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  1. raptron

    Mike Wazowski Gets Basic

    +1 for outfit pics. I feel like nothing jumps out as too crazy for me in the goals as long as you are really going to be phasing/refocusing as needed, which it sounds like you are planning to and are excited about!
  2. raptron

    CM settles down

    Hugs, love! Going easy on yourself is a good call. <3
  3. raptron

    Dollism Pursues Fluidity

    Write them somewhere you will see them! Visual cues are great reminders.
  4. raptron

    Harriet's Even Better Programme

    AND softer than carrying a horse! Great resilience despite travel difficulties, dang. Hope the rest of the way goes smoothly.
  5. raptron

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Ahhh, definitely betrayed! My random ones are between 4-8 days so... not very in love with them. I don't really get many of the normal period side effects though, so at least they're not horribly painful, just logistically more complicated than not dealing with them, haha. It's such a pleasure! I also know that there are benefits to keeping your natural cycle (for muscle growth even!) but I am happy without the emotional roller coaster that came along with it for me. A bit of one. It's a heavier bar (55# instead of 45#) and has different, pricklier knurling so it feels very stable on your back. I generally think it feels slightly easier than a normal power bar! Basically with the rep scheme above while the flight before mine is competing. I try to take my last warm-up sets right before the flight before does their third attempts so I'm still warm but not TOO WARM, ya know? Haha. I'm usually in the 3rd flight if there are 3 or 4 flights of folks going due to my starting numbers, so I tend to have time to dick around after the meet starts. I had regular ones on previous combination pill methods, but I got the arm implant Nexplanon and they stopped all together! It wassss delightful. I've read a bunch online the last few days though and it does sound like that once they start coming back regularly with this BC method, you might be back in it for the long haul. Ya! Day 4.3 I went home and did a big load of laundry, which I immediately folded and put away like some kind of pod person. Then I walked to the local public library's book sale and picked up 5 books for $1 each, while recommending to them that they really need to be bring back the bake sales that used to go along side the book sales (and volunteered to bake if they do so, haha). When I got home, I finished reading the ebook I borrowed on my Kindle -- How to Lose the Time War -- it was strange and lovely and sweet. I liked it. I went to bed on time! And submitted two job applications. Lift: 10/11 Bedtime: 14/20 Hunt: 9/12 House: 0 bonus points I bought last minute tickets to go with a friend to see this circus show tonight after one of my bosses came over and raved about it to me: So that's my plan! Tomorrow is weigh-in for the meet plus dinner with my friends who are competing, then probably more job applications and reading and early to bed.
  6. raptron

    Which-craft? [Manarelle]

    Ahh, cool shoes! And ooh, very pretty dress. Do you or @Anim07734 have any recommendations about good bodypaint? I've used watercolor-ish ones in the past but my friend I'm dressing up with sweats A LOT and I don't think that'll work very well. Figured I'd check in with the cosplays masters.
  7. raptron

    Miss Marissa doing fall things

    I just... I just really like "harvest walnuts" as a list item. It feels very Redwallian. Awesome job with your social sports teams! Wooo for frisbee points.
  8. raptron

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Day 4.2 OK! Last lifting workout before the meet, so I went for a somewhat meet style warm-up plus openers. Squat (using the squat bar for once): 5 x 145#, 5 x 175#, 3 x 205#, 3 x235#, 2 x 255#, then two singles at 275#. A little slow but not difficult (good!) Bench: 5 x 75#, 5 x 95#, 3 x 120#, 1 x 135#, 2 x 1 x 140# with meet commands (ez) Deadlift: 5 x 135#, 5 x 195#, 3 x 225#, 2 x 255#, 1 x 275#, 2 x 1 x 295# (also slow but totally fine) They say your openers should be something you could hit with the flu, and I'd say being able to hit them 1) with a cold, 2) with a random period, 3) after doing an intense hike over the weekend, 4) after practice the night before... suggests I'll be very, very okay on meet day. Afterwards, I went home, ate dinner, and tried to do laundry but the one machine in the basement was in use. I set a timer to go check later, but just went to bed at 9:30 pm instead after reading some of This Is How You Lose The Time War -- which I'm enjoying so far. Lift: 10/11 Bedtime: 13/20 Hunt: 8/12 House: 0 bonus points SOOO, the next few days are just to chill! My local library is having a sale I'm going to check out tonight or tomorrow, I might go see Hustlers, I can do laundry, keep applying to jobs (I'm aiming to apply for some every day to make up for my total lack of initiative the last few weeks), read, andddddd sleep a lot I guess.
  9. raptron

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Maybe my uterus is trying to fall out from all of the heavy lifting, as folks talked about @KB Girl's thread.
  10. raptron

    karinajean is a day late and a dollar short

    EVERY HUG IMAGINABLE. Eye-opening to maybe only you! Maybe, I feel like you have a lot of other stuff going on thouuuugh. Get lots of sleep where you can!
  11. raptron

    KB Girl and the fight for women's rights

    Hormones are definitely involved! Amazing. I looove both of these. <333 It's a good list. Sure, why not? Get some hang time. Decompresssss.
  12. raptron

    The Return of the Grumble

    I loooved all the stats courses I took. And it's actually useful all of the time, haha.
  13. raptron

    Mad Hatter retreats

    It does sound like reversing the order would be helpful! Though, optimizing how you spend your downtime may not be totally necessary on a typical day.
  14. raptron

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Day 4.1 Gymnastics practice was incredibly low key. I did floor warm-ups and then went right to uneven bars for free-hips, uprises, and toe shoots. I actually made 1 really good toe shoot and two others that I also was able to kip out of -- one of which I did the whole high bar shablam out of: toe-on to kip to uprise to free hip to flyaway. After, I did some balance beam, mostly basics, lots of practice with my full turns, round-offs, and jumps. My friend who is helping choreograph my new floor routine was there as well and wanted to spend some time showing me what she thought up, but my brain and body were mush so I asked if we could wait until next week. I think she was a little annoyed, so I apologized via text after and I think we're good. I went home, ate green chile ground turkey and broccoli and went to bed mostly on time -- on time enough that I'm definitely going to count it. I don't consider the following TMI because I feel that reproductive health is just another facet of normal health. I was feeling a bit off the last few days and had some suggestions from my body that an unexpected period may be on the way. I've been on my current birth control method for 5 years and didn't have a period for the first 3 years. I had 3 random, erratically spaced ones last year. And then last month I had one and another just started today. I feel like there may be other factors involved but I'm not really sure what they are. I would prefer it just stay away though. Lift: 9/11 Bedtime: 12/20 Hunt: 7/12 House: 0 bonus points Gymnastics Worlds is this week and the women's team final just took place. Italy won their first world's medal since 1950! I'm so excited for them. (The USA obviously slayed. We did have two falls but every team had falls this year. Oof.)
  15. raptron

    Doctorake, Small Goals = Big Results

    Fair enough! Keep getting after it out there.