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  1. Until Day 18 Ill get back at the staff tomorrow morning. Ive taken good care of my body and diet.
  2. Day 11 Didnt train today either, and I ate a chocolate. I dont care about my body when it doesnt even work well, these days.
  3. Day 10 Didn't practice. Had my first alcoholic drink, dilluted whisky. I decided that I will play pool aside from brazilian ju jitsu. My diet took a hit today, but now I know what to avoid.
  4. Till day 9 Practiced staff at waking up. Drank lots of water and took care of my diet.
  5. These days until 7 At 7 I finally practiced the staff movements, and there would be 3 remaining. No junk, sugar or processed foods. No videogames save the star wars test by petition of my little brother. Drank lots of water.
  6. Day 4 No junk, had a craving for some icecream but the machine broke. Ate only 3 meals. Drank lots of water. No videogames.
  7. Ive had the same problem in Brazilian ju jitsu, and this little trick helps me inmensely..... Breathe, tell yourself breathe every 5 seconds. Perhaps you hold your breath lathomas64.
  8. These days till 3 Ive kept true to my diet resolutions, only 3 meals a day, no junk and no cravings either. I feel much more lucid now. I haven't made time for staff training, but I will begin tomorrow. I read Dracula for fiction, but only a chapter a day. I have not played videogames that much, maybe an hour and 20 minutes in total from these 3 days. Now Im not missing my former lifestyle, and am deciding what to do.
  9. Last challenge, I came close to my 15 pull up goal, but didn't make it. I'd like to focus on some staff wielding videos I have, since I would like to injury proof myself more. So, my fitness goal is: Learn the movements from the staff fighting videos so I can toughen my wrist and grip. My diet goals are: Only 3 meals a day(breakfast, lunch and dinner) Keep up the no cravings. Forsake junk food. And my personal goal is to quit my addictions and change them into hobbies. My addictions are: videogames and fiction. Ill be more careful from now on whenever I train, especially in ju jitsu sparring.
  10. Challenge Ranking:C 15 pull ups: only achieved a maximum of 14, and that was before I got serious about ju jitsu, which weakened my body. Rank: B No Cravings,sugar and processed foods: Had cravings that were controlled but not enough since I sometimes ate grains and sweets, but no processed foods. Rank: C Studies: Studied but not enough, since I didn't feel quite ready for my tests. Rank: C 6 manga read: Only read 2 mangas, but came close to finishing one more. Rank: D Overall, It seems this wasn't bad for a first challenge, sadly, I injured my left foot, which made me unfit for duty in
  11. I sympathise with falling in languor about fitness. You may have not read my challenge, but I got my left foot injured in ju jitsu, so no heavy exercise for me..... I only focus on what is possible for me now while I recover, that is, mobilizing my wrist with my semi-long stick. And reading. My next challenge will be about the sticks, so stay tuned! and be of good cheer jaz! this has just begun!
  12. Day 43 Practiced piano twice, I shortened what is practiced for wiggle room. Studied the kanji of the day, and reviewed 4 times. My sweetooth is gone now. Cravings are gone too. Ive mobilized my wrist and arms with my hybrid stick(semi long). Read 1 chapter of 2 different mangas. I feel as if I won something, yet, I haven't placed it yet.
  13. Day 42 Did not practice piano. Read 1 chapter of 4 different books. Studied a kanji along with 4 reviews of it. Read a chapter of 2 mangas.
  14. Day 41 Practiced Piano for atleast 2 hours. Read 1 manga chapter of 2 different mangas. Use my stick for mobilizing my wrist.
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