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  1. This will be continuing on the new thread, though surely you have better uses for you time.
  2. This is the continuation of my last challenge (really more of a log) wherein I train for the crossfit open, which is now 79 days away. I don't follow other challenges because I am a terrible person, so don't feel compelled to follow mine. It's really very boring anyway. Sometimes I use gifs.
  3. yesterday went pretty well. I hit my calorie numbers even though my macros were off. I was weird and moody all day though. I cried a couple of times (once during my workout) Workout was good, but I got involved in something work-related and so I was too late to do my second workout (2 mile trail walk) as intended, so I just walked a little over a mile in my neighborhood with my dog. Main workout was high volume squats 5 sets at 95 pounds, seventeen reps per set. I'm up two reps per set from last week, so that is an improvement, but man it was hard. Then I had "Grace" which is a crossfit workout that is 30 clean and jerks; competition weight is 90 pounds but I had to do it at 75. I only managed 15 reps before I tanked. But last time I did this workout I only did the squats and then 10 minutes walking on the treadmill, so this is a actually a big improvement. Then I went home and ate my last meal of the day, and I was low on calories and protein so I made myself eat a protein shake. Today I am working at my coworking coffee shop because I just desperately wanted out of the house. I'm usually domestic today. I am not even really doing anything work related; I'm going to revise my training program to take out some of the two-a-days, in part because it takes so much time, but mainly because I'm exhausted. I felt like a bucket of nails this morning and I have zero in the tank to do my yoga/mobility stuff I'm supposed to do, so something has to give, at least for now. I have to remember that I am a masters athlete, not some fire-breathing 20-year-old. (Even if I want the ass and abs of one)
  4. Okay, where are we. Friday I was supposed to go to the gym but I did not. I met a friend for lunch (pizza) and took my dog to the dog park, as she hasn't been in a while (my partner usually takes her but he's working double shifts right now). Saturday I was supposed to do Friday's workout, since Saturday is normally a rest day, but I didn't do that either Sunday... you know, let's just accept that the end of this week was a write-off. I did do a giant shop for my meal prep on Saturday. I went to the regular grocery store instead of the farmer's market because I figured the farmer's market would be a madhouse, what with thanksgiving and all. Plus I needed non-food shit like trash bags and cat food. I need a kitchen scale but of course I forgot, so I have to buy that this week. Food wise, I'm still doing really well. The five-meal a day thing is a complete pain in the ass, but it IS working. Sometimes I'm really hungry, but knowing my next meal (snack, really) is only a couple hours away helps tame it. I may pick up some sugar free jello or something for the late night snackies. But I don't get indigestion or heartburn after I eat, I don't get that "I need a nap for two hours" post-lunch thing, and as long as I get my high-protein breakfast the days go smoothly. Even after lunch out on Friday, I didn't go "eh I ate pizza guess I'll just fall face-down into garbage for dinner", I just went back to my plan. Sunday I prepped my food for this week (even though it's a short week). I have to make chili tonight (I made a pork loin for it yesterday; I'll shred it and make the rest tonight) but there is a chuck roast, sweet potatoes, a packet of Kevin's Paleo chicken (korean flavor) and some soba noodles waiting in the fridge. Oh and some ravioli that I plan to make tonight; I bought them last week and they need to get used up. While I was prepping I cleaned out the fridge and tossed what didn't get used last week (mostly just the turkey chili that I made; it was a new recipe and super bland so I only ate about a third of what I made). I've kind of made peace with the fact that some food will get wasted (or at least not eaten by me; some got repurposed as cat food). I also decided to make a conscious decision to dial down my carb phobia for a minute. I realized that while my *percentage* of carbs seems really high (40%) it's actually the same amount in grams as I was eating before (175g per day). It's just an illusion caused by the fact that I'm eating less overall, and still far less than the average american diet per day. I had it dialed down to 25% and I was tanking every workout, so this may just work better. I talked to my friend who's helping me with the nutrition this morning and he mentioned pre-packaged food, but I ultimately decided that something like that won't teach me better habits or unlearn my tendencies to use food as a coping mechanism, so that's not something I want to explore. Plus that kind of stuff is hella expensive and the stuff I'm buying now is sticker shock enough. Although I'm not eating out at all (except for coffee and that one lunch with my friend) so the numbers more or less even out; I normally eat out 3-4 times a week and I don't know about you but that's invariably $20 a pop for me. I'm also not getting drive through food at all, which is the ultimate waste of food dollars. I used to get that once or twice a week. Stats to start week three: Current weight: 226 224.4 221.4 Current measurements: 46.5 waist, 52 hip 46.25 waist, 51.5 hip 44.75 waist, 51.5 hip Fight Gone Bad score: not this week. Although I just realized I won't be able to do it next weekend because I'll be traveling. I can do it next Monday I guess. I'll be home by Sunday. 86 days. YIKES.
