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  1. You may want to elaborate on what you and your wife are eating. My first thought is reiterate Raincloak's question. Are you eating enough fat? Healthy fats with your meal will keep you satisfied longer. So, don't pick the leanest cut of meat, but do go for grassfed to keep the fat healthier. Are you eating nuts and seeds? They help too, but don't go overboard since a little go a long way. Secondly, as your insulin levels recalibrate you're going to have some swings. It'll take a while to even out. Are you eating sweet potatoes and other roots/tubers or are you leaving those out of y
  2. Continuing on from the last challenge, regaining my paleo diet, getting more sleep, limiting my commitments. I have been more tired over the past few months, probably due to drinking coffee again. Will try to limit to three days/week in the beginning and quit altogether by the end of the challenge. I have been better with my eating, and have been limiting commitments, but still am not getting enough sleep. So, to recap - focus on good sleep, healthy food at the right amount and quitting coffee (again...).
  3. Finishing up six week challenge. I think I did okay with this challenge. I'll weigh in this coming weekend. I definitely was able to change my eating habits back to paleo (with the exception of a few bad days every couple weeks. What I did notice was how much better I feel when I stay on my paleo plan, vs. eating grains and sweets. When I did slip up, my punishment was at the very least, a night of intense reflux and heartburn, with maybe a headache and water retention/inflammation thrown in. I do think I accomplished something good. I have hope I can at a least feel better than I've be
  4. Thanks Sunmage. Yes, the solution is "no excuses." I've been trying to make solutions instead of excuses. I've been drinking bottled water all week, and have a whole house water softener and kitchen RO filter being installed Monday. I couldn't bear to weigh myself at the start, but today I believe I am 4-5 pounds down from last weekend (assuming my weight hasn't changed much in the last month. It's been a rough week stress-wise, and somehow I did manage to stick to the plan. It's getting a little boring, so I guess my next hurdle is to branch out a little in the recipe area. A few times
  5. I decided to start this challenge on Dr. Oz Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan. I'm not a huge Oz fan as he is too mainstream at this point. I'm more of the Mercola-type. However, the plan seem pretty consistent with my paleo diet, except it says you can have 1/2 cup of brown rice and some rice protein in your morning smoothie, as well as some plain greek yogurt daily. I don't eat dairy at all. I might have the brown rice since it's only a 1/2 cup, and far less cheating than I've been doing on my supposed paleo way of living. I made the vegetable broth. I have to say, it tastes pretty good
  6. Thanks for the welcome, Apprentice. I'm great at noticing problems, but not at fixing them - at least long term. More sleep is going to be the most difficult I have to get up for work at 4:00 AM. I've tried getting up later, but just can't get there on time. Most nights I don't get back home until 6:00, then study from 7 - 9:00. I prep meals and do a little tidying until 10:00 or so. A lot of the time I'm so tired I fall asleep on the sofa instead of studying, then have to wake up to do my prep before I can sleep again. I try never to do that, since it's so disruptive to good sleep. I
  7. Sunny week coming up after two month of daily rain!

  8. I've been absent from this site for a while. In that time my fitness has really fallen by the wayside. I still work full-time, but am now also a part-time masters student in a sit-down major (Finance) and just spent months packing and moving. I'm mentally and physically exhausted and can't seem to recoup. I feel a good part of my problem is that I've abandoned my discipline in these areas: Sleep - if I'm lucky I allow myself five hours on a weeknight Diet - I'm eating double what I need due to stress, and have fallen off my paleo wagon Schedule - My days are over committed and extreme
  9. I had to go cold turkey on coffee a few years ago because i was drinking two or more pots of double brew a day to compensate for exhaustion, life sucks, disease and lack of proper nutrition. I still crave it when I smell it. I drank so much I think it stripped all the good bac out of my gut and really hurt my immune system. Hopefully, most people have the self control to drink less than that. A couple important things about coffee are to drink organic since it's otherwise a heavily sprayed crop. Also, don't brew it in plastics like K-cups or machines with plastic innards due to the estrogens
  10. Have you had a full blood workup for thyroid and adrenal levels, say by a wholistic MD? Maybe, just maybe, you were compensating for a legitimate hormone/metabolic issue. I ask because I've been there too with paleo and thyroid. A wholistic or alternative MD will think outside the box on these, where a regular internist or endocrinologist will let you feel really badly as long as your numbers are even close to normal. Paleo and thyroid meds (Nature-throid) have really improved the quality if my life since 2002. It's worth a check.
  11. Thanks for the support everyone! Kairial, yes, giving up chocolate is hard! I only eat dark, which while being healthier also seems more addictive. :-) Chanda, I used to be 10lb less plus have a lot more muscle. I was really active, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, gym... I came down with a pretty bad case of Rheumatoid Arthritis about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then it's just been a battle to exercise at all. So, I'm taking it slow. I'm also a single mom and work full-time. I am asymptomatic most of the time with meds, but when I do a lot there's always a risk I'll flare.
  12. Continuing ahead on this new challenge... Main Goal 1: Lose 10 lb. so I am well under 130 lb. and would therefore be considered within healthy BMI for my height. Being the lower weight also seems to reduce my RA flares. I feel like I've lost these same 10 lb. 20 times in the past 10 years. I need to get off this roller coaster and keep more stable. Main Goal 2: Reduce my dark chocolate to one 500 calorie bar per week. Main Goal 3: Do yoga at least 4 times per week. This really energizes and calms me at the same time, plus reduces stiffness and pain, Side Goal 4: Work on my
  13. Rain, rain, please go away!

    1. CactusWren
    2. TheMightyMinotaur


      It rained this morning here and it made me super happy. We haven't had rain for about a month and everything was dying.

  14. Grade: D+ I was very motivated at the beginning of this challenge. Unfortunately, I started my first rheumatoid arthritis flare in almost a year at about the same time. So, I was moving along great, lost 5+lb and wham, I was unable to do any more exercise, wanted to sleep all the time, flubbed on my food because pain makes me weak, etc. So, the past month has been me tiptoeing around this flare, waiting for it to pass - which it now has. I will start the next challenge, with the same goals as last time because I didn't hit them. "Let's-a-go!"
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