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  1. raptron

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    \o/ \o/ \o/ Also, nice sleeping!
  2. raptron

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    They should! You usually just need a bill or something that shows your current address (which makes you a resident, even if temporarily). Re: physios and physical thereapy I think it is HUGELY helpful a lot of the time, but there are lots of not so great ones out there and they do tend to be super cautious with older folks. For someone with back pain, the biggest thing that helps tends to be doing more CORE WORK, which probably will come up in the things you'll be reading. It's really hard to convince people to try to do something different than what they've been doing, even if what they've been doing isn't working at all. Good luck with your dad. <3
  3. raptron

    traaki's in over their head.

    You are doing so many cool things!
  4. raptron

    Press to handstand cont.

    Echoing to drill your weak point/fall point position for longer rather than pushing through for a fast/wobbly transition. Also I expect you find it difficult because it is very difficult, hahah. Also drilling trying to get into a maybe shallower hold and trying to come back out of it with control can be super helpful to build that strength. Have a good interview!
  5. raptron

    Manarelle pays the rent

    I often do... not a cost/benefit analysis, exactly, but something similar when the grind is getting me down. It's pretty straightforward: What would I do tonight if I don't do my workout/whatever the thing is I don't want to do -> I would probably just sit on the couch and watch TV. ---> Which of these things gets me closer to what I want to be? Ok, let's do that one. But yeah, it might not be exhilarating, but it is often better than the alternatives. Both in the short run and in the long run.
  6. raptron

    Raptron Coasts

    Day 0.4 I took a chill night in on Thursday. I was feeling pretty run down (SHOCKING, I know) from my sleep schedule and my workout schedule, so I did a bit of shopping after work and then just headed home. I read on the couch for a couple of hours, showered, tidied my room a bit, and went to bed around 11 pm. I was planning on going to practice, but realized that would probably not be the best choice for me. BORRRRING. So boring. (But very restful!) Lifting: 2/3 Shenanigans: 0/1 Writing: 0/2 Music festival this afternoon/tonight! Practice tomorrow! LONG WEEKEND HOLIDAY GOODNESS ON THE HORIZON. Have you guys seen any dumb shenanigans I can do yet? Maybe I'll play with show-off flexy pose holds after practice tomorrow... the weather is going to be very nice.
  7. raptron

    Assassin's Den

    To spice things up this time around, @miss_marissa has put together an ALL GUILD MINI CHALLENGE. Consider this the Assassin's call to arms!
  8. raptron

    Assassin's Den

    It's true, no one loves a showboat.
  9. raptron

    Don't call it a comeback

    Let's keep moving.
  10. raptron

    Lightning tries New Game+

    Happy belated birthday!!
  11. raptron

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    PREACH. POST THIS SOMEWHERE REALLY BIG. OK. I WILL. EFFORT AND DIFFICULTY IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS BUT OF GROWTH. Join the library!!! Many have robust ebook selections as well, so you can borrow ebooks straight to your phone or kindle.
  12. raptron

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Sometimes I get fully overwhelmed by the idea that "fuck, I have to just... be better. every single fucking day. forever. or I'll slide into nothingness." HMMM. I also don't have any recommendations here. It's a tricky spot. Enjoying incremental improvements is not nearly as exciting.
  13. raptron

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Totally fair! I was just curious how much might be applicable beyond hitting the key skills it's about slash thinking that if I paid for something I'd actually spend time working on my end ranges. But yes, time. What is that? I don't know her.
  14. raptron

    Raptron Coasts

    I love Tank and the Bangas and they're playing at the same time as Christine and the Queeeeens, so sad. I will probaby see Chvrches, though. Day 0.3 Work was pretty chill. I considered walking home or doing some errands, but my workout was going to be short anyway, so I went and got my pump on. Paused bench: 5 x 6 x 115# Close grip bench: 5 x 4 x 115# Standing DB overhead press: 5 x 10 x 30#s Kettlebell swings: 5 x 20 x 45# <-- lmao, these gassed me I picked up dinner from my favorite Indian food spot and was considering having a chill night in, but a bartender friend of mine texted to see if we could hang out after he got off work and I was like "ooookay sure." So -- I continued my current lifestyle of taking a nap before staying up late. Did I mention I also did this on Tuesday to hang out with my bestie after she closed? And Monday, I took a short nap before practice and we were out late-ish again despite getting home at 3:30 am that morning... Oops.