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  1. and happy friday to you too!
  2. OMG this gif. I heart it. I wasn't really serious about the loser bit. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day all around. Today also.
  3. "Unbent, unbowed, and constantly breaking shit" I forgot how happy your official signature motto makes me
  4. Okay, I am not in any way criticizing this person's appearance because I know she's a model and somebody picked this outfit out for the photo (and also because I had to google how to spell criticize so I'm hardly some criminal mastermind) But WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE WEARING ON HER FEET WHILE SHE APPARENTLY DOES AIR SQUATS ??????????? FFS sake I'm looking for ways to strengthen my knees not snap my ankles and flounder in the grass /end rant Edited to add: this is probably a case of stock photography use gone wrong, but still
  5. Midweek update: Tuesday Workout 5 mins rower 3 rounds, 25 reps unless noted: DL #115 t bar rows #45 walking lunges w 10 lb dumbells, 16 reps incline press #20 dumbbells ham curl #70 (20 reps 1st set; 15 second set; 20 third set) military press #20 dumbbells kb swing #35 bell Normally I do the prowler push as part of these, but the gym was super crowded and also I'm a wuss. Finished with 2 miles on the stationary bike. I've been trying to do 5 miles every workout but 2 was all I had in the tank. Other stuff: meditated, but didn't take supplements. One of them (tumeric I think) was upsetting my stomach so I backed off for a day. Wednesday: Workout: easy 15 miles on bike. Other: did not meditate. Took re-worked supplement stack. Slurped bone broth. Watched hockey. Thursday: Should have gone to gym today but didn't. Loser. Other: meditated in morning, but very scattery. Will try a second session now. Took re-worked supplements. Much better on the stomach without the tumeric. Slurped bone broth AND had vietnamese noodle soup for lunch which I feel also counts as brothy nutrition. chart of magic goodness, updated: Bad stuff (stress, etc) is going down, which is good. Slept terrible last night but hopefully that's a one-off. Having a hard time avoiding bread/legumes (b/l column) because tortillas stubbornly continue to exist, but I avoided cheese dip when given the opportunity on Tuesday.
  6. Boo! feel better quickly. It's that time of year when that stuff goes around.
  7. I'm the worst at this. Following along for lifting fun ! I know you were talking about heels and how uncomfortable they are, I have also found that I can almost no longer make myself wear a "real" bra when sportsbras are so much more comfortable and the straps don't slip. (this is probably more than the dudes reading need to know)
  8. Anyone who can track their calories to within one calorie is more of a man Ranger than I am
  9. it's very hard to avoid delicious treats at the Renfair. Turkey legs ahoy!
  10. Sunday/Monday: Sundays workout was intervals at the gym. After the bike on Saturday it was hard, but it's also my shortest workout. Ususally I do snatch practice before hand but my shoulder's hurting a bit so I skipped it. Row 250 m 10 kb swing (45lb)/10 wall ball/30 sec battle ropes [repeat 3 times] Row 250 m rest 5 mins. Do whole circuit 3 times. I weighed in at the gym before working out and I'm down another 2 pounds, to 206. That's exciting. Sub-200 looks like it might be, if not visible on the horizon, then indicated by those wispy clouds you see forming over tiny tropical islands before you can see the land itself. God, that is a truly terrible analogy. Then I went to a Korean spa we have north of town and sat in the sauna and the hot tubs. It felt great but my skin is was all irritated yesterday, probably from all the clorine in the hot tubs. Yesterday was rest day. Meditated in the morning. No workout, just errands and watching American Ninja Warrior. I got registered for the first big ride of the season, though, which I'm excited about. It's April 8th. I made a batch of bone broth in the crockpot overnight, and strained it this morning. It will get packed in single serve glass bowls and stuffed in the fridge once it cools. I tried a bit and promptly burnt my mouth Challenge chart thus far: lurching into week two
  11. I am so close to the disappointment... so... close...
  12. viking

    hahaha you are too kind. I should do a squat video to check my, um, form. Yeah. Just to be sure I'm below parallel.
  13. appreciate your restraint, but still a little disappointed.