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  1. There is SO much going on. Hugs. Glad you have swimming! And silks.
  2. Ahahah, enjoy the free food. That's what house (and baby) sitting is for.
  3. Ahahah. When they said the number of the beast, I don't think anyone was picturing a phoenix. Hell yeah for all the movement.
  4. It's a jealous mistress. Punishes you for straying, EVEN AGAINST YOUR WILL. So mean.
  5. There are all of these little spots you can go in on the side. I just keep going until I find an open one. There are often a good number of other people AT the lake, but they're pretty far off. There is a little beach, but it's always slammed with families, so I just avoid it all together. Ooof, the pike is tough! I have so much trouble transitioning INTO it. It goes okay if I go right into it right from the floor, but it needs so much more shoulder lean for me that it's sooo tricky to move through. Also the compression. 🤢 Here are the much more boring life and fitness updates, haha. WFH Day 17.1 Ahahahah, what! It's been SEVENTEEN WEEKS FROM HOME?!?! 🤯 Work was good. My morning was a bit bumbly trying to catch up on a bunch of things, but I went into super productive mode in the afternoon and cranked through a bunch of projects that I'd left sitting half finished before the long holiday weekend. My gym is officially back open. We've got all the windows/garage doors open, a limit on the number of people at any given time, and strong recommendations to wear a mask during your workout or at least if you are not just in your rack. The biggest boon is that I can go whenever I want again, no longer limited by our outdoor workout time slots. We actually have pretty good wifi in there, so I might even post up during the afternoons when I don't have many calls -- working from gains. 💪 There were a few too many people in there last night for my liking, even abiding by the rules. I think because it was the first day and everyone was excited. I did some of my workout outside as a result -- also because the weather was really nice and it was hot in the gym. My legs felt fine from the riding the day prior but I was a fatigued overall from another morning of waking up weirdly early for no reason. I just did upper body, knowing I can go back tomorrow. Bench: 5 x 5 x 140# paused, 7 x 135# Pull-ups: 4 x 5 Half kneeling db press: 4 x 10 x 30# Curls for the gurls: 4 x 8 x 20# Pike push-ups: 4 x 8 (lol these hurt my shoulder, fuck em) Lat raises: 4 x 12 x 15# QP texted me that he was making short ribs for dinner and asked if I wanted to come over. He called me out for suddenly being available whenever the dinner menu sounds good, lmao. It's not wrong. 🤷‍♀️ Lift: 1/3 Cardio: 0/2 Pulls: 1/2 Handstands: 0/2 Flexibility: 0/1 Growth: Back on Are Prisons Obsolete?
  6. I am somewhat amused that there has been so much conversation about privatizing the police force -- as I only brought it up as something I found fundamentally terrifying and easy to abuse, lol. Just more ranting in here from me. There have been tons and tons of examples put out by various activists across levels of police abolition intensity, let's say, that recommend all kinds of services that could instead provide value when the police arguably provide strife. If we remove police from schools from enforcing QOL violations on the poor from dealing with folks with mental health issues (The Treatment Advocacy Center estimates that one in every four police killings is of a person with a mental illness, meaning they are sixteen times more likely to be killed by police than other people.) from waging a pointless and expensive drug war from harassing sex workers from spying on legal protests and activities, monitoring political opponents, suppressing strikes, etc. We leave them, in theory with a lot less to do! What about their purported mandates, protecting human lives and property? They're kind of shit at 'em. Less than 15% of property crimes are cleared. Under 50% of violent crime cases are cleared. And cleared just means, in most cases, that they charged someone. Not that they charged the right someone. And not that the person was convicted. Just cleared as in cleared from their queue. However, many people, like you've said, would still want some sort of force that would be able to deal with violent criminals and murderers. That would, I think, still be police, but more trimmed down detective and/or special victims units (the ones people love so much on TV) than today's broader model. I'm not sure there are many people that fundamentally disagree with THAT right now. And I have not heard anyone say anything about changing the name. That stinks of "changing the symbols not the system." I figured "private prisons are terrible" was a base assumption for the conversations going on in this thread, ha. Which is what they've already been doing in the current model. Municipalities pay out millions and millions of dollars annually. And it very rarely even comes out of the police budget. Very possibly. But I do think the prominence of these issues have caused at least a number of people to start thinking critically about why the police ARE involved in so many things and how pumping these departments full of money did nothing to improve crime. The service does not seem to be correlated with the funding on multiple levels. If you're suggesting that the sum should be spent on other government services, then I think a lot of people agree with you. If the argument is that the police could still receive that much money and spend it on... something that isn't military cast-offs? I'm not so sure. Also I'm with @tei_ in that I think the police are serving their actual mandate well as enforcers of class and systemic racism. Hopefully if the forces you are trying to remove don't try to intimidate away those levers of change. Plus, the govt budgeting issue keeps being stalled by police unions. Excellent starts for sure. I hadn't heard this as a recommendation before. I'd have to look into it more. Funnily enough, both my current state (MA) and my home state (IL) don't have licensing for police officers. That's a big topic of conversation right now. You're fine!
  7. I'm trying to create a mnemonic device for you, lol. HOMMME? Yeah, I was going to say, this may be trickier than it seems. But good luck! Pay attention if you find yourself not eating enough (getting sluggish, etc.), as I've found that with all of the background stress going on right now, even folks who are normally in good tune with their hunger signals are having trouble.
  8. I've known people who swear by big big pans of rice krispie treats (probably with even less butter than usual) for refeed. 😍 Hahahahahah, oh no.
  9. 🤞🤞🤞Seconding all of this!
  10. Dang, good job getting out in the heat and getting so much accomplished!
  11. Ahh, I've heard Big Sur is incredibly gorgeous! Glad you guys got to go, even if it was stressful.
  12. The dizziness usually improves with continued exposure! And, yesss, getting time in for reading has been one big boon of this pandemic, IMO.