  5. They didn't; I got through my increased prowler pushes and one round of the next circuit and was tanked. I used to do the sled push at 225-235 for three, now I'm doing 150 for 12, and jeeeeezuz it's not fun towards the 10th rep Afterward I did a short walk with my dog. Wednesday was one of my rest days; I really wanted to go to the gym but I domestic rangered instead, so all my workout clothes are clean for once. Not having to cook is nice. I'm just mixing and matching the prepped stuff. Thursday (today) I got up fairly early and I'm in my co-working space again; I was feeling super spazzy but my brain seems to have calmed down, which is good because I need to be done with work shiznit by 3 so I can go to the gym (a block away from the space) and then go home and get my dog out on the nature trail for my second workout before it gets dark and too cold. I just got off the phone with my friend who's helping with my nutrition/training because my numbers bounced up a bit this morning (I'm really not supposed to weigh every day, but I tend to anyway) and they kind of talked me off the ledge of frustration. We had a talk on Tuesday as well, mostly about not using food as a coping mechanism and stuff like that. I got a sandwich at the cafe and brought a tuna packet (barf) and a strawberry granola bar for later. I won't eat them together, obviously. 90 days out. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  6. Beginning of week two of training. Let's do this. Sunday was an inadvertent rest day. I was a slug and didn't do anything but go to the farmers market and buy all my proteins for the week. Monday: I usually go to my coworking space/coffee shop on Monday but I had all the food from my big shopping and I didn't want it to go bad, so I swapped my domestic day to Monday and did a monster meal prep; pork roast, chicken broth, turkey chili, some really tasty greek lamb sausages and a couple of baked chicken legs basted with za'atar seasoning, chopped raw veggies. Then my partner came home from work with three containers of chicken salad as well, so I should not have to cook at all this week - just steam rice or make some frozen vegetables. No trash food or stupid shit meals. I did a two-mile hike with my dog on a local (paved) trail, and then my gym workout was core day which I can just as easily do at home so I saved myself the commute time and did it there instead. Saving that travel time meant I was able to clean up the kitchen after the meal prep, put the crockpots on to soak, and make a nice dinner - roasted duck thighs with artichoke hearts and couscous. I bought the duck in an attempt to change up my proteins a bit - chicken all the time gets boring. I was glad I'd done the hard boiled eggs when I overslept this morning, I was able to just peel two eggs, nuke a tortilla, and shove it all in my cakehole before I went to my workspace. I grabbed a tuna packet (gag) and a protein shake but didn't pack lunch, but I can get a healthy lunch at the cafe. Stats to start week two: Current weight: 226 224.4 Current measurements: 46.5 waist, 52 hip 46.25 waist, 51.5 hip Fight Gone Bad score: not this week. Today at gym I get to push the sled, which is one of my favorite workouts, as well as flip the tire, so I'm looking forward to that. Although I think I have to do wall walks as well, which will suck. It all evens out.
