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  1. Get back on that horse - they're right about the "You made it 9 days already". I mean... that's nearly a third of the whole 30 challenge. So I bet you can get back to it and smash through 30 days with a bit more knowhow and experience. Which you now have! Also, chicken + veg to try to fill yourself up is probably leaving you low on energy/fats - if you're craving things/hungry, try some fats and see where that puts your craving, and if it goes back to the 'want' instead of 'need'.
  2. I do yogurt (plain) and almonds for breakfast at a lot of conferences from the grocery store. And anything I eat has to have protein in it. If it doesn't have protein in it I go get myself something else (if possible) or eat the middle of my sandwich. Cottage cheese is pretty decent as well, and tins of tuna/salmon with the pop tops. Mmm. But yeah, that's a beast of a protein requirement - I feel for you.
  3. St. Louis soft cups FTW! Give it a try - it's changed how I feel about my period, for real. And it's now much shorter (yay!)
  4. I'm chiming in with everyone else - withdrawl seems to be your culprit. I get the exact same way when I'm detoxing from sugar/processed carbs (and when I am detoxed and then have processed carbs, I GET THE SAME WAY AGAIN!) and I just have to keep telling myself that it's all in my mind, and that it will pass, and that I'll feel better when it's done. You can get through it - stay strong - and you'll feel better. Also, thirding the "It's worse the week before my period". Even when I'm detoxed, I want me some sugar before my period. WANT RIGHT NOW.
  5. HERRANG!!!! (okay, maybe that was an uncalled for quantity of excitement) Some day I'd like to get back to sweden to do some more dancing - had a fabulous time when I was there last.
  6. @inara - where you at, girl? Lindy Hop St. Louis is my home turf...
  7. 'Roos

    TMI woot

    PCOS WOOT!!! You don't miss your period until you PMS for like, months, without your period. Then you're like, BRING ON THE PAIN! Good on you with the diet success!
  8. Assassin swing ftw! I'd go with assassin simply because a lot of ballroom focuses on balance, bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular competency, with points for style. Perfect assassin skillset if you ask me. But yeah - depending on what you're working on, any of it could apply to pretty much any class.
  9. +1 to eatwild - super awesome resource!
  10. So things to keep in mind - sometimes when increasing protein, there is a requisite decrease in carbs. Carbs, especially simple carbs, can act like opiates in some cases, leading to a chemical dietary calming. That's why things like mac and cheese make some people feel 'safe' or 'at home'. I notice a HUGE uptick in my generalized anxiety when I go to a low carb diet, but this gradually decreases until my general anxiety level is lower than baseline. Have I been diagnosed with anything? No - this is mostly personal observation without the benefit of professional intervention. My point is thus: It is unlikely that higher protein is responsible, but rather it is likely a result of the reapportioning of your calories resulting in less carbs, which may result in higher anxiety levels. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TRANSITIONING FROM POOR DIET CHOICES. Going from pasta and pizza to high quality proteins, vegetables and sensible carbs is a huge shock to your system and it CAN cause neurological imbalances. My thoughts? Try adding more carbs in if you feel anxious and aren't trying to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, try to ride it out for a week or two with faith that it WILL get better provided you stick faithfully to your diet. Part of what you're likely going through are traditional withdrawl symptoms - obsessive thoughts, feeling of physical need, etc - and those will only go away if you stick off the bad stuff.
  11. There's a lot of resources online, actually - I found the place where I bought my lamb from an organic weblisting in my state. Also you might ask around at farmers' markets, if there are any in your area. If we knew what state you were in/near then it might be easier to give specifics.
  12. Random note - I've gotten about 10 things from eshakti at this point and they are FREAKING AMAZING. Everything has fit really well and lasted well and been really comfortable and like I said, I can't say enough good stuff. ALSO keep in mind their stock does seasonal shifts, so if you want dark-colored fallish stuff you'll have to wait towards fall for it to come out in the color you'd like. As a 38E with narrow hips, it's a freaking nightmare to get anything that even remotely fits, and with measurements sent to them everything has been flawless.
  13. I'm a total chocolate fiend. Vahlrona chocolate is my favorite (you can find it at trader joe's in a dark package with a purple and a red stripe on it) and I tend to do dark chocolate over semi sweet or milk. Favorite way to have chocolate right now is ganache'd on a partially frozen bananna. Chocolate + heated cream + a bit of salt, mix until melty, dip banana chunks into it and eat while the chocolate is still firming up. mmmmmmmm.
  14. A note on mayo making - if you have a cuisinart it is not only easy, THE CUISINART WAS DESIGNED FOR MAKING MAYO BY THE FRENCH ENGINEERS. I'm not even kidding a bit. The little insert into the 'go chute' (the thing you can shove stuff in while it's going) has a little hole in the bottom of it, right? I was always, "WTF HOLE!" BUT, if you pour oil in that thing while it's running with your egg, lemon juice and salt in the bottom, it dribbles out at PRECISELY THE REQUIRED SPEED for excellent emulsion in your mayo. And with no tending on your part. Cue deliciousness.
  15. I know when I change my diet it completely messes with my period timing, but this is due to me having PCOS and having my hormone state and my blood glucose states intimately involved. So when I change to something that forces my insulin response back to 'normal' my hormones freak out and my period is usually a week late or so. Your insulin like hormones and your menstrual hormones can be very inter-related and thus cean show up pretty immediately especially if you changed your diet drastically during an inflection point in your hormonal flux when your system was expecting a big hormonal kick which it didn't receive.... because of your dietary change. It's not something that should prsist, and it's not something that should cause other issues over the long term until you get to very low body fat %'s.
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