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  1. Weird. Er... I don't know, I'm still playing on the 1.9.4 server...
  2. Poooooooke? What's the good news? I need to finish up my basement dungeon... Er... Edit: Oh yeah, and are we updating to 1.10?
  3. Server's looking great... now I need to remember how to play. I'll start farming up the mats for making maps and will leave a few in a chest at some point.
  4. If anyone's using Discord... https://discord.gg/0y3jxd80qbLsCPXF Let me know if that doesn't work.
  5. Yeah Im in. I can set up a channel on discord for voice chat and share an invite if people are interesred as well.
  6. That's about the last time I played Minecraft too...
  7. Yeeeeeah, I know. I've been journeying through hell for a while. Figured it was time to climb back out.
  8. So... Much... Destiny... (PS4 - CrawlingChaos13 if you want to add me, always need people to run heroics with)... Playing Iron Banner for the first time, so much fun....
  9. What's your PSN name friend? I must add you.
  10. Work keeps doing these things to me. It's mostly because my temp-boss is in Israel right now, so the best time for her to sync with us is 8/8:30 in the morning, which cuts into precious gym time. So this week my sleep has been off schedule, and add to that some weird allergy shit (constant mild-sinus headaches) and I haven't even done any serious bodyweight stuff. However, I've got my eating on track, I just finished Dune, got a library card and picked up The Martian for my reading, and have been working on my Clean the Fuck Up goal. I'm beginning the process of getting organized to have a Y
  11. I have acquired a PS4 and have been playing the shit out of Destiny the last few days. If anyone plays, or just wants to add me, my PSN handle is CrawlingChaos13. Going to be playing Arkham Knight once I catch up with my friend on Destiny (level 28). Then it's mostly just waiting for Fallout 4 to come out...
  12. Sounds like progress, let's catch up soon.
  13. Friends! Northmen! Countrymen! Lend me your axes! Actually I just wanted to say that anyone who has a Playstation can add me: CrawlingChaos13
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