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  1. raptron

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Awww, man. Sorry about your concussion! Hope the world stops spinning on you soon.
  2. raptron

    Raptron's Haunted House

    Day 4.4 Guys, I wussed out and skipped practice last night. The storm was supposed to be in full swing by the time I would be leaving practice (9:15-10pm or so), and I just didn't want to deal with trying to get home in it. I did pick up some groceries on the way home, and had aSpiRaTiOnS about cleaning, but didn't manage it. I think the cold is sapping my energy more than I had thought because I just was a couch lump and then went to bed at like 10:30 pm. Heart rate raisers (cardio): 3/5 Not falling to death (pulling): 9/10 Exorcisms (decluttering): 2.5/4 I have aaaaa pretty busy weekend ahead, even by my standards. Rest of the plan Friday - lifting + simple kb swing conditioning thing + pull-ups + go home and make ??? for a Friendsgiving situation, decluttering the kitchen while I am at it Saturday - mock meet + fakesgiving + bake pumpkin bread when I get home Sunday - GO FOR A RUN?!?!?! + gymnastics book club (we read UCLA's Miss Val's book... aka Miss Val's pep talk slash finishing school guide, hah) + engagement party for some friends + maybe bday party for one of my fave bars...? If I definitely condition tonight and manage some kind of sprinting thing at practice on Saturday, I'll consider my cardio goal √.
  3. raptron

    Assassin's Den

    Haha, awesome!
  4. raptron

    CM warms up

    Good plan! Hahah, it is easy to get distractedddd!
  5. raptron

    Suzaqu is back back back again!

    Nice! I haven't seen anything in theaters in a while, but have heard people are loving/sobbing over A Star is Born a lot. The Queen movie is also out.
  6. raptron

    Raptron's Haunted House

    Definitely not mobility. Just need to do more shoulder work. My DOMs is on a 36-hour cycle, so maybe we'll find out tomorrow morning!
  7. raptron

    RogueLibrarian dodges bullets

    The work you've done to get to the DGAF stage was part of the process to get you into the karate classes, so it all counts toward it, IMO.
  8. raptron

    CM warms up

    Yoga + cooking multitask! I clicked on that recipe before I finished reading your post and was like "ooh, that'd be good with rice" and then saw you also had the same thought. Muaha. Riceeee. <3 How are your workouts back with the barbell feeling?
  9. raptron

    RogueLibrarian dodges bullets

    YESSS. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
  10. raptron

    Raptron's Haunted House

    You definitely should! I only have... a little over two months left and I don't think I am going to make it through all of them, but it was really fun to come up with things and it's definitely putting a bit of a fire under my butt to do things I otherwise would probably keep putting off... I have a good handful left to finish up and two that I am not sure are fully possible before my birthday in January: "Visit a friend that lives somewhere I've never been" and... get my driver's license. I did reach out to a local driving school though and found out their rates and situation! I had hoped that the weather wouldn't get immediately shitty this winter, but I may be out of luck as it seems a Noreaster is already on its way in today... I'll at least try to manage a few lessons with this guy? Day 4.3 Accessories-ish day for lifting. OHP: 4 x 2 x 85 (my OHP is very stuck lately), 3 x 5 x 75# Conventional deads: 4 x 3 x 255# (much better than last week. I might have even felt my hamstrings?) db Lunges: 4 x 12 x 35# One-arm bent over db row: 4 x 10 x 35# Chin-ups: 3 x 2 Heart rate raisers (cardio): 3/5 Not falling to death (pulling): 9/10 Exorcisms (decluttering): 2.5/4 Gymnastics today (with a cardio/conditioning finisher!), lifting tomorrow, and mock meet on Saturday. The mock meet shouldn't be too tiring because I'm only doing two events... I COULD PLAN ON GETTING A RUN IN??? I believe in myself, you guys.
  11. raptron

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    I find the width of most metal bars I've played on to be more of an issue than the lack of give -- a lot are wider than I'm used to using. The whip/give of a wooden + fiberglass rail can be really helpful for big skills like release moves, but doesn't make a huge difference on the basics such as kips, circle skills, etc. The timing is a little different on swinging skills (you have to wait a bit longer for the bar to catch up with you), but again, not really a huge difference unless you're trying to throw some impressively tricky stuff. Casting from front support is less forgiving as well -- the metal hurts your hips a lot more than a slightly giving wooden bar (though I still bruise pretty badly from the women's rail.) Interestingly, men's high bar has significantly more whip and a smaller diameter than the women's wooden rails -- which is how they are able to throw such high-flying skills!
  12. raptron

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    Niiiice! Yum.
  13. raptron

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Sorry about the derby tryouts situation. I hope you find a team/placement that you feel you can grow and excel in! HMMM. Yes. There will always, always, always be unexpected things that pop up. A non-schedule IS the schedule! Find things you might be able to do no matter where/what. It's definitely easier said than done. And they don't necessarily have to be BIG results, but small things lead to consistency lead to results period! What are the ideal, tangible outcomes you want to get? Better stamina (for derby)? At home HIIT sessions or something short and sweet might be helpful and could be done anywhere?
  14. raptron

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    What a nice collection of warm, comfort-y foods! Nice looking pot pie. And hahah, aw. I tried learning a bars skill where drills are jams (kips where instead of bringing your feet to the bar, your bring your feet behind and over the bar) and basket swings: and I would keep catching with my knees/hang from my knees. And got the wooooorst bruises. I FEEL YOU! Also basket swings and things could be cool for you to try if you haven't already been working on them.
  15. raptron

    CM warms up

    IT IS SO DARK THESE DAYS. (I'm fully prepared to complain about this until April.)