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  1. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    I am behind on your butt stuff so I came over to say hi!
  2. Evicious: Iz Bak

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! You're back!
  3. That chick's a weirdo, seriously
  4. Sloth's hype is at 11!!!!

  5. Cry Havoc Infinite: Chaos Theory & Road to the '18 CrossFit Games

    I saw this and immediately thought of you. Can't remember if I sent it to you before
  6. Sloth's hype is at 11!!!!

    I googled "movies worse than Red Sonja" and this came up. Just in case you need a new movie I was crying laughing at some of the reviews I had totally forgotten about KRULL. @DarK_RaideR totally needs to see it. Hagrid AND pre-""Taken Liam Neeson!
  7. jstanlick kills another dragon

    I have rampant diabetes in my family as well - both kinds. it's one of the reasons I started to get fit again, to keep it at bay as long as possible. You got this.
  8. What week is it? Is it week four? Is this over yet? Week three summary: Year of living trippily goals: no progress on scheduling mammogram or starting new instagram. Nutrition (eat snack after workout): This is going really good. I'm really surprised how much better I eat if I have a pre-planned snack right after I work out. I haven't had any fast-food binges all month. The people at mcdonald's will miss me. btw I had something called an RX Bar last week and it was without question the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth in my lifetime. It tasted like someone scraped gum off the sidewalk, gave it some maple flavoring, and then seared it in a broken waffle iron. Learn from my fail, is what I'm saying. Financial: total discretionary spending for week $43 - Sushi tuesday and pizza friday. This goal is agony. It really made me aware of how much knee-jerk spending I was doing, though, and I want to get better control of my finances in general and rebuild my savings since I about went broke last year. Also since I'm eating out much less I'm eating so much better. Fitness: (add in OH squats & step ups) - This is going...kind of...awesome? No, really! I did 3 sets of 10 OH squats at one workout last week, plus I've worked step-ups back in, and I'm holding together. I can do kettlebell swings again. Then last night I tried out a new workout that I'm putting together for next challenge where I did hang cleans, step ups, and even ran and I'm still in a functioning human body today. AWESOME. I missed my last attempt at the hang clean - 110 pounds - and now I have an impressive bruise across the base of my neck. I'm telling everyone who asks about it that I'm into being choked during sex just to see their facial expressions. Best thing ever. Vitals: no idea, haven't done those yet this week News sites: Getting better, just checking occasionally. No crazy deep dives that waste three hours of my life Started my registration for the Crossfit Open. I'm going to get annihalated. ummmmm, that's all for now. I wish I had sexier goals this challenge. It feels kind of boring and lazy, but I keep telling myself that I'm addressing important base issues that will help me progress later. Next challenge will be more interesting. Watching this a lot
  9. I laid waste to a sushi bar. So, so good.
  10. week three vitals waist 43 weight 207 BP 145/84 No money spent monday or Wednesday rode bike trainer Sunday Monday Tuesday wednesday. Gym Monday it's snowing
  11. Clearly I am behind the Ranger curve as there are so many fine challenges already up. I am almost clear of the holiday (I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow) which is good because my level of holiday fatigue is currently summed up here: I toyed with many themes but I failed to make any of them coherent so it's just a list of objectives this time around. Stay tuned for cat gifs and maybe 80's b-boy dancing if you're lucky. Do you feel lucky? Year of Living Trippily: I need to get a mammogram (and probably a physical, too), and I want to start an instagram for my street art. I also want to keep working on a new side hustle because I need to make more money. Nutrition Objective: make sure I drink a protein shake or eat a pre-planned snack after workouts, as I tend to binge-eat later if I don't. Fitness Objective: add unweighted OH squats back into workout routine (i.e. using a broomstick), and also step-ups (unweighted or light weight). I want to see if my knee can take the squatting and re-train that movement, and OH squat has a little more bang for the buck than just a bodyweight squat because you have to stabilize your upper body. Financial Objective: No-spend January. Not spending any money except for groceries and gas, so that I can reach a savings goal. Finding of free activities is encouraged. I will track my vitals and post them once weekly: blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, waist measurement I will avoid news sites during the day because they make me want to set things on fire I will stop watching the "Baba Yaga" sequence of John Wick on my phone and drooling over Keanu Reeves and his sledgehammer* Simple enough, really. Below is my progress on The Year Of Living Trippily thus far. I have to start thinking about the Crossfit Open since it starts end of February and one of the YOLT goals is to enter (I've always wanted to but never had the nerve, which is ridiculous). I'll be in the Master's 45-49 division. So my workout programming will change slightly this go-round to work towards that. I also want to train my back more without working my traps, as they're getting weirdly big again. * I will not do this. Who are we kidding here.