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  1. Barely, but I'm still kickin. Literally kicking. Kickboxing is whipping me into shape real quickly.
  2. Grrrr. After backtracking through the thread I feel like that one guy that missed prom because the limo broke down. Next time nerds. Next time!
  3. Thanks man! p.s. I love that theme. Gets me pumped every time I hear it.
  4. Well thanks for the support guys. Unfortunately, due to everything going on and my getting bronchitis twice in two months I think it's safe to say this challenge is a bust for me. No worries though, I've still been eating right and I plan to get back to working out asap. I'm sad that my first challenge as a monk didn't pan out all that well, but I'm still hopeful for next time!
  5. Thanks Beau, I'm alright. I'm getting settled in to my new job and school. Kind of stressing out about everything but it's probably just because I'm tired. I also skipped Kickboxing today, because of the exhaustion (go figure). Well, other than that, I've still been eating well and working out! Not much else to tell. Also, sorry for not being on as much as I'd like I just really don't get any more time these days.
  6. Well I feel proud now. Thought it'd be harder to reach Elder status.
  7. It's so easy though! Ah well, thanks for the tip. Thanks! Thank ya KathyD, I'll try Hello there Thrima thanks for the welcome. I did eat them ALL! Haha, I'm just on a quest to find healthy snacks I can make and save for another day so I an stop munching on things that are NOT in my 90% paleo meal plan. I figured Kale Chips would be a great place to start but they're definitely not something I could just quickly grab if storage isn't easy.
  8. So I made Kale Chips today. Can I first say..yumm!? Second, they didn't even make it off the tray! Partially because I really don't know how I should store them so that they keep their crispness. Any suggestions?
  9. Well, it looks like I will not be attending the shindig my fellow nerds. I've learned that when Plan A, b and C don't pan out it probably wasn't meant to be. Don't have too much fun without me
  10. I'm unfortunately at that point now. Kind of getting a bit tired of only having 2 builders >(
  11. I was stuck like that for a whole 24hrs a few days ago. Just grrrr. It's almost like you need an equation for what to upgrade when.
  12. Hmm, so I'm trying to keep my food journal in Excel since I have to do it for another class. I feel like I should take a class in Microsoft Office now that I can see I know nothing beyond Word and Powerpoint.
  13. GARLIC. IS. MY. FRIEND! I can't believe I've been a foodie for this long and never cared to use fresh garlic as a spice but it's made everything I cook that much better.
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