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  1. Actually, I use alarms for a lot of things, so that would probably work well for me. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Argh So I wasn't real good about monitoring the clock last night and looked up and saw that it was 10:58! Despite my rush to get to bed, I wasn't IN bed until 11:02. I'm not counting it as a success, but it wasn't really a failure either. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I did my Pilates this morning. I am still very much doing basics. I did the Hundred with my feet on the ground, the Series of 5 (8 each), then I turned over and did back raises with my hands on my shoulders. I can't get very high yet. But still glad that I did it! I have my overnight oats (blueberry-banana) ready
  3. Good luck with the job! And the challenge too
  4. Daily Report: 1. Sleep: In bed by 11 pm - N/A (will report tomorrow) [0/7 for the week] 2. Food: Overnight Oatmeal for Breakfast - Yes, delicious. Made it with old-fashioned oats, frozen blueberries, and almond milk [1/7 for the week] 3. Food: Salad for Lunch - Yes, though I ran out of time to make the Tahini salad dressing that I wanted to try. Basic Salad - Romaine, Garbanzos, Carrots, Celery, Tomato, Hemp Seed [1/7 for the week] 4. Exercise: Pilates - Not today [0/3 for the week] 5. Exercise: Yoga - Yes, it was nice but painful. Even 2 weeks off makes a huge difference at this point. [1/2
  5. OK, so I spent some time fumbling around with the instructions Heidi linked me to and I think I have figured this out. I'm getting all crazy with the decimal points. I am currently a Level 2 Human Druid I started with 3 STR / 1 DEX / 0 STA / 0 CON / 3 WIS / 1 CHA After the challenge, I added: 0.375 STR / 0.375 DEX (split the point, well 0.75 anyway) / 2 CON / 0.75 WIS So now I have: 3.375 STR / 1.375 DEX / 0 STA / 2 CON / 3.75 WIS / 1 CHA And I really hope that I did that correctly.
  6. Another dancer! I love seeing all these ballet dancers on the boards. One of my challenges is to do some ankle strengthening with therabands. My daughter recently went on pointe and we've been doing them together. It's stunningly hard at first, though she whips through very quickly. Which exercises are you planning on doing?
  7. Hey there! Is the idea to increase +1 burpees a day? That's not a bad idea. I don't think I am capable of even one at this point. I'm intrigued by the idea of training yourself to only worry once a day. That's some pretty incredible mind control. Though I have used writing down my worries before bed with some success. Good luck with your challenge!
  8. Very cool - morning cup of java When I first learned how to code, I knew that it was really sinking in when I started to dream in "if...then" statements. Good luck!
  9. Hail to the mighty apron. I have also suffered many losses! Good goals - best of luck to you!
  10. Ok, so the mere thought of so many goals made me panic this morning, so this challenge's goals have been decided! A loooong time ago, I undertook the recovery process for a long-standing eating disorder. I absolutely relied on a few critical tools that made all the other work towards recovery possible. I called it my 'three-legged stool' as it was the foundation of my recovery process. Without one of those things, my recovery fell apart rapidly. At the time, the three legs were sleep, medication, and nourishment. I no longer require my medication, so I'm going to replace that with Exercise for
  11. Welcome! I hope that you enjoy your first challenge.
  12. I love this challenge. I'm also a ballet dancer, started when I was very young, stopped for a long time, and have recently gone back to class as an adult. My daughter is also a ballet dancer, so lots of core strengthening and theraband workouts going on in this house. Let me know if you need any ideas and enjoy!
  13. More ideas for goals: - I really need to get my diet in order. I love the weekly meal plans that I had tried last challenge, but frankly I don't have time to spend 4 hours in the kitchen or the $$ that it ended up costing me in groceries. So perhaps I'll do bulk cooking on a smaller scale. I think a breakfast and a lunch sound manageable for this challenge. - One of my life-time goals is to get back to taking ballet class every week. I'm never happier than in a ballet class. But my body just isn't up to it in our current shape. So doing some strengthening exercises and stretches will be my foc
  14. I love this idea - great way to focus your efforts!
  15. I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with my goals! Rather, coming up with ideas isn't the problem. It's deciding which ones that I should focus on. My typical self-improvement pattern is to start with limited goals, perhaps experience success, then get all excited and take on way too many goals the 2nd or 3rd go-round. The truth is, I just have a lot that I want to improve about myself! Some ideas for goals: - Go to bed before 11 pm (I have a terrible time with this) - Wash face when I come home in the evening (Ditto) - Complete my massive checklist of To Dos that I keep putting off (Dou
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