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  1. Have you taken any body measurements? I'm in the same boat-started working out and eating better. Lost only a pound, but down 4 inches around my waist. Also, how do you feel? Even though I hate going, I am in a ton better mood when I come home from the gym. Point is, weight is only one measurement.
  2. Wrapping up the week of Jan. 20th: 1) I calculated primal meal ratio a little differently this week. The problem was that I didn't have non primal meals per se, but would have a beer with a primal meal or sneak a handful of M & Ms (which I logged faithfully, so I guess it wasn't "sneaking.") Anyhow, I decided to calculate nonprimal calories as a ratio and work from there. As such, I ended up with 71%, which would be a C-. But going forward, I feel like I have a better handle on what my limit is ratio-wise (which is 1680 nonprimal calories for the week.) 2) Totally fasted for breakfast yesterday and felt great, so A+ 3) I have spent 3 hours at the gym this week and plan on going again today for another hour so A+ again! Pitfalls for this coming week: -I've actually had the whole week off due to the weather, so this coming week is a full week back at school. Stressful too, since my calendar is booked and we will begin our annual testing soon. I have planned meals for the week, but tend to run out of steam and get lazy by Wednesday. -I am planning to get up at 5 twice this week to get my workout in. Not a morning person, but I hate going after work because it uses up all the time I have with my family on weeknights. We end up not eating until 7 and then the kids have to go to bed right after cleanup. But I keep telling myself its only 2 days. -My daughter is turning 4 this weekend and we are throwing a birthday party. Cake, ice cream, hot dogs, chips, etc...Unavoidable it seems, so I need to be careful during the week to prepare for this. Btw-I have lost no weight thus far, but I have lost 4 inches around my waist and 2.5 inches from my hips since Jan 1. This is what I care about more than a number on a scale, so I am pretty happy with it. I'm really enjoying strength-training-using the Bodybuilder app with the Bizzy 21 day fitness plan and am thrilled by my progress after only a week. Wish me luck!
  3. I understand that you want to concentrate on strength training, and I am not trying to discourage that since you have a sound reason for that. However, I will say that whenever I have gone to a gym, everyone is mostly focused on getting their workout done and leaving. I wouldn't worry about it. There will always be people who are in better shape than you and there will also be people that you are in better shape than. Wishing you the best of luck. I love the screenname/pic. All about badass sci fi women.
  4. Still here, just haven't had time to sit down and post. The week of Jan 13 was no bueno for me. 1) I ate 8 non primal meals last week-which puts me at 62% primal, so I give myself a D-. 2) I am pretty sure I met my goal of skipping a meal, but I honestly can't remember what day that was. I remember thinking I had skipped. 3) I went to the gym for 2 hours last weekend, so A+. Pitfalls for me last week that I need to overcome- 1) There is currently an open bag of M & Ms in my house. How I will overcome: I think I am going to have to throw it away. 2) My parents took my kids on Saturday which allowed my husband and I to go out for a nice lunch. All I enjoy are craft beer bars, so there was the inevitable beer. How I will overcome: I don't think I will. This sort of thing is pretty rare and I will enjoy it when I can. 3) Someone brought cookies to work last week! Chocolate chip cookies! That didn't even taste good. I had several...How I will overcome: Not sure. I can only control my behavior and not the behavior of others. I would buy gum for emergency situations like this, but I tend to go through packs of gum quickly. Maybe I will get some mint tea and drink it to try to destroy my palate for sweets. I am doing OK this week. Part of this is because school for us has been cancelled all week due to the weather, so it has been easier to take time to make thoughtful means. I have had three transgressions this week, eatingwise (one of which was M & M based). I have been going to the gym. I was able to watch a movie with my three year old, which she begged me to do. All in all, it has been a good week so far.