  7. Yung Gravy. My musical taste is questionable. For you, padre, I will always make an exception.
  8. Okay, catch up time: Wednesday was my active recovery day, so after work I did a 1.5 mile hike around my neighborhood (just me, not my dog) Thursday: Worked all day, dog went to daycare so I could feel like she got some exercise, and then I went to gym. Rower, tire flip, then deadlift/thruster circuit and kettlebell/step-up-wallball circuit. Friday was a domestic day and frankly I didn't do shit all day. I did buy some concert tickets and a Mega Millions ticket. It rained all day and my dog was pooped from daycare so it was quiet, and I wound up taking a nap. At 5:30 I dragged myself to the gym: Miltary press/lunge circuit, then farmer carry/goblet squat circuit, then battle ropes/RTW circuit. One of the trainers was working nearby and timed my battle rope segments (30 seconds) which sucked because I couldn't cheat them shorter. Why must people be supportive and want the best for me, I ask you. Saturday (today) is my second rest day of the week. I get two rest days because I'm old and I need recovery time. Yay, Master's Athlete! I'll do some yoga to keep from stiffening up today but that will be it. I have a concert to go to later so I need to conserve my energy anyway or I won't have the spoons to go. I did not win the Mega Millions. Disappointing. Nutrition this week went well, I'm adjusting to the lower calories (Friday was hard) and eating 5 times a day, which is a bit of a pain in the ass. But eating one or two meals a day has not worked so far so I'm willing to let my friend/training partner guide me on it. At least for a while. We had a long talk Wednesday about it because the high carb count makes me nervous, and obviously if I feel like shit on a given day I can eat more or we can adjust it up or down for a few days. I send them my food tracker each morning for the previous day so we're on the same page. Workouts: I feel good about this week, I only missed one workout - no, wait, two, I got rained out of my short bike on Friday. Close enough though. All my workouts right now are "work capacity" which basically means power cardio, so I'm doing pinche weight for a zillion reps. I get a real strength day next week so that will be fun. But I'm sticking to the plan we worked out and I'm pleased with that. Hopefully I will start to feel a difference soon.
  9. I did not get my second workout yesterday. Bleah. I did get an enormous amount of domestic rangering done, including all my protein prep for the next 5 days and I finally finished cleaning my room, which had become - not a depression nest, because I'm not depressed, but a neglect/overwhelm nest. I can see the floor again, which is nice. today is my rest day so I will do an active recovery workout of a 3-4 mile hike, but it means I have to get to the park by 4 pm since it's dark earlier. I had a long rundown of my current nutrition plan with my training parter/advisor this morning and I'm not looking forward to cranking my calories down and my carbs up, especially since I'm super carb-phobic, but it's what must be done, apparently. Yikes. I'm at one of my coffeeshop/coworking spaces and I've just discovered that neither the bathroom or the internet are working, so I'm going to pack up and move to another spot, or maybe go home and work there until it's time to go hike. So hard to focus there, though. I'll probably just move to my other shop. This is not going to be a great work day, but I'm not here to talk about that. 98 days out. Fuck.
  10. that was in the before times. I couldn't do that now unless @sloththeenduring was chasing me with a hatchet, and probably not even then. Gaaaaaaaaaaah
  11. Saturday I did the Fight Gone Bad benchmark workout to get a fitness baseline. It's low weight but lots of reps and 17 minutes at full-out, so I can use it as a measurement. My total score was 115, at rx weight but with the box jumps scaled to a 12" box. First order of business is going to be to get my box jumps to 20". Sunday I rested, and Monday my legs were still leaden so I just did a 1-mile walk with my dog. Tuesday (today) I did a morning workout at the gym: 10 mins stationary bike 10 reps with prowler @ 150 (normally I do this at 225 for 3-4 reps) 5 mins on the treadmill, walking. I have a friend advising me on my training and they have convinced me, kicking and screaming, to lower my weights and up my reps, to improve my cardio which is absolute trash. I can lift the front end of my car, but I can't run up the stairs without getting winded. So the plan is to do tons of lighter weight, Zone 2 and 3-type work until Christmas to build that up, and then turn on the afterburners for the last bit to work on speed. I can already do most things at the Rx weight, but if I lose some strength I'll regain that in January. I hope to hell it works. I have hill repeats later today as my second workout; I'll just grab my mountain bike and do it on a hill here in my neighborhood. Tuesdays are set aside for domestic rangering, so I have a bunch of meal prep stuff and laundry going for the rest of the day. I stopped at the farmer's market on the way home and dropped a fortune on my proteins for the rest of the week, plus stuff to make chicken bone broth. I try to remind myself that it works out to $5-6 a meal, which is way cheaper than even fast food, and that it's super healthy for me, so that the expense doesn't put me off. Current weight: 226 Current measurments: 17.5" neck, 46.5 waist, 52 hip, 16 bicep, 24.75 quad. I've lost some quad size and I'm pissy about it, but it's the least of my problems I suppose. Box jump fails are never not funny.
  12. I'm not sure "impressive" is the word you'd be looking for if you saw me. But thank you.
  13. I'm using this as a thread to log my workouts & nutrition as I train for the 2023 Crossfit Open in February. It is, as indicated above, 100 days away. Don't feel obligated to follow, I'm the worst at following other people.
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