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  1. Hi. Sorry for the longish post. A bit of backstory: Since incorporating primal into my life, I've obviously had to refine certain beliefs - y'know the type: saturated fat is evil, girls shouldn't lift because they'll get buff, etc. So now, my questions may seem simplistic; questions a beginner would ask when they just start their sport out. It's not that way: I've been cycling most of my (short) life, and have only in the past year simultaneously quit competitive racing and taken up primal eating. I've always had a bit of a belly, despite cycling absolutely loads and following a "healthy
  2. My friends were pissing about again today so my mother dragged me out of the house before I had a stress-related breakdown. Yes, they really are that bad. We went for a bike ride - the first one I've been on in about 4 months. I used to compete; in those days, I'd be riding 5-6x per week, at high intensity, too. But hey, shit happens, and I quit. Anyway, I think we rode about 16 miles? I was OK. Not as good as my mum - she goes on like, 70 mile bike rides - but I felt like I was pretty strong. - 3 eggs in 20g butter + 2 bacon - 1 cup of coffee with single cream - one "natural" bar; it was
  3. Y'know what's hard? Harder than a math equation, or describing what you want to do when you're older? Eating paleo in a household that isn't yours; and a one owned by fat-phobic parents. Nonetheless, they are getting there - as am I. I hope. Sooo, here we go: -Teenage girl - overweight, though not by much. Quite muscular. - goes to the gym; occasionally rides a bike - likes books and stuff What have I ate today? - bowl of berries with full-fat Greek Yoghurt - 3 eggs fried in grass-fed butter; 2 slices of bacon. Exercise - 30 minute walk with a few sprints added in. I wanted to do s
  4. My friends suck. Whyyyy don't they want to do anything?

    1. DELETED


      go without them! then brag about how awesome it was. maybe next time they will want to go too.

    2. sarah906
    3. galacticgoose


      I went for a walk on the beach with my mum instead. Was fun. :P

  5. Hey everyone, teenage girl from the UK here. Nerd and fitness together appeal to me greatly, hence why I'm here. I want to lose weight and find something I love to do. I used to do cycling competitively, but I'm not so sure anymore. I guess it's just growing up. What I want in life... - good, strong relationships with awesome people - to be fit, strong, and healthy - to be great at something I love (not sure what that is yet) - to experience all that needs to be experienced We live in an era of information overload. So I guess I'll just try to get good grades and learn more about health
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