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  1. Ren, First off, I know it's not easy, the mental and physical training you're having to go through, but I know you're pushing yourself. Don't forget to try sending information and updates when you can. And when it's safe. We'll need it when you return. However... We're hearing whispers once again of you not eating properly. I shouldn't have to remind you that we need you in top form on this mission; that includes getting enough nutrition for the training you're going through. Be warned, Jacob's going to be watching you like a Hawk, so focus. I don't think you'll get anot
  2. Ren, We're hearing whispers that you aren't eating properly. One meal a day, regardless of how much you want to push yourself on this mission, is not sufficient for the tasks you have before you. Be warned, you now have Jacob's attention. Do whatever you can to lay low.
  3. Such a great game I'll post something in the next day or two, just an idea right now, but I think it will keep me accountable.
  4. Welcome to Hope County, Ren Carris! You’ve read your briefing on the way here, right? Good. The Seed family, their Project at Edens Gate, it needs to be stopped and you’re going to help us. People are scared, scared for their life, for their families, and it’s getting worse. This mission is just a scouting mission for now, I’m not prepared to send a Rook like you in to deal with this, but we need eyes on the inside. If you find yourself in trouble, send word and I’ll send help. Study everything you can for each member of the Seeds, and when you come
  5. I'm back :) Thanks @Bouncer_the_Lovable for the res! I'm glad you enjoyed the theme challenges, I had fun creating them too! Now that I have way more free time (graduated my HR program), I can get back on track with this fantastic community!
  6. Oct 4, 2017 I was almost bitten by a zombie yesterday. Time to back up I suppose. Training last week was strange indeed from picking up trash to helping our cook gather ingredients. I liked her, it was great having her along for my training and she seemed friendly enough. I can't imagine the stress her, doc Meyers and Rajit go through trying to keep up with everyone's needs; even now that we learned some kitchen supplies are going missing. Sam is still taking a break. Poor guy. Even though I never knew the old runner 5, I still feel partly responsible. Being on t
  7. Sept 19, 2017 Well, I was in for a surprise today. Doc Meyers decided to switch it up on me, slightly longer jog, heel lifts and recover. All in all, still manageable, even though I was out of breath by the third round. Still, I thought I did well. Just before drills, I met Rajit, who did not stop talking about his book! Though I was curious, Dr Meyers and Sam both shooed him away pretty quick. Not sure why, seems like a nice enough guy, although I have a feeling I do not want to see what he can do with the toe of his wounded foot. After the run and gifting me an additio
  8. @Wolfen : Thanks, I'm glad to be back into the swing of things. Challenge is starting off well, having fun and making sure excuses don't keep me from doing what I want/need. @Mae45: It's pretty cool! I haven't ran for several years and was never really good at it, so I'm starting with the c25k training. Introduces you to the characters, has it's own little plot tie-in with the main game, it's pretty cool. Plus, it's free up to (I think) week 5 (of 8). The main game is fremium, one free run a week which is nice if you're just seeing if you like it. Haven't gotten to the point yet i
  9. Awesome goals! Have fun in Yosemite and hoping your joint recovers quickly. Following along in your journey
  10. Sylvaa! Great to see you! Yes, Still in Rising Heroes and it's still amazing for me. Really getting me out and doing new things like socializing! Haha, just kidding. Well, half kidding Have you tried Zombies, Run? Maybe we can link up if so! CallunaTook, I am glad you had fun reading the challenge, I had fun writing it. RH is my lazy abbreviation of Rising Heroes, Steve's real life role-playing adventure. Gotta say, it's a lot of fun for me. Congrats on the year free of bread, pasta and rice! Giving up pasta was nothing, I never really liked it to begin with,
  11. Fellow Adventurers, I have returned! Apologies for the long absence, been focusing on RH and a busy summer at work. I return with some new goals, new purpose, renewed enthusiasm and looking forward to having more fun! My training goals have very recently shifted to include running and even though this would probably line up with scouts or rangers, I've been with the adventurers since I started NF! Zombies, Run! It was supposed to be an easy assignment. Drop in, meet to exchange info and get out. No one was supposed to know about this, bu
  12. Michi! Been way too long since I was on the forum as well, I think it's time for a comeback Best of luck to you my friend and if you should need help, I'm always just a quick message away!
