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  1. Hey there! I have not even logged into NF in a week (Traveling, mum's wedding, general murghiness) but I wanted to check in and say... thinking of you, dude. *Winks*
  2. Get back on that horse - they're right about the "You made it 9 days already". I mean... that's nearly a third of the whole 30 challenge. So I bet you can get back to it and smash through 30 days with a bit more knowhow and experience. Which you now have! Also, chicken + veg to try to fill yourself up is probably leaving you low on energy/fats - if you're craving things/hungry, try some fats and see where that puts your craving, and if it goes back to the 'want' instead of 'need'.
  3. I do yogurt (plain) and almonds for breakfast at a lot of conferences from the grocery store. And anything I eat has to have protein in it. If it doesn't have protein in it I go get myself something else (if possible) or eat the middle of my sandwich. Cottage cheese is pretty decent as well, and tins of tuna/salmon with the pop tops. Mmm. But yeah, that's a beast of a protein requirement - I feel for you.
  4. My BF is a huge (huge) fan of the naked fight scene in Eastern Promises. Like, it's kinda inappropriate how fond he is of that scene. That said, it's super awesome.
  5. </sits in a mire of depression and hot weather> </sweats> </glares daggers> Well played on actually working out, Sir. I'm going to do that at some point soon.
  6. St. Louis soft cups FTW! Give it a try - it's changed how I feel about my period, for real. And it's now much shorter (yay!)
  7. For me the biggest component of balance has always been core strength. Get an epic core and your balance will follow. THAT SAID, specific activities that I have found to increase balance for me are: Tai Chi Seriously, the best thing I've ever done for my balance - core, bellydancing, dancing straight up, standing on one leg - has been Tai Chi. I do dance and I was markedly better balancing after doing 10 weeks of tai chi than I had ever been in my life. Other things you can do: Stand on one leg - seriously. When you get good at standing on one leg, try raising and lowering yourself on one
  8. WTF.... WHERE ARE YOU?! Rapidly... losing... will... to exercise..... *flops over on back in desert* *coughs once or twice*
  9. You know what I did while you weren't writing an update today? I did a workout. Aaaw yeah - pushup time. It's like, the first time I've been ahead of you in pushups, so TAKE NOTICE! Pushups: 34, 12 (1751) Squats: 50 20 (2467) Rows: 15 11 (830) Lunges: 40 21 (1967) PLanks: 120 70 (5651)
  10. Your fury's reach is long (much like the Director's (I tried to embed a Nick Fury Photo but failed hilariously)) Pushups: 10 12 12 (1705) Squats: 17 20 20 (2397) Rows: 10 10 8 (804) Lunges: 16 19 20 (1906) Planks: 110 60 (5461) Your post motivated me to get off my arse and do my circuit. You'll notice I did three this time but they were shitty tiny sets. But I did three of them! THREE! MWAHAHAHAHAA
  11. I have used them for about five years, as a linker between my US bank account and my Wells Fargo account (one works in Cali, one works in the midwest, ING allows me to filter money between accounts) and as a savings, and aside from the fact that their savings percentages have gone in the crapper, I've never had a problem. They're rather slow to transfer money from savings (it usually takes about 5 business days) but otherwise, hassle free.
  12. I'm chiming in with everyone else - withdrawl seems to be your culprit. I get the exact same way when I'm detoxing from sugar/processed carbs (and when I am detoxed and then have processed carbs, I GET THE SAME WAY AGAIN!) and I just have to keep telling myself that it's all in my mind, and that it will pass, and that I'll feel better when it's done. You can get through it - stay strong - and you'll feel better. Also, thirding the "It's worse the week before my period". Even when I'm detoxed, I want me some sugar before my period. WANT RIGHT NOW.
  13. I feel it - it hurts, ow ow ow. In short, I'm going to do some serious time sweating into the carpet tonight. Pushups: 30 15 (1671) Squats: 40 35 (2340) Rows: 12 8 (776) Lunges: 42 (1851) Planks: 100 84 (5291) I got through most of my second set and then got that 'nauseaus, somewhat dizzy, angry head' feeling and decided to opt out of the second set of lunges. Regardless, I did it!
  14. HERRANG!!!! (okay, maybe that was an uncalled for quantity of excitement) Some day I'd like to get back to sweden to do some more dancing - had a fabulous time when I was there last.
  15. @inara - where you at, girl? Lindy Hop St. Louis is my home turf...
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