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  1. Crazy time down here my move to a new flat went wrong. so things were kinda chaotic for the last week. I forgot to update my signature, but I hit my two big goals. The move and pushup. But even if I didn't hit either of them I would still country it as a win. I learnt so much food/health wise and just what I can make myself do.
  2. This week was a total disaster Challenge wise, but great as a whole. I met up with some musician friends from my home town, I ended up joining them for their Tour of my region for the past couple of days. Very little sleep, lots of beer and lots of ready-meals/take out. I'm fairly certain I've undone all the work from the past couple of weeks. Time to get back on track though.
  3. Today I had one of those frozen pizzas for dinner for the first time since I've found NF. It was a shocker of a day from missing my workout because a pipe burst at home, to the hour extra commute I had today and other excuses for eating crap etc etc Up side I realized how horrible this stuff actually tastes compared to some of the fresh food I can make without that much more effort. Highly doubt that would make it into my freezer again!
  4. To quote the little green man: Just remember every good day is a step in the right direction. Just keep at it until there are more good days than bad and then eventually only good days!
  5. The times have varied. Although I have begun shifting it to a morning work out session its not always in the mornings. My aim this week is to do a 6am workout every morning, whether is strength or going for a run. I'm trying to make my mornings more routine and including my workout in there has been the plan all along.
  6. I'll pay closer attentiont to those details in the next week and see what I can figure out. One thing I have noticed is that the temperature makes a big difference, even though I warm up, if its a chilly morning I struggle more.
  7. I realise I've been neglecting this thread in favour of chatting in the Team's thread so I should probably update this thread at some point I've dropped a pants size and now get up at 6:00 every day. So things are going well. I've noticed that some days I really struggle to just do 1 basic BBWW circuit and other days I manage three with out an issue, which I find extremely odd. I've hit the road a couple of times so far, but nowhere near what I originally set out to. This challenge isn't over yet, so I'm going to keep fighting my lazy self and rack up quite a few more KM on my shoes. I should actually check how close I cant get to my target now.
  8. I've definitely gained some muscle and I've dropped a size, so I am pretty happy so far!
  9. Got up at 6:01 this morning hit the road at 6:05 and at work 15 minutes early today. Kept the run brief as i wasn't too sure of time I would need for the rest of the morning things. Well that, and running up and down a mountain isn't easy xD
  10. Fairly well. I'm up to 3 complete BBW workouts at the moment. This early morning thing is not working out for me yet. I'm inbed by 11 but really struggle to be up at 6. I'm just so not a morning person!
  11. This is a common misconception. 1gram of tea leaves has more caffeine than 1gram of coffee beans yes, but you use a lot more coffee beans to make a cup of coffee than you use tea leaves to make a cup of tea. Per cup of the actual drinks coffee has way more.
  12. I initially tried that but I really struggled, so instead of completely eliminating carbs I have just upped almost everything else I eat. So for the first week or two kept having some cards left on my plate. Eventually I started cooking less and less of them and now I stick to rather small portions of carbs compared to everything else.
  13. The choc suggestion is great. Or just drink a large amount of water. I find that when my stomach is full of water craving subside.
  14. This! The BBWW is a great starting point and then later on you can move to the advanced one. Pretty much all the excersizes can be done in a hotel room. I can't go to a gym at the moment either and I found the BBWW works quite well! http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/
  15. I have no idea if its even availble on your side of the world, or what brand it would be, but have a look for Rooibos Tea. Its a staple down here in SA and I love it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos
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