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  1. Good luck on that! I plan to do something like that (even though it's not one of my goals), but instead of martial arts, with Pilates and Yoga. I will take the first class that normally is free so I can find one I like. I don't know how likely will this be, but at least ONE I should go to. The idea of it intimidates me, somehow, but I know nothing will go wrong... I support you I really hope you don't lose motivation, but I would suggest doing it even without motivation, it will most probably come back. Cheers!
  2. Hi!! I know, also been there. Thank you IT's about the relationship between stories, language and mind. Yes, it's wonderful!! Thank you
  3. Hi there! This is my second challenge. I hesitated a lot because I didn't know what exercise to do. These weeks have included a lot of changes in my life: On Aug 1st I started my first job, I'm going to have to change my daily routine and realize that vacations are over, even though it will be hard because I work at home. For this challenge I will take it easier than the last one. Not because it was very hard, but because I don't want to create a bad feeling towards exercise. I am really committed to a long-life marriage with physical activity. I've started seven weeks ago, I don't want to stop. Ever. Goals! Play Just Dance 3 (or just dance) everyday 2 STA + 1 CHA Plan meals and cook every week until I love it (again) so I can avoid almost all edilble foodlike substances, as Michael Pollan calls industrialized food. CON 4 Walk as much as I can (that is, get off the subway one station before, for example) WIS 2 + STA 1 Write chapter 2 of my dissertation WIS 4 CON 1 Ah! I will also participate on the mini-challenges. I just discovered them. A bonus track about this challenge is that I made my mother take part! I'm very excited because it's not that I forced her to do so, she just said that she wanted to work out and I applied what I've learned here about goals and tracking the progress and all that. She won't post here for she doesn't speak English, but I'm very happy that this is not only about me, but that it's expanding. I love it. If someone else is also struggling with a dissertation, I would love to have a sidekick. Thanks for reading and good luck with your challenge! PS. I will update like once every two weeks or something like that, but I 'm definitely present and I do answer whenever someone posts something (and read their challenges). PPS: Please correct my English if you have 2 spare minutes. I'd really appreciate it
  4. Yeah! you're right! Thank you very much
  5. Even if it doesn't seem so, I actually made it through the whole challenge. I didn't post anything because I couldn't find the motivation to do it (kind of when you think that no one cares because you haven't done anything extraordinary, etc) but here are my results: I ended up weighting exactly the same (53kg) I do feel stronger and I can lift heavy things easier. I managed to accomplish all my goals, some of them only at 80%, but I did well overall. What I loved most: To see that i could actually push myself and that nothing bad happens That i learned a lot about fitness, pain, alimentation, nutrition. To actually become stronger What I didn't like: That I wanted some more drastic changes in my looks. That I still don't know how to deal with some things. I found out that strenght training isn't my aspiration in life. I find it boring. Maybe I will dance. I still can't effing do an effing push-up and maybe I won't if I stop strenght training. Agh. What changed in these six weeks: When it all started, I felt dizzy every time I ate. My diet was a mess. Now, it's not. I feel good most of the time (still not perfect, but I actually could tell when my body told me: Hey, you're doing better!) I also had hypoglucemia every now and then. Now it only comes when I eat something sweet at night. I eat protein like a freak. Before this, I could go through five or six days without meat, eggs weren't actually part of my diet, but now i have to eat eggs and meat almost everyday to feel good. I'm always hungry and it feels worse to be hungry. I had a boyfriend that I don't have now. It just wouldn't feel right to spend several days without exercising. I feel a more healthy human being. Somehow I identify myself with the healthy people with healthy attitudes. I even love life more. My new scores are: DEX 6 | STR 5 | CON 6 | WIS 4 | STA 3 | CHA 3 I'm absolutely proud of myself for doing this, even though I felt like giving up like 3 times, and even though I went on a 4-day trip where I couldn't work out and ate really bad. I don't want this to end, ever. I'm commited to a life-long healthy attitude. And, in case you wonder, no, I'm not planning to give up. Ever.
  6. Hi!! I told you I was going to share with you whatever I learned about money and finances, right? Well, the moment has come: It all adds up to this: Read a book called Your money or your life and apply the nine steps. I can't think of a better book in this topic, really. Good luck!
  7. Wow, Susie, you're so wise!! I've never read the post about push-ups, it's great! I'd already seen Get Rich Slowly, but somehow with this subject I do need books as an introduction. Later, I'm SURE I will get to them (both blogs are in my bookmarks now). Fruit rocks here! Now it's mango season and boy do we enjoy it. I must confess I'm lacking motivation to eat that much vegetables, but your post gave me a boost. Thank you very much!!
  8. UPDATE Day 4-10 Hi! These days have been very... interesting, to say the least. If a day was normal as in boring, I won't post anything. Just suppose that I made some progress and I managed to eat more or less healthy. Day 5:Everything was normal until last Friday, when I made a silly mistake: I drank a lot of coffee. I know this sounds normal to you, but I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine, so I suffered A LOT. That day was my rest day, but since I was all excited by caffeine, I walked like 45 minutes at a rapid pace. Under the rain. Shaking and being dizzy. That was mad, I won't do it again, at least not soon. Day 6 I got up, dusted off and kept going as best as I could after that. While doing pushups, I felt dizzy when I made efforts, so it was mild. Day 7 Was a bit depressing because I chose to go to see a sucky movie instead of working out. It wasn't even worth it. Then I didn't feel so good physically. At day 9 I didn't did the workout because I wasn't home. I felt my blood pressure going down for most part of the day.. It was weird, I don't know. Then I went out for a walk and I felt better. Or maybe it was that I distracted myself. I read here that my body type could be described as Skinny fat, and that I shouldn't expect results so fast. But the most important thing it made me realize, is that my purpose in this challenge is just to be able to perform the four essential movements (reduced to three). But vanity hit me and I wanted to look like a supermodel and feeling frustrated because of not having achieved it in one week (you can laugh if you want ). I was glad I got that reality check because I could state my goals once again: I just want to be stronger. Even if that means that my body doesn't change a thing (I look and weigh exactly the same I did a week ago. I know it's normal, I was being unrealistic). I keep it going!! Thanks for reading.
  9. That is my favorite museum, too. And I also love the fruits, that's why one of my goals is to eat five fruits a day, even though some think it's too much Thank you for your message and your good wishes. Bye!
  10. Haha! thank you!! Hi, then! Best of lucks to you, too. I'm glad you liked my country.
  11. Yeah' date=' those things are hard to deal with, mostly because you associate weekend= drinks. I don't know how much you love [i']your love for sweet drinks, but it might be that what you love are other non-flavor related things, like feeling good that it is the weekend, or something like that. Dig deeper to see what you do or think when drinking those beverages and pay attention to what it is that you enjoy. You might find that it doesn't even has to do with taste! (Or not, but it's worth trying )
  12. Yes, it's very hard! Mostly when one reads that you have to feel not right in order to adapt your body to a new diet. One has to be wise but brave but caring but.. So, thanks for acknowledging it
  13. Yes it is!! The only thing that prevented me from doing it was my heavy packed schedule at college. I feel so happy to have time!
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