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  1. Check in day 8 For yesterday as I didn't get around to posting. Goal 1 - A - The dog and I did 5.78Km in the morning with Zombies, run! My 5K time is just under an hour - I think a future challenge will probably involve me starting to learn to run and reducing this (at the moment I walk and only run when I get chased by the zoms..) and another 3.2Km in the evening while listening to Mansfield Park - a good day of walking! Goal 2 - A - I had a friend over for lunch and made masses of delicious paleo food, spent the rest of the day devouring fresh grapes. Omnom Goal 3 - A - .Went food shopping and bought a ton of new cleaning supplies, did a load of washing, swept the kitchen, cleared up all the crap on the living room floor and sorted out a huge pile of paperwork (which I usually have a massive issue with). Definitely a day of mess reduction! My first triple A day! I am very proud of myself. I'm hoping that today will continue in this streak as my mother is coming over to help me deal with all the masses of clothes I have to put away, that will make a massive difference. Hurrah!
  2. Fab work! Well done on being fully paleo - it's lovely when everything just works
  3. Just popping my head in to say well done so far and that your research combines my three favourite areas of chemistry - nanotech for the win! It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job with the classes - even when I have a gym membership I'm too nervous to go to a class in case I make some kind of terrible faux pas, you are inspiring me to give it a go
  4. That's pretty impressive and it is possible! I find that cutting out certain types of food (grains and booze) generally has a big effect on my waistline. Well done! Keep it up
  5. Don't feel disheartened, we all have our stumbles - the important thing is whether you get back up or not. I used to be an absent minded eater too - when I weighed my highest (about 175) I could quite easily eat an entire pack of biscuits without thinking about it - Easter was the worst, stupid delicious mini eggs... I found that the way to stop it was by getting super compulsive about logging my food intake, it might not be for you and I can't do it in the long term because it makes me crazy but I found it really helped become more mindful. I used myfitnesspal and had the app on my phone, it has loads of British food on the database which was most useful for me. Just logging my food was enough to help me cut 20lbs (half of which went back on when I moved and ate nothing but takeout for weeks *sigh*) If you don't feel like doing that then even a simple mantra like "do I really want to eat this?", considering the emotion you are experiencing directly before you eat (sounds a little new agey but I apparently eat when I'm feeling awkward - who knew?) or counting to 10 might work - it's all about being aware and actually making the decision to eat what you do. Sorry for the insanely long reply - your post spoke to me Good luck fellow rebel, I'm off to run with the zombies!
  6. Well done on getting started! I completely agree about stating off the scales, I think mine might need to go on vacation for a while... Good luck with your challenges, you can do it
  7. Thanks, Phoenix I am actually bumping my D grade for goal 1 to a C - we got home and took the dog out for a late night walk to play in the pitch black - lots of fun playing hide and seek and sneak attack tug of war. It was pretty much the desire not to have a D on my report card that dragged me out of the door - once a nerd, always a nerd
  8. When I was tracking my food intake I found myfitnesspal was really good - especially as I had the app on my phone so I could log after every meal. I used it to track food, water intake and keep an eye on my macros - I especially liked how most chain restaurants were on there as I eat out quite a bit - you can also add your own recipes which is a bit time consuming bit useful if you eat the same home cooked meals on a regular basis.
  9. Well, one week down! So pleased with myself for still going . No fancy formatting on this post as I'm typing it in a restaurant. Check in day 7: Goal 1 - D - even though it wasn't me who walked the dog I did make sure that we planned to walk the mile to the station from dinner. Goal 2 - A- - giving myself a pass on home cooking as today is my wedding anniversary had a paleo meal out, with no booze or soda. Very pleased with my day. Goal 3 - A - I cleaned the bathroom, swept the kitchen, had the car valeted and new carpet fitted. A much better day that yesterday - annoyed I couldn't walk the dog but today had so many people arriving with deliveries etc that there was no time between 7am and me leaving for the train I could get out. I should have planned better and got up to take her out at 6 - something to learn for the future. Today was a better day - but tomorrow will be an awesome one.
  10. Thanks so much for this. I have woken up today feeling ready to get back on track - going to go for at least two A grades today!
