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  1. I wish I could join ya. I used to be fairly active here and an active lifter. That was until I was diagnosed with a genetic bone disease that's impacting my right leg. I have orders against running, jumping or lifting/carrying a load. Squats and deadlifts with a barbell were specifically ruled out by the specialist, due to the location of a bone tumor in the fibula. I got depressed. Got lazy. Got weak. Got out of shape. I'm trying to fight through this. Figured looking and seeing how the Rebellion is doing may help.
  2. Friday I worked with a therapist on my legs. It was a long, very painful process that I can still feel today. They are slowly improving though. Hopefully it won't be much longer before I get a thumbs up to resume leg work. As weird as it is to say, I miss doing the split leg Bulgarian squats! Saturday With the blessings of zee therapist, I did a break in hike. Over the winter season my wife, daughter and I all upgraded packs and hiking footwear. I also picked up a few more accessories. Before we are doing the massive trek in July, we want to have all the kinks in our gear worked out and do a half dozen or so dry runs of our game plan so that we are prepared. We loaded the packs up as if we were about to do 8 hours on a Newfoundland mountain and hit a trail. Because it's our first of the season and my leg issues, it was a fairly even trail with only minor elevation changes and no real surprises. We did 5 miles, figured out a few gear tweaks we need to make and had a pretty good time. Photography We took our dslr out with us and took our time so we could snap some pics. I haven't had a chance to pull them off of the memory card yet but once I do I'll post any that are worth sharing. Today After work and a trip to the barber shop, I'll be hitting the upper body/core pretty hard. Elevated pushups, rows, dips, assisted pullups (the downside of being 6'4" 215lbs, those are hard as eff on me!), assisted chinups then the finisher of Tabata style pushup/side plank/row/other side plank. AMRAP 20 seconds, rest 10, next position. 3 cycles.
  3. Yesterday: Rested lower body. 4 sets of Dumbbell incline chest press x12 Dumbbell row x4 3 sets of Seated incline press x12 Bent over rear delt raise x25 Side lateral raise x12 3 sets of Cable overhead tricep extension x12 curl up/hammer down dumbbells x12
  4. So, yesterday I was supposed to work out. I gave it a pass though, as walking was bringing some discomfort (see: hip flexor) and I knew there was no way I'd get through a routine. I tried a plank but upon tightening up everything for the hold I experienced pain. So, I stretched and did mobility/roller work instead. Tomorrow I work with my trainer, who is going to blast my upper body since I can't do lower body work. I can't wait to see what barbell and dumbbell work he has planned! /sarcasm (I like him but he works me until I want to puke, which is less than fun lol).
  5. I couldn't do it. I work with a few fellas that are gym rats and the running phrase among us is "We all know *** don't run unless he's being chased!"
  6. I would if I could. Google is blocked for me, I can't access anything they are tied to. No gmail, no google docs, no google searching, no youtube... edit: I r smrt. Used phone to complete it.
  7. Woo! Someone noticed I was gone! It's good to be back. I find that I need this place to help keep me moto. Welcome to the comedy that is my workouts, Brother! I'm not very good at this but I try hard. That counts right? Death to injured legs! Erm, wait...that would be bad. HEALTH TO INJURED LEGS!
  8. What's on my mind? I'm actually a little nervous about trying my hand at 6 weeks of intense calisthenics/body weight training.
  9. Following along, because Seven is my hero.
  10. Following for Mitten Power!
  11. Following for Mitten Power!
  12. When things get tough in the coming days, just remember what Uncle Iroh once said to Zuko....
  13. I was going to say something along these lines but Achaedia did it a lot better than I would have.
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