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  1. Dresses are a great item of clothing. You're missing out.
  2. Get after it~
  3. Good reminder, thanks! Thanks! It's less bruised now but I'm expecting at least a week before it's back to normal. Luckily, it only hurts a little when closing my hand. Most of the pain is if I try to move it sideways -- not a super common way to move a finger anyway. Only sometimes! There is usually a theme for yearbook day (once a year) and occasionally for other events. I do love costuming though, so I find any excuse to dress up... Day 0.4 My friend wants to leave at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. I had to get up early yesterday for the stadium. I have a blood donation appointment at 5:30 PM tonight... with all of these things combined, it only made sense to get up early this morning -- wait, what?! Okay, I maybe also laid down for what was supposed to be an hour long nap at 8:00 PM and didn't wake up until 1:00 AM... But THAT ASIDE. I headed in early to get to the work gym by 7:00 AM. Once I got there, I did bench, but decided squats would be better to just wait until next week. I'll probably repeat the bench workout also. After that, I did 3x of... 16 walking lunges - 35# DBs + 2 pull-ups + 10 lat raises - 12.5# DBs + 10 25# front plate raises Then 3x this circuit: 10 push-ups + some random distance of plank drags on sliders + 10 one-legged glute bridges per side Plus some handstand practice for about 10-15 minutes. Then I still had another 30 minutes before I wanted to shower and change for work, so I ran 3 miles, on the treadmill because I didn't feel like going out in the rain, for all-together about an hour and a half of workout stuff. Not bad for a gross morning workout.
  4. I HAVE THE NEED... THE NEED FOR SEED? No, wait that sounds like a weird breeder manifesto or just like an awkward porno title. BUT yes, I have strawberry fever.
  6. Spartan up, spartan down, spartan up, spartan down. <-- burpees?
  7. I LIKE IT!
  8. Welcome back!!! It sounds like it was a lovely time!
  9. Dude, these goals are so solid.
  10. IT IS VERY HARD to avoid comparing to past selves or even our imaged versions of past selves. I love your solid progression goals to get through the summer. These blocks are actually the most important ones, not necessarily the shiny-chasing ones. Also, there are some things I've read about mood and stress benefits from inversion! Could totally be a real thing.
  11. YEAAAAH. Soak time. <3
  12. Ah! Very smart to emphasize your yin stuff. Love it.