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  1. That's great. Just having fun with it sounds like a good idea. Good luck with the training!

  2. I've been out for about 6 months. But i needed to do other things in my life. And honestly there are still a few things to come together before I can really go back and get at it 100%. But I'm not looking to make a career out of it. Just want to enjoy it. So whatever the result is I'll be happy.

  3. I'm happy that you found what you were looking for. Again, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you in the first place.

    That's great you're going back into training! I'm excited for you. How long a lay-off will you have had?

  4. It actually took a TON of searching but i found the njpw shopping store online. i found the shirt i wanted AND another one. Right now i dont' have the extra income to get it but i'm definitely going to order. Also p.s. in january I go back to training (since i stopped last time and now have some stuff in order). Gonna be grand.

  5. Sorry I didn't see this before. I haven't been around here lately. Are you talking about this shirt:


    It's NJPW's official shop. On the main page (http://shop.njpw.co.jp/pcshop/php/index.php) there's an "international customers" button, where you set up an address in Japan and this company will ship it to you in the US from there. It seems like it's only an extra $5 for the service fee (plus the shipping costs). If you need help with the NJ website, email me at rdobry79@yahoo.com, and I'll do my best to help you out and I'll actually see the message there. If that fails & you can wait until late January, I'm thinking about going to some of the NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania shows (if I can afford to), and I might be able to get it for you then if I have the cash and if they have it.

    One piece of advice: Japanese t-shirts tend to run 1 size small, so buy bigger than you normally do.

  6. Hannibal I need your help!!! I am trying to buy Ryusuke Taguchi's new(er) Funky Weapon T shirt and I cannot find it online ANYWHERE AT ALL. it is sort of a video game themed shirt. Have any idea where i can get this? Any way I can trick you into buying it for me and i'll put money into a pay pal account for you?

  7. Got off to a good start. I hit all my goals for the first day. My time management hasn't been the best today, but I should be able to get almost everything done. Being on summer vacation, it's easy to get sucked into a lazy day.
  8. Where are you starting at? Anyway, good luck!
  9. I used Daily Burn's suggested numbers, and I did mistype. Meant 200. Thanks. I did put a lot of thought into it, which made it kind of hard to type out. Too many thoughts.
  10. Hannibal

