour to let the dog out and get the kayak, then went to the park where I did the kayak/run/kayak part. Next time I'll load up the kayak the night before so I can go straight there, or at least not have to deal with the loading mid-test. Results:
  6. I may have muttered under my breath "...you fucking p******s" but I would not admit it in court
  7. I had to send an email asking for racer feedback and so far my favorite reply is, "The 100 mile race is far too long. It should be something more accessible, like 30 miles." Like, the distance is *literally* in the name... Anyway, I have too much to catch up on, but my attempt to not drink liquid calories is going swimmingly, although I miss coffee. Axe man made some this morning so I had some, but that's the first one I've had in like 10 days (I switched to tea, which I can tolerate unadorned) Axe man has returned to the fold and has taken up his share of puppy care a
  8. I am certain you and your running friends would never behave in such a fashion 🙂 to be fair, most of the racers were completely amazing and astonishingly cheerful given what they were putting themselves through (100 or 50 mile runs). But the 20% that were awful were breathtakingly awful, and they had crews to match. But you know, they probably tip badly in restaurants, and talk in the theater; they are probably just generically dreadful people who happen to run. 😛 we weren't expecting as many drop-outs, either, so we weren't prepared to pull 20-25 people off the trail a
  9. Attempting to post from my phone (taps mike) testing, testing. Is this thing on? ETA: worked!
  10. Yesterday (Wednesday) went almost entirely as planned, except instead of trying a meal kit I got a greek salad from the restaurant next to my gym. I worked all day and cut my email backlog by half. Today, Thursday, has also been surprisingly decent. Today is a neutral/domestic day, so I've been domestic rangering with a little work thrown in. I still have some house stuff to get done, but I feel good about it and I got the pupster to the dog park, where she ran her legs off for an hour. I can't believe she hasn't passed out yet but she's still puttering around the house now. The
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