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  1. Final entry for this challenge, as I leave for California at 6 am tomorrow Get the spiritual side: Mediated Monday and Tuesday. I have very conflicted feelings about the meditation. On the one hand, I do feel better when I do it. On the other, I am acutely aware that it burns no calories and generates no revenue, so I always feel guilty about "wasting time" doing it. So I'm not sure if I will continue, but it definitely gets a passing grade for the challenge. Get that surf Body: Did one bike ride on Monday, 14 miles, very good pace. Did one gym workout Tuesday, also went well. I took pre-workout before both of these and boy does it make you go faster (even just half a scoop, which is what I took). I am completely convinced that given sufficient pre-workout, I could podium at the Crossfit Games, quite possibly in the Men's Division. Writing up new workouts for next cycle this evening while watching hockey game. Traveling on the money: This was a big success. I had already been saving money for this trip and by making a concerted effort to sell stuff on ebay/craigslist, using flyer miles, and haunting the car rental site, I won't have to dip into my savings to finance this trip, which is great because work has been dead and when I come home I'm going to be stone broke Trip should be worth it, though, unless I'm eaten by a bear, in which case my finances won't matter anyway. So that's it! I hereby declare this challenge finished, and...
  2. I like to travel but until I win the lottery I have to be Agent Super Squirrel about getting deals