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  1. So my whole week sucked. Don't know what exactly kicked it off but I fell into a very anxious, stressful spiral. Everything that is going on in my personal life started getting to me again, when me and my husband and working very hard to keep things far from our minds. I had an audit at work and failed so monumentally I broke down in front of my area manager. As such my diet and exercise took a real beating this week. I barely stuck to my meal plan, did go to the gym on Wednesday, so that's a plus. But with all this, I now have another cold. I'm so stuffy and achy and frankly feel
  2. Thai Chi was great! Definitely be going again
  3. Made my weekly meal plan and I'm doing my shopping now! Monday - tuna salad ~ frozen pizza Tuesday - noodles ~ slow cooker honey chicken Wednesday - chicken ~ broccoli beef Thursday - beef ~ sausages Friday - sausages ~ fish My husband and I are signed up for a Thai Chi class tomorrow trying to have some time for me, hopefully it'll help with my stress levels
  4. Week 2 round up! No bike ride this week, did go to the gym though! Started on my physio for my knee, so I'm feeling stronger and a bit more stable on my legs, which is good! I was also sick this week, I ended up having to take a day off work, which sucks! I HATE having to phone in sick, I always feel so guilty. So that threw off my meal plan somewhat. Haven't got around to doing a new meal plan, but I'll work on that for tomorrow What I actually ate: Monday - meatballs ~ tapas Tuesday - Piri Piri chicken w/ salad ~ sea bass w/ couscous Wednesday - jack
  5. I cannot believe we're half way through! Don't feel like I'm achieving much tbh, but gotta keep going!
  6. Yeah, I'd got into the habit of 'if I don't do it no one will' and micro management, so I'm trying to focus on my job and letting other people do there's, as opposed to trying to do everything
  7. I too can't eat normal yogurt but Greek yogurt (so long as I don't have too much) is okay for me! I mix plain Greek with chocolate protein powder to make an amazing chocolate pudding sort of thing, add strawberries. So good!!
  8. Did my meal plan for the week! Monday - meatballs ~ tapas Tuesday - Piri Piri chicken w/ salad ~ sea bass w/ couscous Wednesday - tuna salad ~ Thai chicken w/ quinoa Thursday - Thai chicken w/ veg ~ sausages w/ beans Friday - sausages ~ fish w/ kale salad Pretty happy and bought the extra fresh bits needed to do this
  9. So, week 1 review, doing it now cause I was at work today, so I'm chilling out Weight loss: Current weight = 71.6kg, loss of 0.8kg - I need my meal plan (see above :D) I didn't stick to it religiously. This is what I ate this week: Tuesday = Tuna salad ~ Frozen pizza (not good) Wednesday = Vegetarian scotch egg w/ salad ~ beef chilli (slow cooker) Thursday = left over chilli ~ chicken sausages w/ scrambled egg Friday = chicken sausages w/ broccoli ~ dominos pizza (I know) Saturday = chicken pasta salad ~ meatballs w/ broccoli & peas
  10. Your goals sound awesome! I don't know if you've heard of The Angry DM but it's a blog that we've used in my D&D group when we take turns DMing good luck!
  11. Awesome plan, even better song choice. Gotta love a bit of backstreet. Good luck!
  12. That spreadsheet looks amazing! Sounds like you've got good solid goals to help you, wishing you luck!
  13. Thanks It's stressful but good, and I'd like to get back to enjoying it more I work with a good bunch so that helps
  14. My food shopping came today - because with me being on holiday I had no food in my house! Just prepped some breakfasts; 4 portions of melon, lots of boiled eggs Meal plan for the week (I don't plan breakfasts, they're awkward for me): - Tuesday: tuna salad ~ beef chilli w/ avocado - Wednesday: left over chilli w/ broccoli ~ piri piri chicken w/ salad - Thursday: piri piri chicken ~ slow cooker meatballs - Friday: meatballs ~ sausages w/ beans
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