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  1. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    I posted vaguely about this on the guildhall chat, but for those who prefer me to be less goddamn mysterious I had my biopsy on Friday and after a very sweaty weekend I found out today that my boobs are not, in fact, trying to kill me. I am VERY excited about this. i think I’ll drink some tequila and get a tattoo to celebrate. But tomorrow because its its already past my bedtime.
  2. I haven't had any today and no one is more shocked than I am
  3. I don't know if I am challenging this time but I got some good medical news today so Soldiers of Fortune next round is on me! (domestic only, don't be savages)
  4. that cat is going home with him. you know it.
  5. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Awwww yessss
  6. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Listen, I’m not doing all this fucking work to wear fleece lined cargo pants
  7. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Does this mean I can eat all the butter I want? Butter is gluten free! yeah it’s such a frustration. I did really well on low-carb the first time I did it, but I was only doing strength training. Now that I do more stuff the misery index goes up in a hurry without some sweet potatoes or something. I don’t know how anyone who’s into fitness does keto; it makes me want to die mid-workout.
  8. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    “Come” means “eat” in Spanish so “tacos and come” is actually not that naughty... I’m still giggling I’m not doing the open this time; I didn’t want to train for it so soon. Next year I’m gonna flatten it so I can qualify for Wodapalooza as a masters athlete.
  9. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Okay I'm gonna wrap my challenge today because I'm going out of town for the weekend (some of my BFs friends rented a cabin and we are going; there will be 9 people plus children there. Pray for me) I found my favorite reading glasses yesterday after gym which I lost last weekend, so maybe my bad luck is turning. Voodoo shit is still on the table, however Swing thru the trees: I got to a 60-pound assist pullup, so I made about 10 pounds progress there. Win, but wish it had been more. Cross the Savannah: I mostly did hiking; if I am going to meet my year-end running goal I need to get on it. Neutral. Lift a Hippo: This was my best improvement, which makes sense because I'm a lifter girl at heart. I added 15 pounds to my deadlift. Win. Eat Like the Ancestors: This was my most difficult goal; I eat good for a day and then I don't. I'm trying to focus on fixing one meal at a time right now, so if I can just get breakfast perfect for a whole week, then I can move onto lunch. I'm also having trouble finding the optimal carb level that keeps me going but helps me lose weight. Neutral. I didn't eat as much seafood or nose-to-tail as I would have liked, but I did improve some, so I'm calling that a Win. Rise with the Dawn: This goal was a bitch. I really like getting up early because I get more done, but I'm not sure I utilized the time as efficiently as I would like. I got up early a ton though so this is a Win and I will work on fine-tuning it. Quest for Treasure: Neutral. Build the Tribe: you know, I actually did pretty well at this, although I'm not sure it's making any difference. Probably I need more than four weeks to give it traction, so we'll see what happens next challenge. Semi-win. This challenge will roll over next week, but I may be a little light next challenge because I'll have a lot on my plate for the next three weeks. I'm going to do the best that I can though. A queen can do no less.
  10. DJtrippyT

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    I'm so sorry about your grandma. Life transitions are so painful and I'm glad you can talk to her often.
  11. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    self-care, bitchezzz
  12. DJtrippyT

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    thank you all for the support. I was really wondering "am I the asshole here?" because generally if I have to ask that question the answer is yes, but in this case I am not. the wisdom of @Xena is ever-present [DEAD] Man, this has been a week. I really thought I was losing my already-fraying grip on sanity yesterday and today has been a disaster. It's slowly turning around, I think. I slept super late this morning - I think I have some kind of lingering fatigue from the weekend, or my brain doesn't want to cope with conciousness - so I'm grotesquely behind, and then Cat #2 had to go to the vet. He's fine, he just has dermatitis and he chewed some of his fur off. Poor baby. But it's just more shit going wrong. I got paid for the adventure race stuff, and they paid me the wrong amount, so I had to waste time chasing that down, worrying that I wasn't going to get paid (when people pay you the wrong amount, it's never in the *good* direction). I've caught up on the most important things and I applied for 3 jobs today, and I found a tv job to replace the one that crazy lady had - it won't be as fun as the one I was hoping to land but it's about the benjamins at this point. I'm going to the gym now to blow off some steam. last night I did leg strength which is a dull workout, and then went out to dinner with BF for pub trivia night. We came in third; he was very excited because we always come in last. I feel like I need to make some kind of voodoo sacrifice to turn this streak of bad luck around. Like in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I can never hear the words "pork meat" without hearing Minerva in that book: "Witches loves pork meat. Witches is old folks, most of them. They don't care none for low-cal." I'll probably make a donation to the Humane Society instead. Then I don't have to get voodoo weirdness out of my clothes.
  13. Oh, yes, you read that right... the Queen is BACK. No, no, not that Queen. Fabulous hat, ma'am. Cake? Perhaps not More of a Goddess than an actual queen.... THERE WE GO!