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  1. Also, I set the draft for 6pm MST on Wednesday. Make it or set your draft preference list now. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah. PM me your email and I'll send the email. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  3. Darn, I cut Scott (make sure it's the right one) and Gainsdalf out and a couple others that told me so. Hopefully everyone else is in for it. Draft, anyone think that Monday evening is good? Or Wednesday?
  4. Old Navy just came out with their brand of "stretch" jeans. Fit just as well at the Levi 541 Athletic while being a bit cheaper.
  5. Reebok Nano's are the closest thing to an all-around shoe. Nice, wide flat soles that aren't too soft for heavy lifting but soft enough that they won't kill you to run in them. I use them for all my general lifting/workout needs and do all my other activities in them.
  6. Bro...do you even lift? Laughing so hard that Brodin has zero posts about lifting...
  7. Holy long thread title Batman.... oh wait, Last challenge ended in the classic, do too much at the same time and fail thing. So instead, I've automated some of my plan. DIET: RP Auto-Templates. These basically tell me how much to eat and when. And when the weight stops dropping, then you click the next tab over that reduces the calories. There isn't any calorie counting necessary as long as I follow the prescribed strategy. So far their supplied maintenance plan has worked (kept the same amount of weight but dropped 2" around the belly). This challenge will begin with the n
  8. Don't forget about Good Mornings. IF you can't do them with the weight on your back, then some large bands over your neck will work.
  9. I always wonder if that's Rodgers or McCarthy? Either way, a giant amount of time thinking needs to be done over the off-season to right the ship. Can't waste all of Rodgers' prime on bad seasons like this. I like them. It's only the first few days an I'm on the base phase so I'm maintaining weight (which I am, maybe slightly dropping weight). I like that I look at what I do that day and apply the template (light, moderate, heavy). It also reminds me to eat like I'm supposed to while performing athletic endeavors. Before I wasn't eating enough pre/intra carbs and overeating at night when
  10. As others have mentioned, I would straighten the wrists to eliminate that moment arm and possible wrist pain. Aside from the the bar path is pretty good. I dig it.
  11. Thanks for the reminder on BCAAs, I keep forgetting to take them. From what I've heard from reputable sources (DR. Layne Norton being one of them). the BCAAs are helpful in queuing the body into staying anabolic. At least that's how I took it. The Optimum Nutrition plain BCAAs I have don't taste bad (makes the water taste like heavy tap water) but smell like really sweaty gym clothes. And since it's a fine powder it aerates quickly.
  12. First day on the restart. Fairly simple workout this morning. Day 1 of PH3. None of weights were heavy but the high reps (for me) was difficult. Especially when your breathing is compromised from a cold and some allergies from moving hay stacks the day before. Squats - Warmups, 185x2x9 Bench - Warmups, 165x2x9 DL - Warmups, 295x2x7 Tomorrow is upper body fluff and puff. Light day of food. So far today, I've eaten: Meal 1: 35g whey and 75g carbs pre/intra workout Meal 2: Egg whites with 1 cup of veg (bell peppers and spinach), Kodiak Protein Pancake w/ raw honey, and 1 slice of whole
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