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  1. Thanks, that is helpful. I will ponder on this idea this week. It would have to be something small indeed as my original goal was going to be used equipment and so pretty cheap anyway, but definitely a good idea. Week 3 Totals much improved Workouts +5 20 miles running +5 Calories +7 Tracking +7 Total 54/100
  2. Well, week 2 turned into a total bust, very sad. Workouts +2 20 miles running +0 Calories +5 Tracking +7 Total 40/100 I've already ruined my shot at earning the home gym equipment. Lots of things led to this poor performance, but almost seems pointless to recount the reasons why. Today I must simply move on and focus on what's in front of me today/this week.
  3. Week one complete, point tally as follows: Week zero extra credit +2 Workouts +5 20 miles running +5 Calories +7 Tracking +7 Total 26/100
  4. You inspired me to make my next blood donation and so I made an appointment, so thanks!
  5. Update: 4 miles in today. Calling it "running" is a little disingenuous, it is more like a very slow jog, a slog in more ways than one. I am shocked by how slow my times are these days. I was consistently running 4-5 miles at 8:45-9:00 minute per mile pace in late May. I took a two week vacation in the Canadian Rockies, was running everyday, but it was different running, more hills than anything, but still getting in 30-45 minutes each day. Had a minor family crisis when my mom fell of a horse, ended up breaking a 162 day running streak helping take care of her. It took me about a week to get back in the groove, meanwhile I had returned home to the desert. The temps climbed a lot between late May and late June and my runs are now plus 10:00 minutes per mile. Yikes! I don't feel like heat explains the whole thing, not sure. My heart rate still gets into the 160s at that pace, so it's not like I am going too easy. Strange.
  6. Found you! <244 sounds like you are kickin' it right now.
  7. I got a lot done, but I think the heat and the length of work set me up for a bit of a dehydrating beginning to this week. It definitely worked as a distraction from bored eating, so win there. Hey man! Thanks for stopping by! I've been okay, thanks. My wife ended up quitting her job awhile back which meant budget reductions which meant I couldn't afford my fancy gym and power-lifting routine. I made do for awhile on my own with just a running routine and some at home weights and body work, but alas not having the community of accountability did me in. So, I am back here starting over for like the 80th time! One day at a time. You have a thread I can follow? Anywho, busy week this week with work so haven't been keeping up with posts. My dehydrating beginning meant I took my rest day a little earlier than planned. So far I've gotten in 4 days of running and 4 days of body weight routines. I've run 14 miles, so only 6 to go this weekend. I have been on point with calories and tracking, so overall pretty good week. Lots more yardwork awaits me for distraction this weekend. I have let it go for so long. Also, my back yard can use some work for weeks if not months to come since it is so huge. I think today I will try and get in 4 miles, so Sunday still feels a bit relaxing. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Toodles
  8. Thanks for stopping by! Ending week zero on solid footing for this challenge. I got in 6 days of my body-weight workouts. I ran 20 miles. I have hit my calorie goals every day and tracked every day. I still have today to defeat to ensure I get my full +2 extra credit. Weekends are the hardest for me though actually. It is really easy to snack or grab a beer. My wife and kids have the type of metabolisms that allow them to eat whatever they want whenever they want without recourse, but I, alas, balloon rather quickly. My best strategy for the weekends is housework. I am going to get outside and tame both my front and back yards today as way to stay out of the kitchen. Excited to start the challenge for realz tomorrow.
  9. Following. Love the story and your intro. Excited to see the goals.
  10. Sorry in advance if the question seems ridiculous, but have you checked out whether your shoes are too worn/old? Have bouts of shin splints from time to time and usually the cure is an new pair of kicks.
  11. Following. Love the theme. Played lots of Doom in high school. My first game you also reference, namely Wolfenstein. Found loads of help with some Toastmasters groups in the past. Love the goals. Kick ass!
  12. Day 2 of week 0 is a win. Workout in, logging data complete, and met my calorie goals. Run was a bit of a slog this morning. I think I need to hydrate better as it gets warmer.
  13. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks!! Ha, appreciate it!
  14. Following. Random thought, I wonder if the BuJo disinterest is similar to the food disinterest. Maybe you're just not into it? Or you are, that's cool too, just a thought.
  15. I think I am going to add a week 0 perk for myself. If I can hit all the goals this week I get 2 extra credit points. Today was a success all the way around. I hit my exercise goals, stayed under my calorie limit, and tracked all my metrics. I recently returned from a vacation where I apparently added 5 lbs. of fluff. It is funny how much that fluff adds to the difficulty of my pull-ups and my running speed. More motivation to lean down to improve my stats more quickly.
  16. Following. I hadn't heard of that book or the principals. I appreciate the insight and approach and am excited to see how its working.
  17. Thank you good sir. Good to be home!
  18. I was here awhile back and I am here again. I went off in search of the power lifter's philosopher stone, then the distance runner's elixir of life. I failed to find either. I found myself having fallen down yet again. Today I stand and reorient. I reorient to this community, its goofy nuance and amazing people. Today I keep it super simple and clean and just bring back the basics: goals, points, and the desire to win at both. 1. 6 days a week – Run at least 2 miles a day and 20 miles a week, 3 sets pull-ups, 3 sets chin-ups, 3 sets push-ups, 3 sets air squats or lunges, 3x plank for time 2. Track food and 1,800 or fewer calories a day, target 50% carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fat 3. Weigh and record progress in exercise, calories, macros, weight, and body fat in daily tracking spreadsheet 1 point for each day, 5 points for reaching 20 miles per week, 44 points possible for exercise 28 points possible for food 28 points possible for tracking 100 possible points 95 points or higher reward = bench, barbell, or rack
  19. So I am at the 1/4 way milestone now that we are at the end of Q1, so time for a check-in. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my progress. I hit my targets, but realize now my progress should slow considerably, so need to brace myself for the slog ahead. I am in a bit of a groove with my routine, but realize abrupt changes or stresses can knock me off my game pretty quickly. I have added some Creatine to the mix so also need to brace for any potential water gain. Nothing else major going on at this point, just continuing to plug away.
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