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  1. Treasure hunt! Yes!! Hope your back starts behaving quickly.
  2. When are you guys moving? Glad you have ample time to get through all the tasks you've got ahead of you. Managing all of that and your rigorous training schedule sounds like a lot, but I'm sure you'll get a good system goin!
  3. Have fun this weekend.
  4. HAH! I love that.
  5. To continue the derail, getting smarter with my money and having it do more work for me is near-ish term goal for me. What resources do you guys recommend to learn more about my options? (Not asking for actual advice for me personally, just resources to look into!)
  6. A walk is such a nice activity when you feel burned out, physically OR mentally or both.
  7. Omg those screencaps. I die. I also applaud you for getting rid of the scale. It does not do many of us any favors, but we keep it around anyway. I noticed a marked improvement in my mental health and relationship with food when I stopped weighing myself regularly -- I just can't be objective about it. :x It is really hard to fix these kind of things and kudos to you for starting the process. <3
  8. Bah! Hope you get some useful info from it.
  9. Thanks! He did! He roasted some chicken this week too. <3 Proud! Re: Yoga mat hip thrusts -- See? It even has the Warrior GL approval stamp. Re: Races. I'm registered for that free beer race and plan to register for the May Bone Frog challenge which is my favorite obstacle course race of all time. It's got the most obstacles, the best atmosphere, etc. I was going to sign up for Tier 1 because they had a really sick medal last year (#onlyinitfortheswag) but it's sold out already... probably because of the really sick medal. JK, I checked again and they opened up new spots so it is no longer sold out, so I signed up for that. It has 2x going straight up the face of a ski mountain, RIP me. What do you think about my choice, Heather Chandler? Yeah, well, you are a mega bitch, Heather. Anyway, last year I didn't run AT ALL, just hiked between obstacles because I was with a friend with an injury and we finished in like ~4 hours. I think I might be able to do the wombo combo in 5.5? We'll see! I hope I can convince someone to sign up for the whole thing with me, hahaha. Otherwise I'll have to make friends on the course, which is fine too I guess -- it's just a long time to spend without a buddy. Day 2.4 I failed 180# front squat with the pause again. I think I probably could have had it if I actually committed to the grind, but it stalled and I just went fuck it and dropped it. 175# was still EZ. I practiced using my belt on 2 of the 150# sets. I think I am getting the hang of bracing into it. McNamara: 0/2 splits sessions Duke: 4/4 lunches prepped, 1/1 dinner prepped Chandler: 0/2 climbing or conditioning Veronica: 1/1 weekly planner, 1/3 at home bujo checks I plan on conditioning tonight probably if I'm not too wiped from bench and squat. Tomorrow I think I'll go for a run along the Charles before the meet... considering I just signed myself up for like a 12 mile race, that seems like a smart plan. Also I completely forgot about the splits goal because I haven't done gymnastics this week -- maybe I'll sit in splits while crafting tonight? Do some kicks while I wait for glue to dry? I dunno. I'll make it work.
  10. Kdubs made a reference to some people's journals looking like elaborate illuminated manuscripts and I thought of yours, hehe. It's so fun. GO ENJOY THE NICE WEATHER TODAY.
  11. I snorted IRL.
  12. I am considering doing something like Moderation Month where I stick to 3 drinks or less, but I also generally agree with the "well if I am only going to have 2 beers, what's the point of those calories really?" unless I am just trying a new, tasty craft beer or something. 2-3 proper cocktails can get me comfortably buzzed (especially because I tend to the 100% alcohol ones like negronis) so I think a run at something like this might help with the whole 0 to 60 drinking mentality that I've found I've gotten myself into.
  13. Noooo, shoo cold. Congrats on your decision to go fulll sunshine state, though! Must feel good to have a decision firmly in hand.
  14. The weekend is getting closer!
  15. Kitties, asses, conditioning, badasses, krav, badassassins, mmmm yes all good here.