    Pros and Cons

    Background: Well, I don't have nor do I want a character for the purposes of this challenge. I am just me, and I want to work on leveling up my life. I figure it's time to try another challenge. This is my first one since February/March. I didn't finish it because I went on a trip to Turkey during the last week, and just kind of gave up on it. Although that was the last challenge I did, I did not stop trying to level up my life. Since April first I started working out six days a week, and I've only missed one workout since then, spent playing 40K with a friend I haven't seen in months. Worth missing it, and I'm still damn proud of myself for going nearly four months at six days a week. Starting Attributes: I'll take these Monday morning. Edit: This morning I took the following measurements: Weight: 86.75 kg Chest: 103-110 cm Waist: 97 Hips: 95 Right thigh: 57.5-58.5 Left thigh: 58-59 Right bicep: 32.25-35.5 Left bicep: 32.25-35.5 Neck: 39.5 Body fat %: YMCA-22.7/US Navy-24.3/US Army-27/USMC-26.6 Starting Photo: Again, to be added on Monday. Edit: Taken, but yet to transfer to my computer. I might add it at the end, if there's enough of a change to warrant showing. Goals: 1. I want to get my waist line below 90 cm while keeping my weight above 85 kg, preferably with my weight being a higher number than my waist line. That would be like getting 3 stars on Angry Birds. It'd be nice, but not the main goal. I have to get my exat measurements on Monday, but as of last checking I was at 97 cm and 87 kg. So the idea is to lose lots of fat and put on lots of muscle. My way to do it is: To do mostly body-weight exercises, based around the Convict Conditioning workouts, with abs, yoga, and running on alternating days. I am also using a kettlebell and a sledge hammer on alternating days. So my workout schedule goes like this: Saturday: pull ups, run (tabatas), hammer Sunday: bridge, abs, kettlebell Monday: handstand pushups, yoga, hammer Tuesday: leg raises, dips, run (2.5 to 3 miles & hill sprints), kettlebell Wednesday: squats, yoga, hammer Thursday: pushups, abs, kettlebell Friday: off The basic idea behind all this is to improve overall fitness, and to physically prepare myself for the coming zombie apocalypse. Or Ragnarok, whichever comes first. I am also considering making one of those heavy bags Steve talked about in the blog a few days ago to start weighted squats and possibly dead-lifting. [*] To watch my diet & obsessively track what I eat. I want to keep my protein at about 200g and my carbs around or below 200. I'll use Daily Burn to track it, and I'll also take photos of everything I eat or drink (except water). 2. To send in a minimum of three graduate school applications by the end of September. I need to do this anyway, I might as well make it a goal on here too. I've started some of the apps, but I still need to ask for my recommendation letters and work on the needed essays. 3. I have 10 areas of my life I'm working on that my goals from this challenge are coming from: workout, diet, meditate, read, creative work, budget/save money, study Spanish, grad school apps, journal, and "personal projects". I want to get at least 75% completion rate on these goals. I already explained workout, diet, and grad school apps. Meditate - I want to work up to meditating daily for 20 minutes. Read - I want to read 30 minutes a day, not counting on my lunch break. Creative work - any sort of painting or drawing, which I just like to do for fun, and can count doubly with this and a personal project (i.e., learn to whittle, paint some space Orks, etc.). Budget/save - I have a Excel sheet I need to update and stick to a strick budget to be able to afford my grad school apps. Spanish - one of my backup plans if grad school falls through is to teach English in South America, so I should get to studying. Journal - just to keep a journal daily. Personal projects - I have a few things I want to work on, like learning to whittle, paint 10 Orks, or make that heavy bag I mentioned earlier. This can be anything that takes more than a day to complete. Scoring for this is, I have a small poster/big piece of paper that has all the goals and squares for each day. If I do some sort of action on the goal, I color it in red. If I don't, it's black. If I have no plans, it's grey and isn't counted, like Friday will be for my workouts, being a scheduled rest day. PS, I'll probably come back and edit this later, but I have to get going. This took me longer to write than I expected, and now I'm running late. I hope there aren't too many mistakes!
  11. July 31 - yoga, leg raises Also, bought a 44 pound/ 20 kg kettlebell today and carried that sum'bitch across the city, from the sporting goods store to my apartment. That was a workout in and of itself. Time to step this mother fucker up a notch. I hope I don't break my apartment swinging it around. Although, looking on the bright side, it might a good way to meet my neighbor if I throw a 44lb. cannonball through the wall.
  12. Damn! I just plain forgot about this thing! I now have a month's worth of updating to do... July 5 - Legs & abs July 6 - off July 7 - ran .5, tabatas July 8 - chest, back, abs July 9 - 2.5, hills x3 July 10 - shoulders, arms, abs, hammer swings (10 each) July 11 - yoga July 12 - legs, abs, hammer swings (15 each) July 13 - off July 14 - .5, tabatas July 15 - chest, hammer swings (20 each) July 16 - 5k July 17 - arms, abs, hammer swings (20 each) July 18 - yoga July 19 - legs, abs, hammer swings (25 each) July 20 - off July 21 - I missed my first day since April 1st! Damn 40K! July 22 - yoga July 23 - .5, tabata July 24 - back, biceps, abs, hammer swings (30 each) July 25 - 2 miles July 26 - legs, abs, hammer swings (30 each) July 27 - off July 28 - .5, tabatas, pull ups (regular/chins/wide*7/4/2*4/3/0*3/3/0), hammer swings (35 each) July 29 - yoga, abs, bridges, July 30 - 2.5 miles, hills x6, , hammer swings (35 each)
  13. Damn. I keep forgetting to keep up with this thing. June 24 - YRG60 June 25 - YRG20 and core/abs June 26 - 2 miles, 6 hill sprints, pull ups: 5/3/3/2/2/2/2/1 June 27 - X-stretch June 28 - core June 29 - Off June 30 - 1 mile, Tabata July 1 - Shoulders, biceps, & abs July 2 - 2 miles, 6 hill sprints July 3 - chest & back (finally got a pull up bar in my apartment!) July 4 - YRG60
  14. What's your scoop size? Edit: Never mind. Figured it out.
  15. June 20 - Rest June 21 - Legs & abs June 22 - YRG 60 June 23 -1 mile, tabata, ~1 mile barefoot, pullups!: 6/4/6 (regular, wide grip, chins) & 4/1/3
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