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  1. Yeeeeeah, I know. I've been journeying through hell for a while. Figured it was time to climb back out.
  2. What's your PSN name friend? I must add you.
  3. Work keeps doing these things to me. It's mostly because my temp-boss is in Israel right now, so the best time for her to sync with us is 8/8:30 in the morning, which cuts into precious gym time. So this week my sleep has been off schedule, and add to that some weird allergy shit (constant mild-sinus headaches) and I haven't even done any serious bodyweight stuff. However, I've got my eating on track, I just finished Dune, got a library card and picked up The Martian for my reading, and have been working on my Clean the Fuck Up goal. I'm beginning the process of getting organized to have a YARD SALE next weekend. That's my week one update I guess. Not much to report, but soon. SOON.
  4. Sounds like progress, let's catch up soon.
  5. Friends! Northmen! Countrymen! Lend me your axes! Actually I just wanted to say that anyone who has a Playstation can add me: CrawlingChaos13
  6. Hey. Hey Teros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlBifX0H3yg
  7. That one's not that bad actually. Try this one: Wicked wobbly wombats on wire. I think the discount varies based on the amount in your cart when you sign up. Yeah I'm only going to use it for amazon moving forward (I make multiple purchases on amazon every month).
  8. Bit the bullet and bought it. Decided last second to do the application for the Amazon Rewards Card too, got approved, and it took another $70 off. Woo! Now I just need to remember that I have a new credit card and pay it off lol.
  9. The BF deal is rarely a price drop - last year it was just a similar bundle to this (GTA V, Assassins Creed 4 and another game). So it's about the same value. Update. Slept on the deal. It's still there. I still haven't decided. My brain might explode.
  10. Update! Work threw a curveball and I haven't been able to get into the gym this week LOL. We had a project spring up last second so I had to go into work early on Wednesday. So I'm officially starting the gym on Monday. I have been keeping my eating on track though, so there's that. Everything else seems to be working out well. I currently have a dilemma. I've been planning on buying a PS4 before the end of the year for a while now. My plan was to wait till Black Friday/Christmas and snag one of the inevitable bundle deals they have, which is usually the current bundle plus one or two games for free. However.... this popped up today: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0141EO5QU/?tag=kinjadeals-20&ascsubtag=d8ff471723f34057002eadda5a6b7a3b9887ed50&rawdata=%5Br%7Chttp%3A%2F%2Flifehacker.com%2F%3FstartTime%3D1440009000593%5Bt%7Cmod-title%5Bp%7C1725069257%5Ba%7CB0141EO5QU%5Bau%7C5727177402741770316&sa-no-redirect=1 OH GOD DO I BUY IT OR NOT!?
  11. Thaaaaaaaanks. Yeah the new company is amazing. We're a security startup. It's a weird environment. Thaaaaaaaaanks. Yes, many big things. Thanks! Yeah in college my schedule was... 8am: wake up (class also started at 8am, so as you can see, I never went to that) Drink red bull from 8am to 4pm drink beer/whiskey from 4pm to 5am. 5am: passout Repeat. I also smoked. I also gained 50+ pounds... Glad I've stopped that. But no I'm just one of those people that can function on 5-6 hours a night and be good to go. Usually.
  12. Looking good! Now that I can like, live my life, I need to start considering painting my house.... and curtains...
  13. The hiiiiilllls are aliiiiiivvveee with the sound of DEATH.
  14. Hey all. I've been gone for a while due to some personal life issues and professional life issues. Now I'm at a new job and in a better place and officially getting Back On Trackâ„¢. Some of you may know me, many of you may not. I've been here for a couple years now, and I have to say, it's good to be back. Backstory. When last I traveled these realms, I was a member of a famed RPG Fanatics and an Adventurer aspiring to be a Ranger. During my sabbatical, I had some time to reflect, and while this stance is still a natural one for me I've decided to push my training, both mentally and physically, into a new direction. I am focusing my goals on strength, endurance, agility and overall wellness, as well as clarity of mind and thought. To this end I lift heavy, move fast, practice buddhist meditation and attempt to fuel myself with only healthy, natural things. In the past I: Drank too much. Ate too much. Slept too little. Thought too hard. These days I'm refocusing my energy on, simply put, being happy. And now, it's time to return to place that provided me some accountability and support. Physical goals: 180 lb 8 percent body fat Squat 2.5x my BW Deadlift 3x my BW Bench 2x my BW Row 2x my BW Overhead Press 1x my BW Get back into parkour and rock climbing Bike 5 hours a week Salmon Ladders! Mental goals: 5 hours of medication a week (in any split) 5 hours of writing (non-work) a week 3.5 hours of reading a week Life goals: Get married (date set - Sept 2017) Save for the future Travel the world (one trip per year starting in 2016) Downsize my wordly possessions Spend more time with my loved ones Go hiking and camping more often (reconnect with nature) These are my outstanding goals... here are my more immediate, SMART ones: Work the fuck out: I need to get back into the gym. My work schedule is not helpful for this because of my life situation, but we're working with it. Plan is to go at 6am MWF. Missed today because I only got three hours of sleep last night, but I did a light BW workout. Plan is to either go TThS this week, or just go WF and move forward. Restarting 5x5 plan, but