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  1. raptron

    Asa Pond.... Does Her Best

    These are good things to try to do! 8am - 8pm is a LOT!
  2. raptron

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    FALLL CHALLENGEEES. How are you liking these workouts?
  3. raptron

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    Day 1.4 The full days of work training this week and last week (seriously... I lived in the conference room for 6 work days) added up to make me very freaking tired. I had planned to go gymnastics practice, but I left work a bit early to get a haircut. While I had the best intentions, once I got home, I just took a nap instead of gearing up to go back out to gymnastics. There's a reason I usually don't go home before trying to make it to the gym. However, with the plan of lifting tonight, practice tomorrow, and lifting Sunday, I'll get in 4x lifting I had hoped for this week.
  4. raptron

    DoubleTrouble works out at work

    Working out at work! Wooo~
  5. raptron

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    Hahah, I am with you on the constantly have something nagging the body situation. The only thing I've heard that actually helps is sleeping like 9+ hours a night, but that isn't always super feasible. Limiting attempts is a good thought! You still get to go and work on the things but don't necessarily throw yourself at it quite as hard. Meeting snacks -- I like dried edamame, carrots + hummus (I keep some in my work fridge at all times), yogurt, string cheese Boo about your middle of the night wake-up calls!
  6. raptron


    Yay, welcome back! And wooooof, that is a lot of currency devaluation.
  7. raptron

    RogueLibrarian: Lean & Mean

    Oooh, sesame ginger veggies. Nice.
  8. raptron

    Bob the Bard rounds out his training

    Aw, rest up! Get lots of sleep.
  9. raptron

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    When you can put force into something -- say in a leap or jump, you can sometimes push to try to get close your passive range of motion by any means necessary, which can translate to bent legs, flexed feet, turning out/unsquare hips, etc. The control isn't really there to get them to the same place without the use of force (think a needle against the wall/pushing against something versus trying to get it without or a split on the wall versus a hanging split) until you really start to train it specifically. You technically can REACH both of those but don't have the strength to get there/support yourself or the control to make it look nice or not cheat through. Day 1.3 I had to hustle and get this workout through to make it out to dinner with a good friend of mine -- I guessed a reveal/twist in Sharp Objects, having not read the book, and she said she'd buy me dinner. HOWEVER, we accidentally spent $180 on our meal because we went fancy... We split it this time. Workout √√ Mobilized pecs √√ My workout plan for the rest of the week is holding strong in my mind. I did just schedule a dry needling consult/appointment for next Monday too, so I can at least try a session of that before my vacation.
  10. raptron

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    Day 1.2 Rest day complete.
  11. raptron

    Raptron's Spandex Season Begins

    Hahah. I mean, it doesn't actually take up TOOOOO much space (because you can put things in the "hole" area). I'll do some packing tests... I MISS YOU TOO! HELLO ALL: HERE IS A FREE FLEXIBILITY RESOURCE I JUST GOT TODAY. It's gymnastics focused, but relevant for folks working on splits and overhead mobility. It's interesting to see the overlap/various with some of the circus resources. You may want to download it now if you are interested because I'm not sure how long it'll be hosted on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9b20kpo9i0venm/10 Minute Shoulder and Flexibility Circuits_v2.pdf Day 1.1 I lifted on Monday. My RIGHT adductor is being a bother, but it worked out okay for my lifting plan for the day. I wanted to go a bit heavier on deads but my legs said no, so I listened. I also ate a bunch of pad thai and went to bed early. I'm hoping that sleeping more will help sort out some of my body woes. Plan for the week: T - rest + stretch/mobility session at home + prep some nice chicken and rice for the week W - doubles squat + bench + go out to dinner Th - haircut + gymnastics F - doubles deadlift + ohp S - gymnastics S - lighter doubles squat + bench (MAYBE) + go jacket shopping + pick up some european outlet adapters
  12. raptron

    Asa Pond.... Does Her Best

    YEAR 2!
  13. raptron

    RogueLibrarian: Lean & Mean

    Hope your nap is restorative.
  14. raptron

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    Doing the hard things feels really nice sometimes! All of the good trying mojo.
  15. raptron

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    The new tat is dope.