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  1. T2SC- Time & Tits

    this post is everything I ever needed I, too, have had some... er, deflation with weight loss. It's like the twins volunteered as tribute to save my belly fat.
  2. Ye Olde Ranger Moe's Tavern: General Chatter

    This is alarmingly accurate, I am clearly 49% Ranger and 49% Rogue, with 2% Warlock in there for the superstition and the furry bit. You know what, let's forget I brought that last part up.
  3. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    children should never be given automatic weapons. Their aim is terrible and they waste too much ammunition.
  4. Xena: Don't Add! Just Subtract.

    Is he not entertaining? I cannot get enough of his cornball jokes during P90x. It's like he was born to do infomercials.
  5. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    Oh, god, y'all would be calling me "Trippy the Turf Eater" if l tried a stunt like that.
  6. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    I feel like running would be so much more enjoyable if I had a horde of cheering children following me as I went along!
  7. Sloth Hammers in the Morning

    I agree with Terra, all races need trash-talking pirates. Rum shots is a bonus. Fruit flavored GU's taste to me like a half-melted swedish fish you found covered with lint at the bottom of your grandma's purse and ate anyway. The salted caramel ones are good, though.
  8. Setting Sail: A New Ranger and a Strong Start

    I do this ALL. THE. TIME.
  9. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    Plus it deprives you of that very loud BANG when you drop the weights, and really where's the fun in that? I hope so. I will eat more sausage on stick to increase my protein macros and speed healing. One of the great lines in American Cinema, alongside "Here's looking at you, kid" and "Bohdi! I am an F-B-I AGENT!" workout updates Tuesday, intervals on the bike trainer for 1 hour Wednesday, bike trainer (30 mins) in the morning, gym in the afternoon. Still doing 3 proper sets rather than circuits. Box squats 20 reps/bodyweight T-Bar rows 8 reps/75 pounds Step-ups 14 reps/60 pounds Ham Curl 5 reps 70/90/70 pounds. Incidentally there is no way to use the prone ham curl machine without feeling like a pig that's been trussed to smoke and barbeque. Pullups 5 reps 105/120/120 pounds. I'm sooooooooo close to getting all 3 sets at 105 on the assisted pullup machine. Kettlebell swings: 8 swings, 55 pound bell My knees behaved themselves thru this whole workout. Today (Thursday) I'm going to go run stadium steps because I'm kind of lazy today and it only takes half an hour other goals: Real Food: good, not sure about the sausage on the stick. And by "not sure" I mean "of what animal it was made from" Accompanied: I found a women's cycling club I can join, I'm going to tag on a couple of their group rides first to see if I can keep up. Haven't talked to the trainer at the gym. Mantis gave me some fun new squat complexes to try if my knee pulls itself together. Trash talk/motivation: C'mon, I'm waiting over here.
  10. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    I have no real update except to say I ate sausage on a stick for lunch yesterday and I feel like it goes with the challenge somehow
  11. Agnarr: Hi!...Remember me?

    oh. my god. I would just go back to bed, crying. And at least you didn't beat the ukelele person.
  12. Br0din prepares for Ragnarok, part Åtte

    my thoughts exactly Just this description made every orifice in my body clench up with pain
  13. Ye Olde Ranger Moe's Tavern: General Chatter