also am going to start seeing a personal trainer in Sept., so that might change. Fucking sleep more: Over the last six months I have slept about an average of three hours per night. Between some personal shit that went down, changing jobs and a few other things, sleep has simply not been my thing. SO! From this day forward, a minimum of six hours a night is MANDATORY for living. Bedtime is 11:30. Wakeup time is 5:45. Let's do this. Be fucking agile: I'm going to get back into parkour again, but first I need to ensure my joints are healthy. Therefore, I need to start stretching every day. I've decided to adopt a stretching routine showcased by some parkour instructors here (click for YouTubeness), which takes about 5-10 minutes every morning and touches every joint without the full requirements of the previous yoga routine I was doing. I am going to do this every morning. NO EXCEPTIONS. Eat only what fucking nature provides: One of the biggest problems I've had over the last few months is the desire to eat. Not eating crap, but simply not eating... I just haven't wanted to. Because of this, and the therefore necessity to force myself to eat, I have eaten mostly crap... so I've gained a little body fat since last year. Not much, but a little. Time to destroy that and get back on track. Therefore, I am going back to my strict modified Paleo diet. Potatoes are allowed in moderation. Liquor and wine is allowed in small doses every couple days. But no grains. No sweeteners except for honey and maple syrup in miniscule amounts. Very little fruit. Low card, high fat, high protein. Grass-fed. Organic. Beast mode shoveling salads and steak in my gaping maw every day. I'm not going to start tracking my food just yet (until I have my meeting with the PT and we discuss diet I don't want to mess with it, plus it's time consuming), but I'm eating clean. Clean the fuck up: I started a new job two months ago, and with that new job came... more money. Thankfully. Anyone who knows my previous situation understands what a blessing this is. However, my apartment is still cluttered and I need to focus on cleaning up my life in a variety of ways. Less booze. Less time spent watching TV shows (I just started MASH however, so that might get a pass for my nightly viewing of 1-2 episodes). Less "things." I recently got back into Magic: the Gathering due to some friends, so I'm rebuilding a few decks and selling the rest of my 3,000+ cards (anyone interested?). Sell my comics. Sell my excess vinyl. Start selling DVDs and books. Start getting rid of the crap that is cluttering up my place, and gain peace of mind. I'm also going to be donating a TON of stuff to Goodwill (mostly clothes) and buying stuff that actually fits (already started this process with a few new, very nice, dress shirts. Next are some pants and new gym clothes and shoes). It's time to clean this motherfucker up and sort out my life. I also need to buy new computers for both myself and my fiancee, so some of this will help pad the savings account while I drop that insane expense (we're both gamers, so we're talking $1,500+ computers). Might do that next Spring though... we shall see. That's about it for me this time around. Joining mid-challenge means I won't be holding myself accountable in terms of a level for my avatar here, so this is just to get back into the swing of things! See you all on the flip side.
  15. I may be in (now that I'm back!) but I may also be going to Amsterdam for work that weekend, so... I need to find out if that is happening first...
  16. *Exits lurk mode. Coughs up some dust* Well then. Seems like there's been some changes. Hola folks. I've been keeping up with Teros via phone, so he knows my thoughts on all of this... just kind of reintroducing myself via his thread since we're in the midst of a challenge and saying hi, I'm back. Going to be getting my diet and workouts sorted out and then I'll officially be participating in the next challenge. Just figured I'd get my stuff sorted out first. I'll update this with a thread once I post one (nothing wrong with joining mid-challenge). Hope everyone I know is doing well, and to anyone I don't... Hi. I'm ravnos. The resident asshole. See you all on the flip side. Here's my mid-challenge thread: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/70061-ravnos-joins-mid-challenge-for-some-motivation-and-ass-kicking/
  17. Haaaiiii guys. Just an update: I'm not dead. I just started a new job this week (insert image of success Teros here), so things are super-busy-hectic right now (in a good way). So, I'm taking a break from here for a bit. If you want to get in touch PM me, those go to my email, so I'll get them and hop on to respond! Or bug Teros, he can get in touch with me. He has the magic.
  18. May the Viv be with you.
  19. High-five fellow Yoda. Though I'm also very much Chewbacca and Luke...
  20. Kind of secretly hoping this happens now because I'm an evil bastard. I'm also picturing Teros with a wolverine beard and reverse mohawk now (shaved down the center of his head, but the rest of his hair untouched)... because that's obviously the route this would take. And it's hilarious.
  21. I'm totally jealous of your beard. I grew mine out for about 6 months once and it just looked... no.
  22. I am recovered! Well, lingering sore throat but fuck that noise. Back into the gym today. UNTIL THEN: http://www.stereogum.com/1800663/stream-faith-no-more-sol-invictus/mp3s/ New fucking Faith No More, because that's all that matters this week. Saw Avengers 2 over the weekend. Fun time. Much more excited for Mad Max later this month.
  23. You sir, are a rogue and a scoundrel. Of the best sort.
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