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  1. o/ Murrican Fire Captain here, currently working in a desk assignment, and definitely feeling the difficulties of staying in shape when you're used to being paid to be outside and working/PTing hard. Feel free to friend and keep in touch if ya like. :-)
  2. I can relate. Mom's death was more than a year ago, but pretty much completely fucked me. If you figure out how to get back on track, let me know...I've tried pretty much all of the "standard" approaches to dealing with it, and am still stuck in respawn limbo. :-/ Definitely feeling ya, though. I just think of it in terms of doing what we do in Fire/LE/military life: shed a tear, wipe off your brow, pick your pack/ruck/duty belt up and put it back on, and keep on going, one foot in front of the other.
  3. For the game hen: make a rub with dried Italian herb mix, a pinch of kosher salt, some black or garlic pepper mix, minced garlic cloves, and minced shallot. Pour some grapeseed oil over it til it's gooey, then spread it over the legs and wings, and loosen the skin around the breast, and rub it under the skin direct on the meat, then pull the skin back into place. grill over low heat or bake at 325 until juices run clear and legs move freely in the socket. If you bake it in a broiler pan, you can put it on a bed of diced red/white potatoes, onion, shallot, broccoli, etc. whatever veggies ya wa
  4. Hydrate, electrolytes, avoid energy drinks!!! They are tied to a condition called rhabdomyolysis (feel free to google it), which has caused some pretty severe problems for wildland firefighters -- we are all about long hard days outdoors in the hot sun, and energy drink consumption seems to be a factor that exacerbates rhabdo conditions. It is, I'm told, really, really REALLY unpleasant. If the issue is just heat, then yes, you can adapt and suck it up. Of course, if dizziness, dry mouth, etc sets in, you need to stop immediately. You can check out the EnduraCool headwrap thingy, it works pret
  5. Washington seems really nice. Much improved over the DPRC...Oregon would be good too. Sadly not much good hiking in the concrete jungles of Corsucant--I mean SoCal, but up here in the Central Sierra there's plenty of hiking to be done.
  6. The Kung Fu stance Gin Gi Du Li ("Golden Rotisserie Chicken Stands by One Drumstick" lol kidding) will help that quite a bit, it's very similar to the yoga "Tree" pose, only instead of having your hands over your head, you have them out in the direction your "up" knee is pointing. Alternately, you can get once of those "balance board" thingies -- those work awesomely for working both balance and ankle flexibility/strength. Second on the barefoot/minimalist shoe-wearing too. Really forces all the little stabilizer muscles to come out of the woodworks and do their jobs. When I was re-streng
  7. As many have pointed out, it's all mental, all in your head. Hey, so's everything else physical (and mental) we do. If you come at something with an "Oh god, no, not this, I'm gonna suck/it's gonna be horrible" etc attitude, what do ya know? Your mind sets the tone, the body follows that prompt, and it's terrible, horrible, and you suck at it, just like you said you would! \o/ Loren Christenson and LTC Dave Grossman (USA, Ret) address this in their book Warrior Mindset, which is all about psychosomatic response to stressful, high-demand situations as encountered in the military, law enforcem
  8. Loved the intro -- that was pretty awesome. Sounds like you've got a good handle by reading the articles and studying the forums, now it's just to put it all into practice. As far as your closing paragraphs -- learn to study kinesics (body language) and proxemics (how someone places themselves in relation to others). Like the Christina Aguilera song goes, "The hips don't lie..." she has no idea how much truth there is in that statement. A growing number of people are starting to figure it out, though. Good luck!
  9. Know how you hike a tall, steep, gnarly mountain? One foot in front of the other.

    1. Hong WeiLoh

      Hong WeiLoh

      In other words: Don't Stop. Don't Q.Q. Just. Keep. Going.

  10. Wildland Firefighter here. We're told to always wear cotton, because synthetics might melt to your skin -- the smarter among us figured out that if we get so hot that synthetics will melt, we'll probably be too dead to notice the stuff melting to our corpse. SO, that being said, lycra boxer-briefs might do for your needs.
  11. If you think 3lb bowling shoes are a transition, try 7lb fire boots. One bad thing about much lighter shoes is when it comes to lacing up the heavy-duty leather boots...wow!
  12. Personally, I love em (Vibram TrekSports)... haven't done much running in them, just short runs on unpaved surfaces (per the "transition" recommendations), but they're so comfortable and light, I'm using them as daily wearers. Can def support the :calves: statement, with the addendum that I'm discovering muscles I never knew I had (or never had to use anyway) ... simply cannot go back to regular old shoes now, that feels like strapping cinder blocks on my feet. So far, I'm sold!
  13. 14 yr EMT-B, former EMS instructor, current Fire Captain (and Fire instructor) here: Deadlifts. Deadlifts. And more deadlifts. Try working some inverted row chin-ups too (hang from a horizontal bar with your feet on the ground, like an upside-down push-up, and mimic a chin-up movement). Now here's the hard part, and I'm going to sound like a dick (note: I also actually am one), but you are entering a profession in which you are entrusted with people's lives, literally: Honestly, if you can't even do the 2-person pick-up with the 170lb mannequin, you are not going to be able to safely maneu
  14. Ouch. Literally! Can't say much on the serious injury stuff -- only one I've ever sustained was a wishbone-fx'd left fibula, and it wasn't even a really bad split, just the last couple inches of the distal end cracked open. :-/ Anyway, good luck with your recovery and getting back on the horse!
  15. Epic quest is Epic, hopefully doesn't take an Epoch, though (because setting times is important for goals!) -- as you said in the later post (which I really liked btw, and wish I could have told HS-age me a few things too lol), start now -- because otherwise you're Counting Underpants (one of Steve's really early entries).
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