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  1. Going to bump this Thread... Looking to start the next 5 week challenge. I'm from Plymouth (checked in some time ago but wanted to check back to see if any locals were around).
  2. I was using one of the 5k advanced plans generated using the Endomondo app. As far as the orange is concerned... I made some shirts tailored to the situation.
  3. Detroit-area NerdFitness Members (or NerdFitness Members who will be in the Detroit Area on 12/31), I'd like to propose an area meetup/workout: 48th Annual Belle Isle New Year's Eve Family Fun Run/Walk The longest continuously-held running event in Michigan http://www.belleislefunrun.com/ This event is open to both runners and walkers. Registration Options: 3:30 pm, Children's 1 Mile Fun Run 3:30 pm, Open 1 Mile Fun Run 4:00 pm, 5km Run 4:00 pm, 5km Race Walk / Fitness Walk
  4. My background has been in Interface Design & Development / UX & Identity Design though I've spent my majority of the past 7-8 years of my career focusing on Web Accessibility. I try to keep my design skills fresh with personal projects, work for causes I find important and occasional freelance.
  5. I'll begin w/ the basic format that Hazard lays out in the "Start Here" thread: Here I Go: Pick a Main Quest: Begin the first 4 weeks of a advanced 5K plan (I have the endurance as I just completed my 5th Half Marathon) w/ a focus on building speed (Goal PR in a 5K I have the week after challenge concludes on Thanksgiving Day). Pick 2-3 SMART goals: Run all prescribe runs for plan formulated by Endomondo: "Experienced Going faster plan targeting 5-15KM race distances for runners that are already active" 1 day per week Strength Solutions Course at Applied Fitness Solutions 1 day per week Weight Loss Solutions (Circuit Training) Course at Applied Fitness Solutions Begin Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain (First Week of November) Not let Deer Hunting opening week (Final week of challenge) derail my fitness plan (its happened... a couple of times...) Not eating out/carry-out more than twice in a week. (Mission: cook your own damn meals) (added 10/25/2017) Create your Challenge Thread: Introduce Myself: I do my fitness activities under the Social Media / Blog Identity I created (shortly after the premature birth of my first child), Miles4Milestones / @4milestones (I'm much more prolific on social media than with the blogging but I hope to change that soon). There are those that call me... ...Mike. I found Nerd Fitness kind of randomly, but probably because it has a similar bent of being part general nerdery with a side of fitness (or the reverse) a while back but only recently committed to being truly active. Hobbies: Digital Design, Aspiring Cosplayer (thus far limited to making costumes for my kids), Hunting (I'm far from the archetypal hunter/sportsman, but it is my preferred source for free-range meats), Trains, Cooking Favorite TV Shows: GoT, Westworld, Trek (most, if not all), West Wing, SW: Rebels Favorite Movies: Star Wars (even at least 1.5 of the prequels), Star Trek (we do not speak of 5), Godfather 1/2, The Manchurian Candidate (one of my all time favorites), The MCU Movies My challenge (See above)
  6. Thanks I was quite happy with how that turned out and how the ears really made all the difference.
  7. Mike reporting in from the Metro Detroit area. I tried thinking up a good nickname to stay in theme, but I kept feeling like George Costanza when he tried assuming the nickname T-Bone at his new job and that didn't work out well for him. As it is I already go by my actual name (Game of Thrones-ized) for my multiple past attempts at blogging my fitness journey. After quitting smoking before my 30th Birthday I took up cycling to train for that year's MS150 (150 miles over 2 days) cycling fundraiser. That was my first foray into endurance sports (about 11 years ago). Since then I added running to my portfolio and have since completed numerous 5K/10K races, 4 Half Marathons and 2 Sprint Triathlons. By the end of the year I will have run my first 10 mile race (next weekend) and my 5th Half Marathon. In order to better incorporate Strength Training & Injury prevention, I'm beginning to incorporate Strength and Circuit Training Workouts into my weekly routine. While I'm not nicknaming myself for use on the forums here I generally use Game of Thrones-esque naming and nomenclature for use on social media and blogging (when I do it). I am a graphic designer at heart so I generally can't help myself when it comes to branding things I'm involved with (See exhibit A below). I look forward to the the upcoming 4 week challenge as I believe that will help keep things interesting going into the final weeks of training for my October Half Marathon.
  8. Anyone have experience with the Quell Pain Relief Device? https://www.quellrelief.com/ I happened upon it when I was looking for replacement adhesive gel pads for my Advil Backpain Electric Stim. I'd go out on a limb and try it out, but the price point is a little more than i want to spend on something I've never heard of before. Mike
  9. I currently use these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004BHCSQC/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1375796403&sr=8-2Ï€=AC_SX110_SY190 Caveat: they can get in the way of glasses but I manage.
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