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  1. So far, I have managed to completely avoid soda and other sugary drinks and I have walked every day. I am having some trouble with stretching and writing in a journal every day, though ):. It is a little difficult to get the time to myself. It is pretty hard to stretch while you are laughing, and it is hard not to laugh when I toddler is laughing at you and try\ing to climb onto your back for "giddy up horsie." But I'm working on getting up a little early to squeeze these activities in before work.
  2. Congrats on sticking to your goals! Bravo on switching to Paleo especially; I know it can be really difficult to make and keep big diet changes. P.S. I kind of love that progress through Middle Earth idea. Bookmarking for future reference!
  3. Half of the reason I picked walking was for her. It's just fun Thank you for the encouragement I'm trying to psyche myself up to doing things by telling myself I'm in easy mode, but I know it will still be a challenge to stick to all of this every day.
  4. Progress today! 1. No soda or other high calorie beverages today! Only water, club soda, and some black coffee. 2. Walked on both of my 15s at work and walked a bit over a mile (took about 20 minutes)with my daughter after I got home. 3. 10 minutes of stretching. Life goal: Had time to write out 3 big things (of which I accomplished one, but it was just me and the baby tonight and I was busier than usual) and a few things I was grateful for today.
  5. Nextchapter- That is a yikes! Fortunately we just have vending machines at my workplace, and I don't carry cash, so I can't be tempted by them when the midday blahs hit. I found canned club soda for home and have been drinking that. It helps. Thank you for the idea of three things to be grateful for. It is fast and is a pretty effective way to communicate how I felt about my day Thanks for your comment, and good luck on your challenge! JessFit- Thank you! I tend to try for too much and give up when I get overwhelmed, so I really wanted to stick to the basics for my first challenge. She's a go
  6. Hello! Nice goals. It is neat to see a writing goal-- and congrats on having a completed novel! I was thinking about tips on how to grade your 3rd mini goal. My goals are all daily ones like that, and I decided to score them each day as a pass or a fail. Then, at the end of the challenge, I will work out what percentage of my days were passes and grade based on the percentage. If that helps. Anyway, good luck!
  7. Good afternoon! In thinking about this challenge and how to not set my (sometimes easily discouraged) self up for failure, I decided to design my personal newb zone as the "obvious tutorial" type. The kind with fairy NPCs, where the toughest monster is a largish rat. Since the hardest part of any fitness goal for me is the get up and do it! part, my main quest here is to learn how to play the game. I will tackle the habit of building habits. Sub quest 1: No liquid calories! I mean it! This has been a problem for me, as my fiancé enjoys a soda and we keep them in the house for him. I just nee
  8. Jacie


    I LOVE Kombucha! And had recently decided to start brewing my own again, since it is so expensive to buy. Seriously, $4 a bottle? But, when I used to make it, it was always sort of strong and vinegar-y, and drinking it would make me feel kind of nauseous sometimes. ): I am hoping that reducing the duration of the first fermentation period will help with this. By the way, peach ginger sounds delicious!
  9. I swallowed 2 flintstones complete vitamins (yes, the kids chewable ones lol) every day when I was pregnant. They were the only thing I could keep down, and the nurse at my gyno said it was fine.
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