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  1. Mike Wazowski: A Different Kind of Healthy

    Definitely only do this if you think it will make you feel better. Someone who didn't feel like she owed you enough to show up to practice doesn't seem to be owed an in-depth explanation of your thoughts and feelings by my calculus.
  2. Nymeria practices Constant Vigilance

    Blahhh, that is so stressful! Fingers crossed everything is fine and you can find some zen while having to deal with the wait.
  3. Annyshay Rebuilds the Shire

    I agree that wet and cold is much worse than very cold for tromping about. Maybe there will be spring... soon?
  4. courtniemarie puts one foot in front of the other

    Lentil souuup. Yum.
  5. ElvenEngineer Hunts Monsters

    Lifting meeeee! MWH <3! I am sorry your brain weasels be doing a weasling. Glad you had a productive work from home day despite them!
  6. RedStone Turns Left

    Do not underestimate the shark influence as well. Hugssss yo.
  7. Miss Marissa doing space things

  8. Happienumber has too many goals

    It's really easy to think that we fully reset just because we fell asleep, but we don't! Humans aren't on a singular 24-hour cycle.
  9. Nightcrawler_Bamff Rejoins the X-Men

    Excellent. Get at it.
  10. karinajean is cruisin' to her birthday

    Heyyy, I rest! Glad the storm kind of piddled out for you guys too! We're just getting snow now instead of... 24 hours ago. It's not much, which is fine by me! Weightlifting bruises are nutso.
  11. dancezwithkittehz gets a grip (on silks hahahaha)

    Oooh, nice! Check that progress. Have you done your lipstick yet?
  12. [Pavowski] Go Ruck Yourself

    Once you get moving, you'll be super warm. Something about rucking gets my body temp up way faster than running.
  13. The unbearable lightness of spring

    Hahah, oh, butt DOMS. You make us move so funny. So much push!
  14. Mad Hatter climbs to the top

    My hamstrings love to cramp up whenever I even think about toe-to-head type stretching. Hahah, yes! The miscounting penalty. Always round down which means you always have to do extra if you lost track. It gets me often.