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  1. Time for a quick reflection before bed. Challenge has not panned out the way I expected. All in all, I'm seeing good things come of it. I think initially, the plan was to just continue the successes of the first challenge. Things did not go that way, but then again, version one was a little half-baked to begin with. Version two was even less-baked than the first. At this point, I'm kind of betwixt versions 2 and 3. I think I'm going to let version 3 just develop naturally, since that's what it seems to be doing. I'm not sure if "successful" is the right word
  2. Just popping in to let y'all know I'm still alive over here. Haven't posted any because I've had a busy last couple of days. Getting swamped with classwork and work work and life work and all that. Aside from the two walks I got in previously, I haven't done any more. Haven't exactly kept to my "no beer except on weekends" regimen, so I need to fix that. Budget has, for the most part, been on track. The end of the month rollforward is always something I procrastinate on because it's a lot more involved than just zeroing out everything between the
  3. Posting an update. Not really keeping track of the challenge anymore. At least not the first version nor its revised version. That said, there are a couple of things I'm trying to get knocked out at least daily. First, I decided after being in such a low mood and feeling crummy all day on Sunday to just go for a walk on the trail near my house. That picked my mood up instantly. While it's not squatting a hundred-some odd pounds, going out and walking on the trail is something that I can do for thirty minutes, and makes me feel really good when I'm done, so I think this
  4. Still in a bit of a mood. Feeling slightly better, but by no means great. So we're gonna triage. What do I need to do to feel like I have accomplished something useful this weekend? I need to finish that financial analysis reading and do those problems. Everything else will wait. Piano is fine. I'll come up with the workout plan later. I'll clean later. I'll do all that other stuff later. But I'll hit the financial analysis stuff and then see how I'm feeling.
  5. Just popping by to keep the NF posts going. Challenge has kind of fallen by the wayside, but I've decided to let that happen. If all else fails, I'll keep posting on here. Haven't been feeling well over the last couple of days, so I'm wondering if my body is telling me I need a break. In other news, the piano stuff is still going strong. Might have happened across some potential ideas for a new workout routine. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I'm layin back down.
  6. Piano goals destroyed. All 12 majors and minors hands together-Now that's a place I never thought I'd get to a few months ago. Circle of 5th's also destroyed. And books updated. In other news...after much deliberation, I've decided to do away with the Stronglifts. It's not an easy choice for me to make. I love it because it's just such an easy to understand program, and I love the free weights. The problem is that I can't maintain it during the work week. A Stronglifts routine takes me a full hour and a half to get through from start to finish. C
  7. Day...something or other. Here's the update for the day. Yesterday was a huge piano day for me. Also got a fair bit of studying knocked out. I'm definitely seeing some improvement in my playing now that I'm a lot more fluent in my scales. Actually played around in an Oscar Peterson exercise book that I used to avoid because it took me so long to suss out the exercises. I found the first few exercises to actually be much easier this time around. Still wrestling with what to do about screen fatigue which, as I'm learning, is going to be my new huge trouble spot. That and
  8. Scales done. Might have decided to play around a little bit on B minor.
  9. A quick update for the day. 1. No alcohol yesterday or today (though the wife did pick up a bottle of wine yesterday that I've been eyeballing). 2. No Stronglifts today. 3. Piano practice is going to consist of all 12 majors and minors at 90 bpm. I'm also going to carve out some time to go through ii-V-I's around the circle of fifths using three-note voicings. That should be an easy fifteen minutes for me. 4. And about the recalibration session: I think the best approach is for me to do that in the morning instead of in the evening. My eyeballs aren't so burne
  10. I used to teach, but I left the classroom a few years before all the COVID stuff went down. I bet these last few months have been weird for you.
  11. Stronglifts done a while ago. Squats was 155 X 5 X 5. Overhead press was 80 X 5 and some failures along the way (4 reps in one set, 2 in another, and 5 in another). Meanwhile, I'm having a hard time with this challenge. I don't think it's as much that anything is hard. I think it's more just that I'm dealing with lots of screens. Last night, I spent almost my entire day with a screen in my face. Today, aside from an hour and a half spent lifting and about an hour a half of couch / cooking time, I've been in front of a screen. And my eyes and my brain are get
  12. And all 12 majors and minors done. 75 bpm at 8th notes. Didn't seem too difficult.
  13. GTD is my jam, dude*. I read it back when I was still teaching, and it changed my life. I know people throw the "changed my life" phrase around, but I am dead serious. Nice to see another fan around here! When did you come across it? *In my world, "dude" is gender-neutral term of endearment. Don't know if you're a dude-dude or not a dude-dude...eh, whatevs. you know what I mean.
  14. Thought about it some more this morning. These "re-calibration" sessions need some parameters. How do I know when I'm done? What do I even do? So here goes. 1. Update my to-do list; 2. Update NF; 3. Update the finances. And for now, that's about it. Got Stronglifts today. Also going to try to get in some studying now that I'm taking a new round of classes. And I think I have an 8 pm zoom meeting for one of my classes this evening.
  15. Quick update: No Stronglifts today. Put in some piano time to go through all 12 majors and minors with the metronome on at 60 bpm. No beers consumed today. And time for my nightly re-calibration session...
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