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  1. She posted a clip to her instagram so I recognized the outfit... >_> #hardcorestan
  2. CHI CHI DEVAYNE!!! YESSSS! SHE GIVES ME LIFEEEE. I fucking love her acrobatics. She was my favorite from season 8. <3
  3. Oh goodness, so much strength improvement. I laughed out loud about you struggling to complement someone because there were no good dogs or clothes on anyone. Hope the retreat goes amazingly as usual. <3
  5. Translation: I WILL DEFINITELY NOT GET ENOUGH REST. But dang what a schedule! Safe travels. <3
  6. Won't be so smug about it when a mermaid poops on you.
  8. I sometimes call hip bruises from uneven bars "bar bites" -- much more accurate than kisses I think, haha. But yesss, of course you slayed at level 3. So exciting. That is a really interesting point about older people being more outspoken about their racism versus younger people, but I do feel (mostly out of hope) in my heart of hearts that younger generations are more tolerant than older ones or at the very least, more intolerant of intolerance.
  9. Not terrible? That sounds pretty excellent! Good job with your run!
  10. I do that too myself far more often than I'd like to admit, haha. Poor ham. And jeez, Brogo, you should know by now that CM always travels well prepared and would not stoop to a pre-mixed marg.
  11. Day 2.3 Yoga was good but harderrrr than I wanted -- I was feeling pretty lazy, so ALL OF THE LUNGES were a lot on my slightly sore legs, haha. Got some good hip openers and chest openers in though. Dinner was amazing, as always, and we had leftovers so I have lunch today (mmm yes). Our new mattress also came in. I think it's got good promise. It is weird not to sink into a giant trough in the middle of my side of the bed though. My chest felt SO open instead of all scrunched up. I think it may be a good fit (but I can sleep on anything, so Hubstron's opinion is the one that matters here). Splits: 3/6 Balance: 5/6 Single-leg work: 5/6 Dinner: 7/9 New recipes: 2/3 Responsibility: 3/10 I also realized I don't know when I am going to make my birthday cake...?? Maybe I can just make myself a mug cake when I get home tonight? Birthday is not a birthday without cake!
  12. Omg so excited, haha. And I'm just trying to keep up with the monster @RedStone. @_@ I will jump for joy if I can finally hit a bodyweight 1RM in the coming months. UMMM, yes. I am so stoked.
  13. YOU ARE SO FREAKING STRONG!!! And yay, Lou! Of course he'll be there to coach you! He's LOU! Get him a bomber of nice beer or something he likes to drink the next time you see him after the meet.
  14. Mules and manhattansssss. Jaaas. Also ham and beans is seriously underrated. Love that shit.
  15. Hahaha, oh no! What a crazy thing to happen. I love her attitude so.