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  1. Your changes and upgrades to WFH sound super healthy!
  2. Day 1.2 I'm playing with some 5/3/1 programming while I train for my half. It's a lot shorter and much less physically intensive than most of the lifting programming I've run in recent years. The biggest challenge is going to be convincing myself "okay, you've done enough" and going home before I add on a bunch more sets or accessories. 😝 Bench: 2 x 9 x 135#, 2 x 5 x 145#, 10 x 135# Squat: 2 x 8 x 235#, 2 x 5 x 245# <-- lol my legs after running 7 miles the day before had some thoughts about squats Walking lunges: 4 x 10 x 40# Dips: 4 x 8 Lots of clamshells and abs in the warm-up room I went a bit late (because I worked a bit late), so I didn't get home until 9:30, did a bunch of cooking (roasted squash and brussels, rice, and ground turkey stir fry with zucchini), and ate late. However, I did a bedtime yoga session of just 15 minutes and fell asleep IMMEDIATELY when I got into bed so I guess it works. ✌️ Dark: 0/2 handbalances Darker: 1/3 yoga Darker Black: No writing yet Vantablack: 1/4 jogging This is why I always sneak lifting into my goals -- it feels weird to do a whole workout and not get any imaginary points for it.
  3. Ooooomg, I love cha siu pork. That looks phenom. And oh nooo, I'm so sorry that your work life and stress has taken such a ramp up right now. I would not be surprised if that is tying into the lower sleep is tying into the fatigue is tying into the workout blahs and body aches... Everything tends to be annoyingly connected in such ways. Good luck setting some firmer boundaries and I hope the work crunch is a temporary state. I feel like NO ONE needs the added stress right now.
  4. This is one the most... unique ways I've heard of someone learning a back handspring, haha. GOOD LUCK! Take care of your shoulders with movements like that for sure.
  5. Wooo! Get it. 🍀🍀🍀
  6. Sleep and anti-sleep potions! What a combo! 😂
  7. WELLLLLL. I have not finished it still. 🙈 I know. I know. Maybe I can chip away at that as part of this -- swapping between two projects when I get stuck with the other usually helps me get more done. 🤔 Day 1.1 Since I didn't run on Sunday, I had to run on Monday! And given that I might be hungover or grumpy this coming Sunday (post-Halloween!), the typical long run day, I moved a few miles forward in the week to get the longest run of the week out of the way first. It makes sense in my head -- that's all that matters right now. 😝 I did 7 miles at a bit under 9:00 mile/min in a kind of spritzy, misty weather. It was a pretty satisfying run, since I decided to only make it longer while I was running -- I was going to do 6, but then realized that I might as well get the 7 miler out of the way now. In theory, I still need to get in a 6, a 5, and a 3 this week, though I may just carry over some extra milage to next week when I am going to be likely without access to a lifting gym. See? Things get confusing when you mess up the program. Dark: 0/2 handbalances Darker: 0/3 yoga Darker Black: No writing yet Vantablack: 1/4 jogging Remembering to do yoga is going to be the hardest part as I get this started. I'll try to slate it in during lunch breaks, maybe?
  8. Oooh, those feathers look neat. AND HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS YAY!
  9. Woooo!! Back in the hand-SWING of things.
  10. raptron

    Mu's 5 efforts

    This is so fascinating! Excited to see what you come up with.
  11. Zero Week Wrap-up Lifted Friday and Sat -- Saturday saw a return to back squats. My tattoo was unbothered, which is sublime and means we're back in business. Bench and other things were just okay. I did not manage to get up early to jog on Sunday before the long road trip day -- I was up until 4 AM on Saturday and then close to 4 AM again on Sunday without sleeping in on either day. THAT plus the return to back squatting had my entire legs made of cement. I went to bed very early last night to catch up on that lost sleep. I will shift things around to get in the last w3 run and take care of all of the w4 runs.