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  1. So my whole week sucked. Don't know what exactly kicked it off but I fell into a very anxious, stressful spiral. Everything that is going on in my personal life started getting to me again, when me and my husband and working very hard to keep things far from our minds. I had an audit at work and failed so monumentally I broke down in front of my area manager. As such my diet and exercise took a real beating this week. I barely stuck to my meal plan, did go to the gym on Wednesday, so that's a plus. But with all this, I now have another cold. I'm so stuffy and achy and frankly feel awful, emotionally and physically. Sorry it's a sucky week run down. Need to try harder and focus more on me this week I think
  2. Thai Chi was great! Definitely be going again
  3. Made my weekly meal plan and I'm doing my shopping now! Monday - tuna salad ~ frozen pizza Tuesday - noodles ~ slow cooker honey chicken Wednesday - chicken ~ broccoli beef Thursday - beef ~ sausages Friday - sausages ~ fish My husband and I are signed up for a Thai Chi class tomorrow trying to have some time for me, hopefully it'll help with my stress levels
  4. Week 2 round up! No bike ride this week, did go to the gym though! Started on my physio for my knee, so I'm feeling stronger and a bit more stable on my legs, which is good! I was also sick this week, I ended up having to take a day off work, which sucks! I HATE having to phone in sick, I always feel so guilty. So that threw off my meal plan somewhat. Haven't got around to doing a new meal plan, but I'll work on that for tomorrow What I actually ate: Monday - meatballs ~ tapas Tuesday - Piri Piri chicken w/ salad ~ sea bass w/ couscous Wednesday - jacket potato w/ tuna ~ sausages & tomato beans Thursday - off work sick ~ toast Friday - chicken & veg soup ~ sausages w/ broccoli I feel like I haven't managed to take much time for myself this week, which is weird since I literally had all of Thursday to myself, I slept most the day. But it wasn't relaxing, it just sucked. Here's hoping this week goes a bit better!
  5. I cannot believe we're half way through! Don't feel like I'm achieving much tbh, but gotta keep going!
  6. Yeah, I'd got into the habit of 'if I don't do it no one will' and micro management, so I'm trying to focus on my job and letting other people do there's, as opposed to trying to do everything
  7. I too can't eat normal yogurt but Greek yogurt (so long as I don't have too much) is okay for me! I mix plain Greek with chocolate protein powder to make an amazing chocolate pudding sort of thing, add strawberries. So good!!
  8. Did my meal plan for the week! Monday - meatballs ~ tapas Tuesday - Piri Piri chicken w/ salad ~ sea bass w/ couscous Wednesday - tuna salad ~ Thai chicken w/ quinoa Thursday - Thai chicken w/ veg ~ sausages w/ beans Friday - sausages ~ fish w/ kale salad Pretty happy and bought the extra fresh bits needed to do this
  9. So, week 1 review, doing it now cause I was at work today, so I'm chilling out Weight loss: Current weight = 71.6kg, loss of 0.8kg - I need my meal plan (see above :D) I didn't stick to it religiously. This is what I ate this week: Tuesday = Tuna salad ~ Frozen pizza (not good) Wednesday = Vegetarian scotch egg w/ salad ~ beef chilli (slow cooker) Thursday = left over chilli ~ chicken sausages w/ scrambled egg Friday = chicken sausages w/ broccoli ~ dominos pizza (I know) Saturday = chicken pasta salad ~ meatballs w/ broccoli & peas I had boiled egg and melon for breakfast every morning, which I'm quite happy with. Overall I'm happy...except for the dominos. I'm trying hard to cut out the takeaways, but sometimes I'm just tired, and then dominos will text me, and I just give in to temptation. Make time for me: - I've been watching this marketing class on creativelive (my husband and I have started a wedding photography business), so it's been nice to come in and just spend an hour watching those videos, working on myself, but also relaxing too. - I haven't been out on my bike since Sunday, and I haven't been to the gym either Remove work stress: - First week back at work after my holiday, I was not prepared! - However, I've taken a step back, I'm leaving people to fixing their own problems, and I have been less stressed this week, so that's good
  10. Your goals sound awesome! I don't know if you've heard of The Angry DM but it's a blog that we've used in my D&D group when we take turns DMing good luck!
