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  1. 9/28. So, abstaining from video games last night didn't go according to plan. Had lots of angry feels, lots of sad feels, lots of anxiety feels, and chose to hole myself up in Valheim for a few hours instead of working on those feels. No alcohol though, so there's that. Shoulder / neck still aches. I feel it mostly in my left shoulder / upper arm. Considering just starting the Starting Strength program from scratch on all lifts, particularly since I wasn't very systematic on what my starting weight to lift was. It all seemed very haphazard (ehhh...how much should I start squats on? 95 pounds? Sure, go with that), and I suspect that may have contributed to my issues. At least, it didn't help matters.
  2. I work on the fringes of the IT / cybersecurity space, so on the one hand, they give me job security. On the other, let's just say that "go away" is putting it nicely.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I've edited the link out of the quoted post. Sorry about that.
  4. Not meaning any disrespect, but this smells like a phishing link.
  5. Quick update now that I'm back from the wedding trip. My upper back and neck muscles got all knotted up to the point where my wife had to drive us home. Based on some armchair research that I've since done, I think I've identified a few culprits: 1. Way too much computer time. 2. Not enough water. 3. Not properly cooling down after the lifts. 4. Not enough attention to flexibility. So this week, I'm putting the stronglifts on hold until I get this cramp sorted out (which has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now, but only really got nasty this past Saturday.) I'll nail down something more structured later, but for now, the main thing I'm committing to is no video games for the rest of the week.
  6. I'm over here like "Hm, I might have to try that next time." Kinda similar to mine, but instead of beef stock, I use two cans of beer and top up with some water. I've also know a dude who uses cocoa powder as a flavoring agent.
  7. Plan for 9/23 and the next couple of days. First an update from yesterday. Got my lifts done. Squat-45X5X2; 95X2X1; 120X5X3. OHP-45X5X2; 55X5X3; Deadlift-115X5X2; 130X5X1. Did a couple of passes over section D-F in BWF 113, but discovered that I had a hard time getting this part up to speed, so I'mma stick with this section again. Didn't really get around to much else as the day got a little busy (wife and I went to go watch our nephew and niece while their parents went on an anniversary date night). As for today, it's gonna be work and traveling as I'm headed to Charleston for a wedding. Not sure when I'll be getting back. Saturday I think? Anyway, whenever that is is when I'll pick the challenge back up.
  8. I mean, all ya gotta do is look at a map of Europe at the height of Trajan's power and think "yeah, all that was somehow influenced by the Romans." Add to that their policy of integrating foreign tribes by shuffling them to other parts of the Empire (apparently the Franks started out way on the eastern side of the continent and Gaul was made up of cultures that looked more like the cats* in Braveheart?), plus when you have a power that large and half of it just collapses on itself a couple hundred years into the "Common Era," then yeah, you're bound to see a few side effects. *Jazz musician slang for people. Not a reference to actual cats.
  9. Which seems ironic considering that, last I heard (which I'm sure these statistics are way outdated) the female partner in the garden-variety heterosexual male/female bonding arrangement (ahem...speaking of 'default human vs. 'niche special interest human' dichotomies) is the one who makes the bulk of purchasing decisions for the household. On a separate tangent, I finished Mike Duncan's History of Rome Podcast and wanted something to bridge the time gap between that one and Revolutions, so I've been listening to all sorts of Western Civ lectures on audiobook. Is it just me or can most of the things we see in Western Culture (particularly the 'male as default human and female as niche special interest human' trope) more or less traceable back to "well, that's how the Romans did it"? Do non-Western cultures wrestle with this issue, too?
  10. Seems inconsistent with recipes I've used in the past for homemade chili seasonings (such as my personal favorite right here). Or maybe not "inconsistent," but perhaps duplicative. But then I went and validated myself with whatever chili powder I had on hand and yes, it's touted as "a mix" with chili powder, paprika (wut?), garlic, and "spices." Oh well. Cumin's one of my favorite spices, so I'll happily add more. And yes X 1000 to smoked paprika. Still not fully up to speed on the controversy in this thread, but since I like playing devil's advocate, I have to ask how much of that is attributable to companies over-advertising it? Don't get me wrong, I'm with you on the double standard for "pumpkin spice being a thing that teen girls like." It's just that I also wonder how much of that dynamic also results from being flooded with advertising about pumpkin spice at a certain time of year. (Which, I think also bolsters your case further-though there could also be the counterpoint of yes, it's problematic, but it also drives revenue growth. As a further aside, I got to interview once with the Company that's buying Dunkin' brands, and had I accepted their offer, I'd be interested to hear their take on this question since Dunkin' also cashes in on the pumpkin spice craze.) I'm also wondering how much of a factor timing plays with the pumpkin spice thing. It seems like a familiar refrain in my part of the US about stores putting out holiday stuff earlier and earlier, and in the retail world, Black Friday is a thing ("Black" meaning the first time that some retailers see revenues in excess of yearly expenses). It seems like Fall leading into winter is the time to buy all the things, and chili or barbecue aren't exactly considered traditional holiday fare (at least, that's not what you see in the Publix ads). All that to say, I agree with you fully, AND ALSO marketers gonna market. This. And while we're on the subject, don't you dare put sugar in the cornbread, tea is served cold and sweet, collards are to be consumed with hot sauce, and not properly brining chicken before frying is considered an atrocity.
  11. Plan for 9/21. 1. Made it to bed at around 10:45 last night and listened to Harry Potter for about 30 minutes which puts me at actually trying to sleep at around 11:15. 2. Also, as an update, still no alcohol. That puts me at just over 8.5 months. 3. No lifts today. 4. Need to update budget, put in a full day's work, yada yada. 5. Test my speed on BWV 113 D-F. 6. Now that my cell phone mount has arrived, I'm going to assemble and test it with "Both Ways" out of the Tansman book. And that about covers it.
  12. Piano practice sesh done for the night. Yeah, it's not the hours and hours of practice each day touted by some in the piano world (those whose logic holds that each day has 24 hours, which means if you squeeze hard enough, you can still manage to sneak in a solid 26 hours of daily practice time), but it did the job, and I ended practice wanting to play more as opposed to bored, confused, or frustrated. And I got that small piece up to my goal speed of 50 bpm with hands together (which is just fast enough to be challenging while still slow enough that I can relax into it). Sections D-F tomorrow.
  13. And almost added several boxes of luxury vinyl flooring panels to those lifts as well, but decided against going to the big orange store as weather today has been mostly wet, and I'm too lazy to bother with tarping anything in the back of my truck atm.
  14. A barbell, couple of plates, plate clamps. Also a box handed to me by the Amazon driver, but we needn't count that as part of the workout proper. Or, applying a less literal interpretation ;), I lifted this: Squat-45X5X2; 95X2X1; 115X5X3. Bench-45X5X2; 70X5X3; Deadlift-115X5X2; 125X5X1.
  15. Yeah, I abandoned the whole FlyingAccountant thing, what with the whole "flying" part not...ahem...well...not getting off the ground.
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