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  1. DJtrippyT

    Simple & [Sloth]-like

    I feel like this is something Rurik would bring up in EVERY conversation
  2. DJtrippyT

    Sloth: The Man with the Hammer
  3. DJtrippyT

    Assassin's Den

    If any Assassin folks are doing the CrossFit open I started a thread in Ranger-land where we can all talk about it.
  4. DJtrippyT

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    If any warrior folks are doing the crossfit open, I started a Thread over in ranger-land for chatting.
  5. This sounds like a great challenge, and I will just briefly mention that society’s definition of “ladylike” can be some bullshit, and you are awesome being “Tiffany-like” which is all you need to be. Though I am intrigued by the braids class. So fluffy and Pinterest-y.
  6. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    Saturday, as predicted, I didn’t do much. I went to Stone Mountain amd read in the sun (with my coat on; it was about sixty degrees). There were cyclists and kayakers out and I was jealous of them, but not jealous enough to go home and get my gear and join them. Yesterday involved a lot of domestic Rangering including deep cleaning both the bathrooms (full disclosure: I did not scrub the grout. Ain’t nobody got time for that). Went to gym to do strength work, which is always slightly boring - all those long waits between sets!) and did deadlifts, winding up with sets of three at #165. I think i timed this challenge just about right; the open starts this week, just as I’m officially getting sick of the gym and not being able to do any other activities. Today when I finally haul my carcass out of bed (I’m still under the covers at 8:30, dreading the day) I will toy with my workout plan to start segueing into the next season. In the afternnoon I will probably ride my bike as the rain has cleared for the day and is threatened for tomorrow. My plan for the 5 weeks of the Open is to hit the gym Sunday and Tuesday (one strength workout and one long circuit), rest day Thursday and then do that weeks Open workout on Friday or Saturday. That way I won’t over do things (last year my one of my issues was I maintained my usual training) and have time to redo a workout if I think I can better the score. I’ll do active recovery the other days (easy bike or hike) Four days. I am tanned, rested and ready
  7. I’ve read stories of female athletes doing this (why get your womanly time in the middle of a big event just to ‘make sure’ the plumbing works?) and when I was on the pill I did it because the off-week always gave me migraines. It was great to go 3-4 months without a period.
  8. DJtrippyT

    Rangering the 2019 Open

    I’m going to jump in and start this thread because @Emerald Eagle was asking amd it’s been my particular training thing for the last three challenges, so I hereby declare the 2019 Crossfit Open, open. No guild restrictions, come one come all and the barf bucket is over there (gestures vaguely to a particularly dark corner of the guildhall)
  9. DJtrippyT

    Atrytone: Be present

    Hope you got some better sleep and feel a bit brighter today!
  10. DJtrippyT

    Dr Deffy's Holistic Hotness

    Son of a biscuit this was gonna be my guess too
  11. I am, but I haven’t done anything about starting a thread
  12. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    Yesterday was good. I deep cleaned my kitchen and did some other odds and ends but didn’t get all my ranger adulting done. Gym: 10 mins warm up on rower then I did a conditioning circuit where I tried to add a few reps to each move each round for the four rounds. It was good, hard enough that I felt like I was suffering but not so hard that I had my head in a trash can. Db squats #60 x10, x12, x15, x15 step ups x10, x12, x15, x20 pullups x10 for all four rounds wallballs x10, x12, x15, x20. These sucked kb swing #35 x15, x20, x25, x30 today I’m pretty sore and the sun is out so I’m thinking I might get the bike out on the comet for an easy ride just to get outside. Really i just want to sleep all day for some reason but I can’t justify it in my brain.
  13. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    No call for concern, Reverend. The walls haven’t talked to me all day.
  14. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    Agreeing with him just encourages his behavior, you know. I’ve learned that from the Cat Whisperer dude.
  15. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    Today’s update: today went largely to plan, in part because I didn’t really have one; it was my first real day off in a while. I am trying to deep-clean one room in the house each day while I’m between assignments, and so far I’ve done the garage, my car (counts as a room because I’m in it so much and store my bike/hike/kayak gear in it) and the dining room, which was my de facto office for three weeks because my actual office is to trashed to work in. I’ve also cleaned and disinfected the refrigerator, which no longer smells like I’m creating a bootleg T-virus in there. Today i said to hell with all that, and it was my workout rest day, so I took it easy in the morning and then went for a hike at Stone Mountain (just two miles). It was really warm today and if I had known it was going to be this nice out I would have rigged up my kayak last night and taken it out (although I bet the water is still hella cold). The rain is supposed to come tomorrow and go on for a few days so I wanted to get some outside time; I think the reason I’m so tightly wound right now is that seasonal affective thing that you get when it’s dark and filthy out all the time. I also spent a little while using a cute notebook a friend brought me from Japan to lay out some projects I want to work on. And I bought some protein powder and a cute skirt. tomorrow it’s back in the gym for a long conditioning workout and deep cleaning the downstairs bathroom (and starting to finish the office reno that I started in August, I think, that has destroyed my workspace) I’m starting to really miss riding my bike. That will come back into rotation next week I think as an alternate activity so I ease up on the crossfit properly as I go into the open. I feel like this cover should be titled, “Sheena battles some bad ecstasy I took in 1994. Allegedly”