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  1. raptron

    Trials and tribulations in the new Shire

    Ahhh, yay! Congrats on getting out of your parents' place and hope you have a lovely transition to the new spot, even if there is an alarming new color scheme.
  2. raptron

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    So cool. ALSO, your gym is so cool and I love that you guys have a foam floor area for your handstanding and movement class needs! I need to come visit sometime.
  3. raptron

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    YAAA! Work pistols again! They're fun.
  4. raptron

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    Yeah, that is a lovely MU for her very second one. I love that you pointed this out! It's funny how quickly we start to judge ourselves for not adhering to our new habits. Sorry for the silly brain thoughts, but glad you guys had a nice day even if your brain wasn't recognizing it at the time. <3
  5. raptron

    traaki gets some sun. Just a little.

    Praise the sun. \o/
  6. raptron

    New dog, old tricks [Happienumber]

    I am with you on the lotion on my nightstand! I always forget to apply it until I am literally in bed and I'm like UGH MY SKIN IS SOOOO DRY! Hahah. I didn't even get up yesterday to put some on, just reached over.
  7. raptron

    Lose My Breath

    Sound reasoning, IMO.
  8. raptron

    MikeWazowski: Keep on Chugging

    Aw yay, new space!! Lmao, freaking Antoni. That does sound much more appropriate for his level of expertise.
  9. raptron

    Harriet's Tiny Habits Continued

    THAT SWEATER! Gosh, I just love admiring the outcomes of crafting hobbies. Haha, I like that strategy!
  10. raptron

    Brogo Stops Being an @$$hole.

  11. raptron

    Miss Marissa

  12. raptron

    Nettis prepares to fight by sitting still.

    Dang you, anxiety! Stay away from the precious sleep time!
  13. raptron

    Raptron: Season Finale

    Could be partly that! I definitely could benefit from getting my elbows more under the bar anyway, which would be easier with a slightly wider grip. I only have videos from that weird front angle because I was just trying to watch my knees + how tilty the bar went, but I can take some more useful videos next time. Day 1.4 Gymnastics practice was warmmm. So warm. But better warm than cold for practice. Okay, so what did I do? I did... a really boring and normal practice, I'd say. Nothing went particularly well, but that's why it's called practice, I guess. Since I am not going on Saturday, this was my last practice before the meet on Sunday, so I tried to cover all of my bases. Tumbling had 2 front pike + front tucks to my feet, amid a collection of them to my butt. I'm still just... doing them wrong. Oh well. I did two front handspring front tuck step through round off back tucks as well because that's what I'll compete again on Sunday. My leaps actually felt really good, so that's nice. From floor, I went to bars and did my high bar connections 3x before stringing together two or three routines. In my routines, I didn't quite manage to get the uninterrupted connections I am going for, but still put in some work there. I ended on balance beam with lots of routines. My very first front walkover + round-off I warmed up was perfect, but from there onward, it was 2 steps back, 1 step forward over and over again. I am not feeling very confident about the connection at least 50% of the time, which is really annoying, but it's ok. I think it's mostly mental. The rest of my skills went really well and I had that recurring breakthrough that back walkovers are much easier to keep over the beam if you think about keeping your legs straight. We got tacos after practice. I was super hungry and while I had a bit of food at home for dinner, I didn't have a ton, so the tacos were very welcome. However, it meant I was up a bit later than I would have been because we stuck around chatting after we ate. I got to sleep around midnight instead of a preferred 11-11:30. Comp season: 0/1 vaulting, 2/2 bars connections, 2/2 beam routines Meals out: 1/6 PT: 1/2 shoulder, 1/1 ankle, 1/3 pelvic floor Creative: 1/2 writing sessions My quads are soreee and I'm walking weirdly today as result. And taking forever to get up and sit down, lol. You guys know the drill. I'll probably go to yoga at lunch, and tonight should be a good deadlifting night! Plus maybe I'll do more bench and probably some front squats. I'm meeting up with some friends tonight but it's a house hang situation, so doesn't count toward my money saving meals out goal. Tomorrow is a mystery adventure club??? my friend is organizing, which I thought might be hiking but apparently might not be, but I am under the impression it will be something active. And then Sunday afternoon is the gymnastics meet. One of my teammates is having surgery, so we're having a little last hurrah party post-meet, which definitely will be a meal out.
  14. raptron

    Harriet's Tiny Habits Continued

    ...these sound like good snacks? This is what I'd suggest. IIRC, you are well within a "normal" weight for your height and are very active, so things'll find themselves sorted out soon enough, probably. But most of that is just coming from my own experience the last few years. The harder I tried to "lose fluff" or get more defined abs, the more I would wind up feeling uncontrollable around food.