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  1. Hi, I think my first post here was probably 10 years ago or so. When I joined the rebellion I was discovering new things and I thought I had everything was sorted out. At the time Paleo was the new hot thing, and it seemed it was the solution to ALL problems To be honest I was looking to be more healthy and lose weight and it worked like a charm. In a way, I guess that not knowning enough about nutrition, science etc helped me. I started reading lot of books about nutrition, self improvement , fitness etc. I thought was doing the right things, I was in the holy war against gluten and modern food, showing how conventional wisdom was wrong etc, Fast forward 10 years and I feel stuck. Not saying that Paleo was completely wrong. Eating eggs instead of fruit loops is better. But it was freeing to have a sort of guide, the ten steps to live healthy. Maybe I have read too much, but now, in a way I feel confused. If I decide to go on calories restricted diet, I feel terrible after a week and I binge eat. If I go for Paleo/Primal/Keto/Carnivore/Younameit I know all the possible counterpoint to whatever I do and eat. Maybe is being stuck in a paradox of choices, I do not know. I think a lot about placebo effects. At the time I was doing thing that I thought they were good for me, hence it worked. Now I do not have that. For fitness is the same, if you say that you will fast before training, there are 100 studies that says it does not matter, but you will find other people that will point out that there are other studies that says it works. Apparently calories matter but I fail inevitably at lowering them. When I used to be down , I would find some book with a catchy title and read it. Now my critical sense will just destroy it. I do not know if it makes sense, but sometimes I just wish I was the kind of person that would beleive that 'the secret' is true and it is all about law of attractions, but honestly I cannot. Guess what I am saying I am looking for a clean sheet, a respwan point and it is couple of years I am not finding it. Last month I reached the dreaded number of 100 kgs on my balance, and I know it is not muscles. While I managed to lower it down, still it was not the breaking point that starts a success story. Well any idea? Somebody has a MIB device that can allow me to forget stuff an live in ignorance again?
  2. My advice is to buy Enter The Kettlebell (and a Kettlebell) https://www.dragondoor.com/b33/ Excellent mix between strength and conditioning... This is where I started. Simple and very effective.
  3. Hi, I would actually use what Robb Wolf would call a performance objective and focus on that. The point is that lot of athletes have amazing physique not because they were trying to look amazing but because they were trying to achieve something amazing. You could start small and then improve on it (e.g. A strict pull up, an strict handstand push up, deadlift 200 kgs... ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So, I really really need a respawn, or maybe a way of not getting fragged again... I joined Nerdfitness forum long ago, I guess it was 2011 . Wow so long? I was just fresh of 'Why we get fat' and my beleif system on nutrition was getting heavily shaken. I found the forum and I asked the usual questions. Is it possible that everybody is so wrong? Is low carb dangerous? Go replies, got insight. Somebody mentioned Paleo diet. BAM. I was on something. I lost 10 Kg with no effort at all. I was feeling energetic, happy. Started training, joined a crossfit box even (one of the first in Belgium at the time). I would never reach the goal of being very lean, I always carried some fat, but overall I was ok. I thought I knew what I had to do. Did I gained some weight? Let me do some more strict paleo... And it was easy. This was before the safe starches, before the resistant starches, before dairy is OK, legumes are OK for somebody. Everything was pretty easy. Then things got complicated, again. But I tried to stick to what was right for me. Years passed, I got a new stressful job, got my first child, sleepless night. Gained back most of my weight, and I cannot seem to get back on track. I tell myself: I am going to do a whole 30 or I will be primal 80%... Then I cannot resist to crap food. I did not entered in a fast food restaurant for 2 years.. Now I crave McDonald... When I am little bit down I stuff myself with chocolate, and shitty stuff. Before was so easy to say no. Now I just can't. And I wonder why? I do not like my job, so maybe I compensate. Paleo is mainstream now, so I am not the owner of a secret truth... Or maybe it is because it is just too complicate now, not a simple rule to follow. Yes, I am asking for some help, and I am sorry if I am so unclear, but I feel empty of any energy, fat and powerless again.