  11. Awesome plan, even better song choice. Gotta love a bit of backstreet. Good luck!
  12. That spreadsheet looks amazing! Sounds like you've got good solid goals to help you, wishing you luck!
  13. Thanks It's stressful but good, and I'd like to get back to enjoying it more I work with a good bunch so that helps
  14. My food shopping came today - because with me being on holiday I had no food in my house! Just prepped some breakfasts; 4 portions of melon, lots of boiled eggs Meal plan for the week (I don't plan breakfasts, they're awkward for me): - Tuesday: tuna salad ~ beef chilli w/ avocado - Wednesday: left over chilli w/ broccoli ~ piri piri chicken w/ salad - Thursday: piri piri chicken ~ slow cooker meatballs - Friday: meatballs ~ sausages w/ beans
  15. Yes that did happen! I'm now head ref for both the local men's and women's league As if you remember that?! Oh man! That's not fun. I have hypermobile joints, and it's been a problem knee, managed to correct it with physio and orthotics, every so often it likes to remind me I'm fragile xD
  16. Hit some PRs at the weekend! Rode 23 miles yesterday, and made the usual 30 minute journey to my parents in only 23 minutes! Yay! Dislocated my knee last week, so cycling's basically the only exercise I can do right now until I feel more secure on it
  17. It's been a long time... Too much has happened in the last...18 months to even try to condense it all. To sum it up; put on 10kg, became sedentary, have a very stressful job. Time to fix things! Quest One: Lose weight - My final goal is to get to 60kg. I'm currently at 72.4kg having lost 2kg since rejoining this site - Whole30 Weekly shopping lists & meal plans - I want to make Wednesday a shopping day and food prep day because it's my day off Practice a Whole30 diet 5 out of 7 days, to keep it sustainable longer term Quest Two: Make time for me - I often feel switched on at all times, like I don't have any down time, I need to make more time for me! - Cycle to my parents Linking in to weight loss too, I'm a big cyclist; mountain biking and road cycling! It takes me 30 minutes to cycle to my parents, I should do it more often, and give myself an hour to just be mindful Quest Three: Remove work stress - I'm a pharmacist, with my own branch. I have a manager, but I feel lately our roles overlapping, it's too much for me right now. - Stop getting involved in patient conversations unless asked! - Learn to delegate - Stop answering the phone! I feel like my quests overlap a lot, the cycling will not only help me take time for myself but it will help with my fitness too! I'm going to keep cycling in general, plus going to the gym at least once a week, but they don't make up part of my main goals for these four weeks
  18. So I had a bit of a break, I got sick, and then I had 3 university deadlines, and I've just come back from Amsterdam! But I'm currently down to 72.4kg Still keeping up with the Whole30 mindset, though I'm not doing it completely religiously. My idea is to maintain a Whole30 diet 5 our of 7 days, to make it generally more manageable long term Walked over 15,000 steps every day while we were in Amsterdam! My legs are so tired! Looking forward to getting back into the routine of cycling and gym next week
  19. Weighed myself today so I know where I'm starting from; 73.4kg My final goal is 60kg, First mini goal is 70kg
  20. Today I went shopping Following the Whole30 low-FODMAP shopping list, so there's no wheat, no dairy (except the frubes - small steps!) lots of fresh veg, fruit and protein! Grabbed some sweet potatoes, plus some pre-prepped frozen veg, to make it easier to be good Then I prepped some meals! I made beef chili, citrus chicken and thai chicken. I found them on the Whole30 Slow Cooker Freezer plan. So they're all ready to cook meals, just defrost overnight and shove in the slow cooker. There's enough in each bag for dinner each night for me and my husband, plus lunch the next day Meal plan for the week: (lunch) ~ (dinner) Wednesday: Smoked salmon & egg ~ chinese pork steaks & veg Thursday: left over pork & veg ~ out for dinner w/ friends Friday: tuna & egg ~ slow cooker chili w/ avocado Saturday: sausage w/ plum tomatoes ~ citrus chicken Sunday: citrus chicken w/ sweet potato ~ slow cooked beef dinner Monday: left over beef & veg ~ thai chicken Tuesday: left over thai chicken ~ sweet potato w/ tuna Breakfasts aren't planned because it's the one meal I struggle with, but I have the following options: Banana pancakes Chocolate, banana shake Egg frittatas Protein muffin Lets hope I can stick to the plan!!
  21. I have been MIA from here for around 18 months! The last time I took part in a challenge I had just become a pharmacist, so I was working 60 hours/week, plus trying to plan my wedding, my dad was having health scare after health scare and I'd just moved house. Since then my job has settled down, I'm comfortable at home and everything is okay with my family. I've also put on 10kg since my wedding. I'm ready to re-boot, and be accountable. I've been a part of Noom coaching for around 8 weeks now, so I'm half way through, I've also got a new gym buddy (though she's working at Glastonbury festival right now), and I'm rediscovering whole30 Going shopping tomorrow using my Whole30 list, then I'm going to post my meal plan for the week here! Also going to post about workouts I get in, and weekly weigh ins If I can keep up with this, then I might have a go at the next challenge after my holiday in July
  22. Good start to the challenge and to my week! Got a shift swapped so I have Friday off for some wedding prep & to go see Madness It's fiancés bday this week, so no weight lifting. I did go skating tonight though and I went on Sunday. Really pushing myself so I get more of a workout each session. Hoping to get swimming on Friday and a run on Sunday So far meal prep is good, got my dairy free alternatives that are working really well so yay!
  23. I also want to do this again! Probably won't happen before the wedding, but you never know xD
  24. Holy sh*tballs guys, I get married on 10th October. Me right now: Between starting my job proper (hey I'm a pharmacist woo-hoo) and working over my contracted hours (oh hello 60 hour/5 day week, you're a delight) and finalising plans for my wedding, my fitness & health have taken a nose-dive. I cannot post regularly, honestly this is more for me than for anything else, but I am going to try to get my crap together before i get married and jet off to Rome for a week (bring on the Honeymoon!!) So my quest is simple: Maintain health prior to wedding 1. Eat well Make my lunch every day and make sure it's something low-FODMAP and good for me.No more take aways before the wedding!Cut down on the wine & cider2. Exercise on occasion Working odd hours is not conducive to exercise, I miss skating practice quite a bit due to work, so I need to make more of an effort in this respect.Try swimming - it might be expensive, I might not like it, but I want to have a goStart running - some days I work 2pm - 11pm, these are ideal times to run on a morningContinue lifting weights - I'm aiming for once a week, twice a week if I can manage itSkate once a week - this is a hard one as I never know when I'm working week to week, but we'll have a go!3. Keep calm I'm working on breathing techniques to lower my stress levels - I gave myself an ulcer in the last two weeks from stress - not good!Do yoga on occasionKeep on top of wedding prep - ensure diary is up to dateTalk to Rob & my mam about my worries - a problem shared and all that I'm hoping after my honeymoon I can really dig back in with my fitness leading up to Christmas, but it all depends on work *sigh*. In the meantime, let's get ready to get married!
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