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  1. Those are great progressions! GO HANDSTANDS!
  2. Vacations are always worth it.
  3. Yeaaah, that is true. It is hard to get into a routine when you aren't really firmly settled in yet. It looks like you are getting your training in, even if the food isn't quite right yet, though !
  4. SO GREAT to meet people you've known for so long. Internet friends are some of my favorite friends, honestly. <3 Tell me more about savory zucchini cheesecake! I am intrigued. I feel like I have maybe asked you about this before (?) but if I have I apologize, I am just excited about it. Ricotta? Feta?
  5. Prepppp and leftover lunches are totally wins.
  6. Sadie is the best though, so it makes perfect sense. What a nice weekend.
  7. HOW DID IT GO? HECK YES. I already knew I needed to come visit Madtown to hang with some of my favorite NF loves but if I can look forward to itineraries like these... I should find more concrete time in my calendar.
  8. SUMMER IS NOT ALMOST GONE. WE HAVE AT LEAST ANOTHER 6 WEEKS OF SUMMER WEATHER. AIOHFIDSHUGIUSG. Ah-ah-ahehm. Sorry, I just start to flip out when I think summer is almost over and realize how many summer things I haven't done yet. I'm good now. I love your bowls. MAN, those are extensive. You have so many fun things on hand to bowl-it-up with. I am really loving this sushi bowl concept. I need more seaweed salad in my life. Banded deadlifts sound like torture. Get after that lockoutttt, queen. The idea of purchasable long-term rewards has always appealed to me, but for some reason I can never follow through. It's either "well I need this thing, so I am going to buy it" or "this thing is too frivolous, so I'm just going to put it on a back-burner for a long time and probably never buy it even if I meet my reward criteria." I do like the things on your list though! I do bribe myself to go to practice sometimes by allocating an hour of free time to sit at the cafe near the gym and read a book and drink tea or eat a pastry beforehand.
  9. Wooo, dance camp! If you do the classic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Jacques Torres has a chocolate shop/bakery on the Brooklyn side with bomb-ass cookies. Otherwise, there is so much good food in NYC that you have to be pretty talented to miss it. SLEEP! So easy to slack on, but honestly the most important bit of them all. ESPECIALLY if you are running a hypertrophy program, MISTER.
  10. Maybe set a timer for meditation when you are normally free to remind you? Good luck with the cleaning! I always fall behind too. When is your vacation?
  11. DEXTROUS FEET! Oh man. What a cool trick. And yesss for all of your conditioning.
  12. EXCELLENT! Unfortunately, my kitchen doesn't have AC and I've been waiting out randomly cool days to get all of my baking in. Would you guys be cool with starting a SERIES of PVP cooking challenges in September or so? Summer is busy and hot, and fall is best for baking anyway. I may be extra biased in this because my kitchen doesn't have air conditioning, hahah. Day 3.1 I did some handstand balance work as well, but not a tooon. I do want to tack on some conditioning circuits to these workouts again because 3s are pretty short, but I am STILL COUGHING and my sore throat was actually worse yesterday than it was over the weekend, so I didn't want to do anything too intensive. Workouts: 1/5 Veggies: 2/14 <-- pile of sauteed spinach + mound of raw snap peas Cleaning: counters 0/2, sweeping 0/2, boxes 0/1 Beautifying: braiding 0/30, lotion 0/1 Lifting tonight. Run during lunch tomorrow maybe -- I'm supposed to donate blood on Wednesday after postponing from last week for being sick but if I'm still sore-throat-y I'll have to reschedule again. Practice on Thursday, with the intention of going easy if I have donated blood and not so much if I haven't. Lifting again Friday and practice Saturday. I kind of want to do at least a little bit of climbing this week. Maybe on Sunday? Maybe after lifting on Friday? We'll see.
  13. No cause then you scrape your leggies with the knurling! Poor leggies.