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  1. karinajean sneaks in late, has a great week

  2. Brogo Brings Home the Bacon

    Go, go, good eating shit. I also can't sleep well without AC. Crisp refrigerator bedroom, please.
  3. Mike Wazowski: Becoming Unbreakable?

    So much good dancingggg! And also super glad stuff is going well with your partner.
  4. Lauragee joins the assassins

    Ring dips are super tricky, so I definitely recommend putting your feet on the ground slightly or using a box/bench or something to decrease the amount of weight you are using.
  5. Akura's final challenge

    Hope it was just a one-off.
  6. Raptron Enrolls at NFU

    It was definitely just the other folks in the room rather than the instructor, but she didn't really say anything in response to the comments. And now that you mention it, I wish that she had. I probably would have taken it more in stride. Oh well! I do want to try out a longer stint some time, but it's just not this time. Food and drink are great for rants. Also we should go hiking soon, but I'd be shocked if you have any free weekend days this summer. Hahaha. Salad Club is not my creation but a collab of a few assassins including @RogueLibrarian, salad guardian and champion supreme. But you are always welcome to copy my salads. My salads so far this week are not quite in the "mostly green" bucket, but still very delicious. I made a big, hearty grain salad with brown rice + quinoa, rainbow chard, roasted cauliflower, celery, shallots, poached chicken, lots chopped parsley, and a lemon vinaigrette. I've also got some diced sweet potato I'm going to throw in today and I think that will also be excellent. I feel like the first comment or two was just jokes, but when it kept going, I was like "ooookay then." BEING COOOOOOL. Day 4.1 It was very hot and humid in the Boston area yesterday and neither of my gyms have air conditioning. I was on the fence between going to gymnastics practice because I can't go on Thursday (work meetings) and going to the regular gym, but honestly, the heat tipped it in favor of lifting. That gym stays a bit cooler and there is a lot less running around with lifting...... though, it was also day 1 of my 10s cycle, so not that much less heart rate work. I probably should have started a little bit heavier because 195# was a lot easier than I expected it to be, but I can just go up 10# next week instead of 5#. I also had forgotten what quad pump feels like, wheeew. It still got very sweaty in there because it was 83 inside the gym, but I could stand in front of the fans between sets, which I took great advantage of. "Glute lean pistols" are what I call it when I hold onto a support and lean back rather than the usual knees-forward unassisted pistol. It makes it more like a lunge than a pistol. Homework: 1/3 lifting accessories, 0/1 crow PVP videos Freshman 15: 1/5 SC salads, 1/7 snack watch Adult-life: 0/2 weeknight dishes, 0/4 driving practices +1 new permit though, kitchen drawer cleanse 0/1 Bonuses: +2 for running, +2 circus (signed up and attended), +1 for ninja, +0 for Guide to Daydrinking Lifting again today. Running or something on Wednesday. Thursday rest + work travel day. Friday, I'll maybe find a way to lift in the morning and then leave work early for a beach afternoon with my faux comp time from the Thursday meetings.
  7. Kae is Back and Laying New Groundwork

    It's definitely easier to tell ourselves than to do it though. Especially when things are tough. "The other hand" sounds like it is full of wins.
  8. Assassins Read: the book club thread

    I read this last year and also liked it a lot. Right now I'm reading Inda by Sherwood Smith, which is apparently book 1 of a huge quartet of 600+ page fantasy novels that I found by googling "trashy comfort fantasy" because I am in need of some escapism after reading Hunger by Roxane Gay and just dealing with the general state of the world. So far, Inda is not a stand-out in terms of anything exciting or genre-bending, but there is no sexual assault (canonically in the whole series), so that's a huge plus for me. I read all over the place but like to alternate more realistic stories (either nonfiction or just more "serious" fiction) with fantasy/sci-fi. Themes and things I like: dark humor, magical realism, voices different from my own, and stories where no one wins. As a note, I have been trying to read more women authors intentionally after noticing a gender skew in authors last year and it's been going pretty great, honestly.
  9. dancezwithkittehz vs trash heap

    Ughhh, hope it goes away soon.
  10. CM enters muddy waters

    Beautiful weekend! And yeah, I think trying on the dress or some other measurement that isn't scale weight would be much much more useful (some other measurement may be worth considering if trying on the dress that often would give you extreme emotional responses)!
  11. The Final Push - One Month Till It's Over!

    Oh nice! It's nice to have a gym membership because it can just really expand your movement options.
  12. So say we all!

    So muuuch hard-CORE (like abs core... ) with your parallettes. I do love fresh figs as well! I haven't tried doing much savory cooking with them though, other than than combos with blue cheeses and almonds. Now I want tooo.