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  1. Updated time again. Things are kinda up in the air. I'm still working out and eating right, it seems that I have hit a plato and need to step it up. I'm finding it hard to find the will to do more. But I know I have to and if I keep my eyes to the future then it will get easier to do.
  2. Hi I'd like to join you guys if you still have room. I'm Female 33( soon to be 34) I'm looking to lose 190lbs I've been doing the beginners body weight circuit, walking, and cycling. I'm looking to make friends and find people who can keep me accountable and who I can help too.
  3. So life has been pretty hectic in my neck of the woods as of late. But I have been working out on a regular basses, and have been watching my food intake. I'm a little down because it feels like I'm spinning my wheels right now. I work out and I'm eating less and bettter food, but I don't really see any progress. It's frustrating to say the least but I'm gonna stay the course and figure out if there is anything else I could be doing to help jumpstart things. I'm going to troll the community and see if I can find any advise.
  4. Update time So last week went well. I worked out monday, tuesday, thurday, and friday. I also walked to work all this week except for two days. I had a really emothinal time this week and instead of falling back into old habits I went for a walk and worked our what I was feeling and how to deal with it like a big girl. My food goals are coming along, I still have times when I mess up though. On the up side I have been loggin everything I've eaten , even when it's a bad day. It keeps me honest with myself. It looks like I've lost more but I'm not sure because I don't have a scale.
  5. Update time as of this morning things are good. I've gotten up every morning and done yoga, walked to work and then walk home again (it's about 1.35 miles one way). On Monday I did 20 minute od the beginner body weight circuit. Warm up 10 mins of stretching and getting my heart rate up 20 mins of the circuit The first set 5-squats 5- lunges on each side 20 - push ups ( I still have to do them on the wall) 15 - jumping jacks ( I need to invest in a really good sprots bra) The second set 10 - squats
  6. So the last week I had a cold, it sucked pretty bad. I got in some riding on my stationary bike on a couple of days but that was about all I had the energy for. I rested and got lots of fluid and am feelin better. I've journaled my food everyday so far and I'm kinda proud of that. I've stayed within my calorie goals and I haven't starved myself. So far Things are going good. I would feel better if I could have gotten more workouts in, but I can't change what happened, I can only worry about the now.
  7. Things are going good so far got up and did forty minutes of Yoga and then went for a twenty minute walk yesterday. This morning I did twenty mintes on our stationary bike and I'll be doing 40 minutes of Yoga before bed. Diet wise I've been doing good, using My FItness Pal to keep track of what and how much I eat. Trying to get ride of processed carbs slowly.
  8. So I 've started the new 6 week challenge. I spent last week planning My stratagey. I put to gether a workout calender that A) is filled with lots of short but effective workouts with splashes of yoga to work on the core and my flexability. and It has places where I can mark off when ever I accomplish my workouts. It may seem silly but it's a nice way for me to keep myself on task. My diet change is going well, although I find myself being hungry more often.
  9. SO I started yoga today and things went well, but I did find that afterwards I got nauseas right after and it didn't go awya till after having an apple. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  10. These are just what I've been looking for, thank you so much. Has anyone found ways to cut down on cost?
  11. I've been thinking about how to grade my progress and I like the idea of going off of how I feel, how my body looks, and how my clothes fit. I don't like the idea of just going by the scale because I plan on working to gain muscle which will help burn the fat. I've noticed that I've only lost 10 lbs but my legs and stomach have begun to reshape. My over all goal is to not have medical issues that ar connected to my weight. I would like to stop taking high blood pressure meds any more, be more comfortable in my own skins. Thanks you guys help keep me on track I plan on it. Do me a
  12. I'm signed up for the new Challenge this is the first one I've gotten in on at the ground floor. The last challenge I did ok, I feel like I didn miles better then what I had been doing but I know I'm capable of better. I've got a game plan, I've got the gumption and I will succeed. Who's with me . Plus i made a bet with a friend that whoever lost the most weight by halloween has gets a free mani/pedi and dinner, I've never been one to lose.
  13. So Here I am again. I came in on the halfway point on the last 6 week challenge and had some good results. My goals haven't changed all that much 1 To get a grip on my portion size - My plan is to use the smaller plates in my house when I eat. And I will not pile them high with food just so I can get more. 2. To make a life change with my diet - I have found that If I tell myself that I can't have something that what I crave until I wake up in a pile of wrappers drenched in sweat and shame. Since that hasn't worked for me my new plan of attack at this stage in the game is to not make
  14. Thanks for all of the sentiments for my cousin. How do you pepare the strawberries? Do you just drizzle it over them, or do you let them sit over night? Also what is castor sugar? Hey Matt whats your name of MFP mine is brujahqueen you should add me. I read this post and it made me happy
  15. Checking in, I have no Internet at home right now so it's hard to post a lot on my tiny phone. Things have been a little rocky, I had a cousin die two weeks ago so we had the funeral. Eating has been hit or miss, we've done a lot more cooking at home but I find myself eating more than I need at times. On a good note I started couch to 5k today with a friend, my goal is to run the color run in October. So that's what's going on in my world, how is everyone else doing?
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