  13. Well, it's been a few weeks, and I am sorry for the lack of updates. My aunt had a medical emergency and it was super touch and go for several days. Her only kidney started to fail. She's doing much better now, but it was quite a rough time. I only worked out twice in the last 2 weeks, but I biked to work everyday. Get in at least 1 dumbell workout and one (light) running workout this weekend. Eating has been all over the place. Somedays I forget to eat until supper and sometimes I eat everything in sight. I did have some chips and ice-cream, but the rest of it has been
  14. Welcome to the Shadows Well, finally getting around to getting this up! I am planning to write a story and have it run parallel to my challenges with the hopes that I will be able to focus on just one idea. I have a horrible habit of starting a project, planning, starting it and jumping to planning a new one. I want to finish one, and I will! This is going to be a multi-challenge theme. Also, not sure how much story I should write here, but I will leave that to you. Let me know if I post too much (and suggestions are welcome). *My old thread has no title now, I have no idea h
  15. Nothing this challenge, unfortunately. Going to focus mostly on RH and planning something big for next challenge! Though I could just make a late thread for tracking purposes... tomorrow when I get home from work
  16. I'm Free! Exam was tonight and honestly, I found it much easier than our midterm. Go figure. I also got the results of my presentation back and everyone loved it, got 25/28! Woot! I am now off until Fall, time to plan some skill building plans. Priority 1 - Driving. I am determined to learn to drive this summer, so why put it off any longer? I also found an adorable amazing looking small car that I like and I am thinking possible reward? Downside, I told my step-mom I wanted this car and she's going on about "other cars are better and new" and "you should get a new car, not u
  17. Got my 5 miles in by walking to and from work this week! It's just slightly over a mile one way! 10 in total Got to say, the switch from winter hiking boots to my New Balance minimus today was a slight shock to my feet! So light! So strange! So happy to not have to wear big heavy plodding boots xD
  18. Don’t Starve Continued, WritingWeaver! (Go Forth, Episode 9) I’m late to the party? Are you sure? Sorry, had a lot going on this past week and next week. I had a presentation last Thursday and my final exam this coming Thursday (30th). After that, I think I am done until Fall! We Ride Tö Battle! Wigfrid may be a performance artist, but she’s got the spirit of a Valkyrie! Her strength and natural defence make this warrior a force to be reckoned with. We will ride to battle to vanquish our foes and bad habits! Also, while Wigfrid may only eat meat, I w
  19. How the heck did I miss the first half of the week again!? Following! Will have my challenge up late tonight or tomorrow early morning.
  20. I miss one challenge and all the cool things start without me! I'll join up next challenge, guys. Been stuck in my head for a few weeks, but I won't let you down
  21. @Defining - Sure, I'm not 100% non-dairy, but pretty close. I don't drink milk and always make smoothies with water. Not sure if it's still a smoothie? Eh. Usually water, ice, nut butter, whey powder and a banana. Almonds are expensive, so my wallet is happy LOL Thank you all so very much for your answers and information! I'm learning so much! That is so gross.
  22. Thank you everyone, I appreciate and am grateful for all the answers! After an, admittedly very short test, I have determined that it was the almond milk that was doing it. I have had a smoothie every day since Thursday without it and found that I was perfectly fine. No upset stomach, no adverse effects at all. This is both a relief and sucks as I was looking forward to being able to make my own almond milk Oh well, health comes first!
  23. I have a (somewhat embarrassing) question, but we'll start from the beginning. Last Sunday, I went off to buy a simple whey protein powder to help get enough protein, mostly for after workouts. After doing some research (mostly in the forum and from Steve's posts), I got Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Chocolate Whey powder. On Wednesday I used it for the first time (home-made almond milk and peanut butter mixed), and hours later had a little upset stomach and the runs (both were over very quick). Same thing happened today as well. Some pain in my stomach and a very short episode
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