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  1. im an elf druid alchemist... I already posted some more detailed stuff in the battle logs you can check it out here http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/35161-money-is-just-a-numbers-game-im-fit-why-cant-i-slay-the-dollar-bill/ Nice to see you all here
  2. Hi ya'll, I'm an elf druid alchemist (i didn't even have to decide this, people just have been telling me i look like an elf forever, and i spend most my time meditating, creating art (mostly glass (that's where the alchemist part comes in) it's a great workout btw), dancing and traveling. I'm very optimistic and have a ton of fun! So what's the problem? I have a hard time valuing money, and therefore a hard time making a whole lot of it, I feel like time is more valuble to me than working at a desk for some other dude who hates his life and doesn't even use the money he makes off me to do something that he values. I don't dig the rat race, cause i hate being in competition with anyone other than myself... also, im terrible about branding and advertising... selling myself to people and saying my services are worth x amount of dollars (it's just paper (or a number) anyways right? it's about as much real as time in terms of what the hell is 6:30 pm? it's always right now... so the goals in a nutshell : Monetize all the cool shit i do, figure out how to maintain the lifestyle i want use this to: -travel more, and in a better quality fashion (keep my clothes washed,, have a tent that doesn't leak, and a cell phone that doesn't suck) -eat better and be able to always afford the food i want -seek more education from experts in my various fields -have a stable home base to come back to and regroup during the winter months, or when I'm weary from my travels -have a stable shop at the home base to craft my wares -have all the badass equipment i want to make bigger, more baddass pieces, and be able to afford to fuel/maintain them so... then skillsets and assets that i have currently: glassblowing skills: level 10 -85% success ratio -skilled with many different coe glasses -torch configuration -precious metals fuming -cold working object manipulation skills: level 4 -juggling lvl 4 -poi lvl 10 -staff lvl 2 fire performance skills :level 4 -fire poi lvl 10 -fire staff lvl 2 -fire eating level 1 dj training: level .6 researcher: level 10 computer skills : level 12 where i'm at now: -$8 in my bank account -living with girlfriends support (id rather be the bread winner but im glad she loves me) -currently starting a new shop downtown so hopefully that means some money rolling in soon in the way of glass sales but i need more money to help that happen faster, and i have a solid lead on an investor so if the stars align, this should be under way soon -no car -expenses from a storage unit in another state, for stuff i haven't had in years, though there is some art in there i cant have thrown away where i want to be: -making enough money to cover my monthly expenses and a little extra to put in savings -6 months worth of savings in reserve (preferably in 6 high interest bearing cd accounts staggered to mature once a month) -start a retirement fund -buy a house -buy a car -travel to anywhere i want -passive income to make up the difference so i don't have to sell my time for money the plan: create a website/blog and update it frequently with what i do and showcase the cool stuff i'm doing, driving traffic in with social media and monetizing it somehow. i can do the tech stuff, i've already built some successfull websites for other people, the part that im researching now is different ways to monetize my site, and make money off things other than glass i think that this point i need a mentor who does this, who can point me in the right direction but as far as that goes i don't know where to look, and if i found one i don't have much to offer i can do production work with glass, which does sell fast and is quick money but it's very hard on my body for doing something very boring and repetitive, and i'd rather be working on my next masterpiece than making 100 of the same thing every day, so if the blog/website can take care of the daily expense stuff and i can focus on the high end art and not worry about it selling more slowly, i can really level up and expand my skill, and this is what i'm aiming for.
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