  5. Checking in from week 1 (I'm behind, I know!) 1) I ate 6 non primal meals last week-which puts me at 72% primal, so I give myself a C. 2) I skipped breakfast 1 day, but ended up having a snack a few hours later, so I say that's 1/2. 3) I went to the gym for 30 minutes and spent 4 hours cleaning out my kids' rooms last weekend. Between moving furniture and going back and forth, I would say that counts, but is not great. So I give myself another C. This week has been tough. I didn't take as much care into planning meals and conned my husband into getting takeaway subs tonight. Yesterday was a birthday party and I l had pizza, cake and beer. Plus some nice (read: horrible) coworker brought in chocolate chip cookies to work. They don't even taste great, but I have had more than a few. It's the end of the semester and I have been trying to catch up on grading, printing midterms, planning, etc and have been overall stressed. But my main focus this challenge is not to guilt myself and give up. Since I've had 5 non primal meals already this week, my goal for this week is to eat primally the rest of the week, get my exercise in, and plan better for next week.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I don't really drink soda, but do have a soft spot in my heart for craft beer.
  7. This is my fourth attempt at successfully completing a challenge. Main Quest: To feel confident in my own skin. To me, this would involve losing around 20-25 lbs or losing proportionate inches (not quite sure what that would be. Mission for the next 6 weeks: -Eat Primal/Paleo following the 80/20 principle (which leaves approximately 4 meals to fool around with) Rationale: I like this approach because of its emphasis on combating insulin spikes. Diabetes runs in my family and I need to combat it. -Exercise for 120 minutes each week Rationale: In the past, I have tried to make commitments like "Exercise 3 times a week." Unfortunately, I have a long commute. By the time I get home and make dinner, there is typically only an hour before the kids have to go to bed. I feel guilty going to the gym during that time. I am NOT a morning person. So condensing my workouts to weekends, I think, is better than nothing. -Try IF once a week Rationale: My goal is to preempt issues with my blood sugar, so I would like to experiment with this. Side Quest: -Spend 1 hour of quality time with my kids each week. Rationale: I am a teacher and often feel that most of my energy is devoted to helping other people's children. I am afraid that one day I will look back and realize that I didn't spend enough time with my own kids. So my back story is that I tried doing this (a few times) last summer to prepare for a Christmas cruise. Well, I didn't succeed. I just got back from the cruise where I spent a great deal of time avoid mirrors and very shiny windows. I also ended up gaining about 8 lbs. Motivation: I want to be the one person in my family who accomplishes this health and fitness thing. Most of the people in my family have health/weight issues. I need to set a good example for my children, not only for their health, but so I can be around for them later in life.
  8. Hi all, I have started and failed two challenges in preparation for going on a cruise vacation in December. Well, its December and obviously that plan didn't work. I have spent the past few days mulling over this predicament. I feel like the time for me to do something about this is now and not to put it off until we come back from vacation. That said, we will be on a cruise ship with (hopefully) yummy food and drink. Does anyone have any advice on how to stick to a paleo/primal way of eating while still enjoying vacation? This is exacerbated by the fact that I love food and cooking and am looking forward to trying new foods. I am losing my taste for bread, so I am not worried about that, but would like to enjoy an occasional dessert and to try cocktails. TIA
  9. Okay, Day 2 & 3 Day 2 was food at first. Had a smoothie but then the only thing I could pack for lunch was some tomato pie leftover from the weekend. While it had grains, it was a homemade crust with homegrown tomatoes. So not terrible, but not paleo. One of my four non paleo meals of the week. Then I planned on making enchiladas with homemade corn tortillas (not 100% paleo, but I wasn't going to sweat it). However, I couldn't get the tortillas to work, so the husband went to the closest store to get some. They suck, so he could only find flour tortillas. So that's two nonpaleo meals. A handful of chocolate morsels and a beer. Today: Fried eggs with salad, avocado, bacon, spicy cheese and hot sauce (yum!). Snacked on some grapes, ham, and a handful of nuts for lunch. Made beef and broccoli stir fry over brown rice (small portion) for dinner. Beer and handful of chocolate morsels. I am finding that I am snacking while making dinner. Something to keep an eye on. Have not yet made it to the gym. I have been exhausted. It's not even eight and I...am...falling...asleeeee
  10. Did well first day. Smoothie for breakfast, handful of nuts for lunch, carrots for a snack and steak and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Split both a beer and a glass of wine with the husband. Topped it off with a piece of coconut chocolate. Yay!
  11. We have similar goals and I too am quite an introvert. Good luck!
  12. I want a new couch too! Good luck with that.
  13. Thanks, all! Urzie, I try to go to a Crossfit class at least once a week. I also do the BBW workout, but would like to progress to barbell weights. I think of Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.
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