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  1. Dizz

    Dizz starts anew

    This week: Sunday: Lazy day except for juggling. Gave a contact juggling lesson and worked on clubs, balls and buugeng. Monday:18 hour shift, including a stat run.... 6 hours of time and a half. Tues: Exhausted. Recovery day. Wed: Unmotivated. Phoned a friend (Stooshie!) who got me going. 2.5 mile run around the block, with a steep hill. Thu: Today. Cardiac stress test up to HR 180. Passed with flying colors, but followup tests ordered. Went in for family history. Plan on easy run tonight with the running club, hoping my BF can join me. This weekend... Work Fri/Saturday... Sunday juggling. Food choices have been good except Tuesday... pizza.
  2. Dizz

    Dizz starts anew

    The race went well. Went with a friend and met up with my running club. It was super tough, but my plan worked. Walk uphill and run down. The course ended up being 4.5 miles instead of 4, hilly. I've been training 3 miles flat. Got some fun pictures out of it. Averaged 15m/mi which is pretty good for me. My friend came back and ran the last 1/2 mile with me. She's awesome. Now, the next day, I'm super sore. Going to be stretching all day. This afternoon am going juggling.
  3. Dizz

    Dizz starts anew

    Checking in. So what's going on is I took a new job as an Acute Dialysis nurse. That's 4 days/12 hours. I take a stupid big machine all over the huge hospital to patient bedsides. Often the ICU. I'm in a hurry so I speedwalk while pushing the machines. I actually worked up a sweat yesterday turning over two sets of machines at once, lol. I'm still a juggling maniac, haven't been to a meet in a month due to the holidays. Going back to it this weekend. I am working on different patterns with 3 balls and passing clubs mostly. Also big update! I already met my money goal. Yay overtime! Wish me luck in the race tomorrow. The plan is to speedwalk uphill and sprint downhill. It's an out and back course through Saguaro Nat Park. My friends are running the water station.
  4. Dizz

    Dizz starts anew

    3 Goals, right? Money: Have CC paid down by $1000 by end of the month. (INT/WIS) Diet: Vegetables 5+ days a week. Exercise: Work up a sweat 1 day a week. (New job is long shifts, averaging 5 miles a day on the job) Bonus: signed up for a 4 mile hilly race this weekend. It's a tough one! I'm having a hard time balancing health with my new job.
  5. Dizz

    Dizz digs in

    Pics Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  6. Dizz

    Dizz digs in

    Pulled hamstring on the left. The hike went great. Went almost 5 miles, long uphill and a short downhill. Great views. This week I'm flying out to LA, going to try to go jogging at the Newport Beach lagoon.
  7. Dizz

    Dizz digs in

    I feel like I've recovered sufficiently to return to previous scheduled programming. Left leg is still weak, but no longer tripping me up. I'm back to 5K running at close to my old pace. Went on a 4m hike last week that felt like it strengthened lefty better than anything else. I'll post more stuff later. I have a hike to go on. Weather is perfect!
  8. I had a hotel stay and used the gym. 15 min treadmill and 15 min bike. My PF felt pretty good after the bike. Did this routine yesterday.... I'm sore. 10REPSContralateral Limb Raise...10REPSLunges (Each leg)26SECMountain Climbers20REPSPistol Squats (Each leg)30SECPlank20REPSSquats31SECSide plank right side31SECSide plank left side31SECWall Sit5REPSPush Ups
  9. The run went well. I met up with my running club and got a thriller themed picture taken. They changed the route to run through the pumpkin patch 5 times, not just around it. I finished in 48 minutes, 1 minute slower than last year, but this course was harder. It was a tough run and so glad I did it.
  10. I'm back to a 5k distance this week after looking a hamstring in August. I did a 5k walk/run on Tuesday and a 4 mile hike last night... With hills! Ready for my 5k race Sunday morning. found this guy on the hike
  11. http://www.azroadrunners.org/races/detail/pumpkin I'm back to doing 5Ks again! Next Sunday!
  12. I went on a run today. I finally AM back up to a 5k distance. Not as fast as I would like but but right now the distance is more important. Still run/walking, but going further. I got a GPS watch on clearance so far it seems pretty accurate. I feel ready for my XC race next weekend. It's a chip timed race through a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Now have a case of the lazies.
  13. Woke up exhausted, but determined. The weather is nice, and I miss being outside. The summer heat kept me cooped up. I finally got myself out the door at 10am for a run... Gotta tell you, it's tough going. My legs are relearning how to run. I did a 1/4 mile fast walk warmup/cool down. I took a few short walking breaks. Even with that, I cut a minute off my pace from my last run by a whole minute!!! I also went almost a half mile further! So proud of myself. Strava report: miles 2.40 minutes 36:19 mins/mi 15:24 I felt like this after...
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