  5. Hi, I am trying to learn the front squat, but since I train alone, I would love to have some feedback on my form.. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B4E1CF9B19117C83!5282&authkey=!ABzX1QSEhRDb_vI&ithint=video%2c.mp4 Would it be possible to give me some hints on what is wrong. I did not shoot from the back, so you cannot see everything, I will shoot another one from another perspective. Thanks a lot! Francesco
  6. Hi, thanks for the tips. I found some routine on the website that are pretty basic. Strength is not really a big issue. (Well I suck at pull ups, but I can do a pretty good number of pushups and a very high number of squats). As per book apparently a good one is one called 'defying gravity', probably going to order on amazon. Cheers Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  7. I was wondering is someone can help me. I would like to work on some gymnastic drills and flexibility and I read very good things about Ido Portal. I see he has put bunch of resources on the net, like videos and articles, but it is pretty messy. His blog last update was in 2010, his facebook and youtube pages are full of stuff but most of the videos are showing what he is capable of... Basically I am looking for something more structured and "step by step". I am looking to improve my flexibility and my strength on bodyweight exercises, also I am a recent father, so right now I do not really have much time to go to the gym so I would like to do stuff at home. Do you have any advice from where to start? Thanks!
  8. For me chocolate is a gateway food. Once I allow some, I end up eating more and more until I end up snaking with Mars bars ... :-) It really depends, but can you really really stop at two small squares every 2 days? If yes, then go, but if you are like me, just say no. For me even a small amount of sugar is like a drug,,, ADDICTIVE! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Paleo is not only about gkuten , but maybe more important, avoid processed food, usually gluten free pasta/pizza/whatever is full of crap. I would advise to focus on real food and avoid paleo versions of non paleo food... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  10. I bought it for my girlfriend as postnatal, get back in shape sort of workout. I tried thinking that since I do crossfit it was going to be easy. I was pretty beaten up. My girlfriend loves it, and I think it is really good,. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  11. You should try them. I have the sprint model and the Kso. The kso are perfect, while the sprint are not really comfortable.. By the way I use the 5 fingers less and less since I tend to go more barefoot (for real) lateky . Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Hi to all, I have been Paleo for one year; Lost lot of weight, built muscles, got strong etc. I am 79kgs for 177 cm (sorry European here), pretty strong, I believe. But I am not really lean, or 'ripped' and I want to pursue a totally egoistic and narcissistic objective, see my bloody abs! I saw a lot on IF and lean gains and I was thinking about doing a SIMPLE program. I work as freelance now, my schedule is highly variable, so I need something easy to follow. What do you think of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, skip breakfast and do kettle-bell 'rite of passage' program from Pavel Tsatsouline book in fasted state, eat around 1 pm for the first time in the day and eat again for dinner. The workout is basically 5 sets of 5 reps of clean and press with 16kg Kettlebell + do as much as you can swings for from 2 to 12 minutes (I use dices to know how many minutes). I eat 90% paleo, and it is basically second nature now, but I will remove the remaining 10% (alcool btw ...) What do you think? Is this a good approach according to your opinion? Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi I would start with the beginner guide to paleo article on nerd fitness. It gives you the basis. also if you google the whole 30 by whole9 they have a PDF with the rules for 30 days. The A's well if you go to Robb Wolf website read the FAQ. If you want a book I would adviser the 21 days transformation program by Mark Sisson. Very good for a beginner. Only one remark regarding starting paleo: EAT a lot of good food, Ignore the quantities. Your body will adapt and tell you when it's enough. Caloric restriction will make you fail because you will be hungry all time. Sent from my ST18i using Tapatalk
  14. Day 17 The day was a disaster. While diet was ok I did some meditation in the morning only. It's work for now. That's it.
  15. Day 16 Exercise + Meditation (Funny mix) Done my bodyweight exercises and some sprinting + I mixed with a meditation from the Buddify app.. Pretty strange mix, but I think there is something... Is about being full aware of your body while exercising. Diet. Lunch and Breakfast OK. For dinner I decided to almost skip. Had an apple and an orange. My body was telling me to not eat.
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