  11. Unfortunately the last two days have been a bit of a write off - all because of Saturday evening when a significant amount of gin was consumed - enough to give me a two day hangover and have me still feeling pretty low. On with the check-in and then to the brightside. Check in day 5: Goal 1 - F- Poor mutt didn't go out for a proper walk, just spent the day running around in the yard. Goal 2 - C - something I'm actually proud of. Normally in my hungover state I would order vast amounts of pizza. and then eat it in bed however I planned for this eventuality and had gluten free chicken dippers in the freezer- not paleo but not poisoning myself with wheat. The rest of the day was spent eating grapes and drinking water which I think both count as paleo. Goal 3 - F - Chaos from the night before has left the house messier than ever. Booooo. Check in day 6 Goal 1 - F- Because of waiting in all day for deliveries the mutt only gets one walk today but it won't be from me because I still feel too terrible to leave the house. Bah. Goal 2 - B - I threw out the free pack of haribo which came in the package with my new memory card without even thinking about it. Woo!. Goal 3 - C+ - The new furniture has arrived and been set up and the washing machine was installed today. I swept up the kitchen but didn't unpack any boxes. The plan for this evening is to rip up the carpet in the hall ready for the fitters to come tomorrow which is a pretty big job. . I found it really hard to come on and update this after two such thoroughly sucky days but I'm trying to see the positives: Updating makes me not want to quit which is usually my response after stumbling so I'm tentatively proud of myself. I didn't completely mess up my food intake because of all of this - usually I will take any excuse for eating really unhealthy food containing loads of wheat which inevitably makes me feel terrible for days - I have managed to avoid this so far and I'm really happy with myself. The temptation to order in food this evening is very, very strong but I'm going to resist and go eat snacks from my brand new giant fridge that WON'T make me feel like hell tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. I just have to keep reminding myself that stumbling isn't failing - you only fail when you quit.
  12. Updating now as I'm about to head out to dinner so I won't get a chance this evening Check in day 4: Goal 1 - A - Two walks putting in to place the "play tug of war at every opportunity so she comes back to you" plan. This plan has me (and the dog) absolutely exhausted. Goal 2 - C+ - I.m pre-emptively giving myself a grade for today - I'm about to go out for dinner which while not paleo will be wheat free at the very least as my lovely friend sent me through the menu info. Dropping from a B because I anticipate there being wine. Goal 3 - A - The husband was home today so much got done! We cleared all the boxes from the sitting room, unpacked the study, I rearranged the kitchen to fit even more stuff in, all the empty boxes were put in the loft. We even sorted out the Console Graveyard (where obsolete cables, power supplies and memory cards go to die) rather than just shoving it back in the attic. My mother's "pick it up only once" rule worked a treat. We're just waiting for the washing machine to arrive now. Plus my mother in law bought me (no, not us - specifically me... *sigh*) The worlds shiniest, most powerful Hoover (and it is an actual Hoover, for once I'm not misnaming it!) which means vacuuming the entire house will take me roughly 48.2 seconds. Marvelous!
  13. I think it's really important to have targets you can not only meet but exceed - I see it all the time with the kids I teach: if they do well their target gets moved and they aren't as motivated, and like you said: once per week is a challenge in itself so you absolutely should be proud of yourself! Also it's more fun to be exceeding expectations than just meeting them I think your A+ idea sounds really great. I love that Mulan song too only problem is it makes me tear up in a huge way - working out whole crying would probably get me some very weird looks o_0
  14. Honestly I have no idea! Probably with red wine. It's a new school for me and a lot more challenging than the leafy suburban one I've just come from. Plus I'm starting as a Head of Department and I get the impression that there's a culture of long hours - add to that teaching an ENTIRELY new A level course.... gods, now I'm scared again - there's so much to do! Exciting stuff though. I've been trying to keep my body clock on a similar pattern to term time by getting up with my husband and either taking him to the station or going out with the dog. I'm going to have 5:30am starts too to get her walked before work, I will never understand how people with kids cope - especially teachers: truly, my proverbial hat is off to you. I am not looking forwards to the early mornings starting up again especially as it starts getting darker. Evening wise I'm hoping that I might actually get one or two hours I can squeeze in here and there once dog walking, cooking, shopping, cleaning and school work is done to get back into the gym - I desperately miss strength training and swimming. Last year I had to tutor every night to make ends meet so my gym bag just ended up lonely in the back of my car - I'm hoping that despite my bigger mortgage this year I won't have to do the same and I might actually make it to the pool or the weights room a couple of times per week.
  15. Check in day 3: Goal 1 - A - An hour dog training this morning meant that the walk to and from the station this evening was way less stressful and involved a lot less stopping and starting - we even had time for a game of tug of war in the park. I think I got muddier than the dog. Goal 2 - A - I actually ate leftovers for lunch (something which does NOT happen in my daily life, I have a history as a food phobic and old food still triggers me sometimes) and really enjoyed them. Cooked the worlds quickest double roast for supper. Side note: meat stuffed with other meat has been sorely underused as a culinary concept outside of Song of Ice and Fire and the 16th Century. I'm on a mission to bring it back. Goal 3 - B - I slacked a little with the unpacking but I did rearrange the cupboards in the kitchen and sorted lots of annoying little things including arranging delivery of my new furniture, getting rid of all the trash left by the previous occupant, transferring money I've had on my to do list for ages and meeting the kitchen fitter. So productive but not an A grade. Oh and I cleaned the kitchen, and washed up. I miss my dishwasher.
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