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  1. Good shit, girl. Sorry your SI is being a butt pain... both literally and figuratively. MOMOAAAA!
  2. Hugely busy weekend! Ugh about that beesting, but you got a lot done anyway. Sounds like training is going well!
  3. Excellent work. Glad nothing got too banged up in the fall.
  4. YOU GOT IT.
  5. Glad you had a good first work week and are enjoying the new office atmosphere.
  6. DOIN WORK. Big week. I think a hibernation may be a good call!
  7. HA about your Japanese ads. I love the video!! Thanks for posting. Looks like a very graceful combo.
  8. Omg your food this weekend. <3333
  9. I also forgot about avocado on chili. INSPO!
  11. Okay, more robust update. Day 1.5 Squat attempts with 240, 245, 250, alllll good. Bench went 145 x F and then I hit 145# with some griiiiiiiind, but it's there so I am happy. Did not do any accessories or conditioning or anything post-lifts. Watched the season 9 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race at my friend's house then hustled to change and get over to 90s night dancing for my friend's birthday. I maybe bought a round of shots. There was much merriment. Conditioning: 1/2 Pull-ups: 1/2 Play: 1/2 Budget: $8 food [+$62.5 drink] Day 1.6 Gymnastics practice while a bit hungover meant that I didn't expect to get much done, but I did wind up doing a decent amount of tumbling so heyyy, that's pretty cool. Met up with the crew for a hike around a nearby nature reservation and I think we did probably like 4-5 miles? Not entirely sure of the distance but we were out for 2 hours and it mostly was okay until the end when it really started raining down on us. I picked up a few nature bricks because I couldn't find mine on Saturday morning and tossed them in my back to make it a bit more interesting. We snagged an early dinner after Good times, good peeps. I went home, showered, and took a short nap before heading BACK out for some beers with a couple of friends of mine that were in town for the weekend. Conditioning: 2/2 Pull-ups: 1/2 Play: 1/2 Budget: $71.73 food [+$85.5 drink] Day 1.7 Deadlift testing! I also failed 275 twiceeee. I didn't get a video of 270 because I was pretty confident I was going to have 275 but hey, you can't always know, I guess. These were obviously not ideal deadlift testing conditions, but I am not in this game to make myself ideal lifting conditions -- I want to be able to lift them no matter what. I'm still pretty happy with 270, even if I think I totally have more in me on a good day. My gains across the program looked like this: All the lifts on the right are shiny new, all-time PRs! After testing, I did a circuit with a couple of gym buddies. 5 rounds of 15 KB swings w/20 kg, 15 hollow rocks, 30s handstand holds (against or near wall). We finished up in like 9 minutes. It was #cardioishardio but I was NOT DONE YET, I did some bouldering routes. A bunch of v0s and like 5 v1s and 1 v2. My grip was toasty from that and the KB swings, so I was done kind of quick. Conditioning: 3/2 Pull-ups: 2/2 Play: 2/2 Budget: $71.73 food [+$85.5 drink] Just a casual 3x gymnastics and 4x lifting week with conditioning and hiking and climbing.
  12. @jdanger -- Thank youuuuu! I just finished up the first one for these increases: When I started, I was coming from a slow, linear program to work my way back up after being out of the game for almost a year due to a hip injury. I do gymnastics 2x a week, so I could not handle 4x a week and dropped it down to 3x a week. It took me just about 4 months to run through it, but I am happy with my results! I followed it mostly as written but subbed rings rows for bb rows because I detest bb rows and added in various other accessories in an ad hoc, what do I feel like today, fashion. On to base 2, I think!
  13. Day 1.5 BIG DAY Will do a fuller update tomorrow.
  14. Fuck that, you do your thing, boo boo.