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  1. Friday - Jogged + hung out with QP + made lemon poppyseed cookies Saturday - Deload squats + board press (2 x 180#) + hung out with my neighbor (BB) + played darts + did some online games with the bois Sunday - Deload deadlifts + visited my BFF at her new job with my roommates and GC + went to bed early Challenge Wrap-up Train: 20/20 lifting + 6/6 "other" <-- lifted according to plan and hiked, jogged, or went to gymnastics to supplement it - 100% Mobilize: 4/5 thoracic + 3/5 <-- still didn't make more time/prioritization for this - 70% Outdoor time
  2. I mean, you were doing so much school stuff! You busy bee. And haha, I always joke that every time I go to physical therapy, I find out all sorts of new things "wrong with me" -- such as "wow you don't even breathe right." 🤣 We're never going to be perfect though! There's always something to work on
  3. Haha, yes. Ideally the simple tuck I'm trying to do will go more up and less out. 😅 If you are trying to twist though, sometimes more distance can give you more time. Okay, this week I have not been updating much, huh? Monday, I rested. I was in an odd mood. I did 2 loads of laundry, played Rats with the bois, and finished the book for work book club -- I liked it, but it felt a little shallow in a few ways. Tuesday had the discussion which wasn't well attended but I still enjoyed it! Plus 3 people told me they actually read the book but couldn't join, hah. After
  4. This is so cute! And will help cement it for him as well!
  5. Ahaha, aw. Hope the weekend is restorative. Video calls are laaaaame. I also went into the office this week and despite having been pro-in person interactions forever, still had forgotten how much more you can pick up and notice in person. That is exciting!
  6. I'm fully on team bralette these days -- especially thin, padless ones. They do not prevent "nipping out" but they're soooo comfy and soft and I love them. I do not intend to go back to anything wired.
  7. Nopeee. It's like a toe-to-high bar except you flip instead of grabbing the high bar. Here is me, letting go too early and definitely not finishing the flip in time to land on something like the ground: But once you figure the timing out, you can get more cool:
  8. Day 4.5 Rest day. I met my friend for tacos and then went to my cousin's house to do belated egg decorating on the porch and drink wine. I finished the evening staying up late playing Rats with my friends online. Day 4.6 Deadlift: 1 x 335#, 1 x 345#, 1 x 360#, 2 x 4 x 295# <-- prompt was "work up to a heavy single, aiming for like an rpe 8-9" so I did a little 5# PR that looked much smoother than the 355# last month Pull-ups: 7, 7, 6, 6 Back extensions: 4 x 15 x 45# Cossack squats: 4 x 8 x 45# Copenhagen planks: 4 x 20s each side I did
  9. I started prioritizing sleeping more when my friend who lifts more than me and is somehow never injured told me she sleeps 9 hours a night. I was probably getting ~6 on average at the time and the idea of going to bed earlier really did NOT gel well with me because I felt like I had no wind down time at home. The concept of revenge bedtime procrastination really resonated with me and, I don't know, sometimes I felt guilty being like "no I think I am just going to sleep" when I felt like I had so much else to do... even if that "else" usually just turned into scrolling on my phone or watching a
  10. I hope so! I only get 2-3 workouts out right now, so it's always a surprise.
  11. Glad you found an apartment that will hopefully work for y'all!
  12. Much more palatable and it felt more like our stretching circles at warm-ups and was so great during the Social Drought of 2020, ha. Honestly, any of that end range work is always helpful, IMO. Your end range might be further than someone else's, so it's easy to just go as far as you need to. Plus, show me a gymnast (or like... any human) that says they have a "great spine" or "perfect ankles" or "don't need to work on their outer hip strength" and I'll show you a liar. 😝 We do have a good amount of thoracic flexion in the sport. Gymnastics is mostly about generating power through
  13. WEEKEND! WEEKEND! WEEEEEEKEND! Maybe your veggies unwrecked you a tiny bit at least.
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